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Everything needed to know about mythical beings

This chapter is going to explain my version of Vampires, werewolves, and witches and their world. You can skip the chapter if you want, though I suggest you read it.


Looks and needs:

-No fangs (they have normal teeth)

-red eyes (only after they have blood)

-can survive on both blood (human or animal) and food

- can survive a month without blood (no more [can only live a month without blood])

-looks like a normal human (body and face are normal)

-slower heartbeat (about 12 beats per minute when resting)

- 3 degrees colder than humans (Fahrenheit)

-can survive up to 1000 years (unless killed)

Ways to kill them:

• bronze (burns them at touch [like silver for werewolves])

• ripped apart and burn the pieces (only another vampires can do this [Humans aren’t strong enough])

Special abilities:

* super speed

* super strength

* super hearing

* super sight


- Queens rule (no kings only princes)

- royal have more power (all abilities are stronger than normal vampires)

- they have soulmates (aka mates)

- they are very protective of mates

- females are stronger, faster, and more powerful than males (Girl power!)

- humans do know the exist in some parts of the world, in others they know but they don’t believe that they exist

- To co-exist vampires have migrated to the North (North America) and most humans (That believe in Vampires and lived in North America) moved to the south (South America) Some of the humans got along with the vampires and they trade (Example: Human gives Vamps baked food and Vamps give human shelter)

- the vamps in the North made a treaty with the humans, Vampires would feed from wild animals and not bother the humans if the humans sold them their products. (allow vamps to buy from human stores [really good deal for those who stayed in the North])

- The vampires are rulers and protectors for the queendoms and humans are the workers and citizens (or at least a few are)

- Vampires are also not allowed to bully humans and humans aren’t allowed to bully vampi



- Two beings combined (their wolf is half of their soul. They have names, ex. Human’s name is Bruce while his wolf’s name is Storm.)

- they are able to talk to their wolf

- they have mates

- They believe in a Goddess known as the Moon Goddess

- They live in packs, the leader is the Alpha, second in command is the Beta and third in command is the Gamma. They can be male or female.

*Female leaders are called Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

*The mates to the leaders are called:

Alpha’s mate:

Male - Lunar

Female - Luna

Beta’s mate:

Male - Beta Male

Female - Beta Female

Gamma’s mate:

Male - Gamma Male

Female - Gamma Female

- The leaders are called Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. There can only be one of these and one of the mate titles. Ex. The Alpha is female, so her mate is called Lunar. Ex 2. The Gamma is Male, so his mate is the Gamma female.

Ways to kill them:

- silver (burns them at touch)

- wolfsbane (a poison that slows their thoughts and suppresses their wolf)


Vampire and Werewolf are most likely to die of depression from the loss of their mate. The only exception is if they have young children or (if the surviving mate is female) they are pregnant.


☆ they learned magic a long time ago so now they have magic in their blood.

☆ magic is hard to learn and control and it made an impact on them, because of it they are crabby, rude, and evil.

▪︎ Ways to kill them

- Steel (burns them at touch)

- Fire (burns them like any other human)

Thanks for reading! Now let’s get back to the story!



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