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2. Party Prep.

Andy’s point of view
March 15, 2019

“Andy,” Violett says.

“What?” I say groggily after my nap.

“Your mother is going to kill us! We have to get ready.”

“Ready for what? The party is not for a couple days and I finished Vampire School for Royals 2 years ago, so I’m doing nothing.” I roll over to try to go back to sleep.


“Manicures?” I sit up, I love getting manicures.

“Yes, we have an appointment in 10 minutes and if you aren’t ready to go, you are staying here!” She replies before running off.

“Vio!” I yell.

“Get ready to go!” The front door slammed.

I race upstairs to my room. I find black leggings, a tank top, and my favorite huge cardin laying on my bed. After getting dressed, I braid my dirty blonde hair. I catch sight of my stormy gray eyes in the mirror before running out of my room.

“I’m ready!” I yell racing out the door and falling over when I run into Violett.

“Oof! Sorry, Vio.”

“It’s fine.” She stands up and holds out her hand, I grab it and stand up.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, let’s go.”

After getting my nails painted blood red with black ring fingers and Vio getting black nails with red ring fingers, we head back to the palace.

“How was the manis, girls?” My mom asks.

“Good, Queen Jennette.” Violett bows her head.

“Violett. Please call me Jennette, Queen Jennette is too formal. Save the formalness for the party.” she says.

“No problem with that, Jennette!” Vio winks.

“VIOLETT!” I yell.

“Hon, she’s just being silly!” Mom says.

“I am.” Vio struts off to the stairs before running off, probably into my room. I roll my eyes,

“See ya later, Mom!” I hug her before chasing after Violett. When I reach my room it is empty. I breathe in deeply trying to catch Violett’s scent, nothing... nothing... noth- THERE! I caught her scent in my closet. I rip open the door and it slams into the wall,

“OUCH!” Oops, not the wall... the door had slammed into Vio instead.

“Sorry, Violett. You know better than to hide behind a door.” I scolded, indicating the last time she hid behind a door and I had slammed it open so hard it broke her nose and happened to destroy the door itself, yeah, mom wasn’t happy about that one.

“Yeah, I do. I forgot though.” She shrugs and walks out of my closet and flops onto my bed. I sigh.

“What?” Vio asks.

“Nothing, I’m just worrying about meeting my mate. What if he is mean or rude? What if he hates me? What if he makes me move and I never see you again? What if-”

“Andy. Your mate is going to be perfect, he is the one for you. He was made to be yours, just like you were made for him.” Vio cuts me off, sitting up on the bed.

“I guess you’re right. I wouldn’t be that unlucky.” I sit next to her.

“Guess? You guess I’m right?”

“Fine. I know you’re right.” I punch her lightly in the shoulder.

“Better.” She nods and punches me back.

“So... we have 2 days till the party. What should we do?”

“Well... We can have a sleepover tonight and tomorrow night, but the night after is party night and we can have a sleepover after, though we would have to sleep and not party cause it will be late.”

“Ok! Go get your stuff from the guest room, I can’t believe we slept through dinner last night on a couch in the living room next to the dining room.”

“Yeah, they must have been quiet so we could sleep or we were deep sleeping.” Vio says, getting up. She walks out of my room and comes back a few minutes later with her suitcase.

“I can’t also can’t believe that Mom put you in the guest bedroom!”

“HEARD THAT!” Mom yells from her room next door.

“SORRY MOM, but you know we are the best of best friends!” I shout back to her.

“I know, dear! No comment!” She says, I can practically hear the eye roll. I laugh.

“Andy. What should we do tonight?”

“Let’s go with the flow and do as we please.”

“Ok, I feel like doing a puzzle. Do you have a new one?”

“Umm, OF COURSE! I got 3 more for my birthday a couple weeks ago. We can do a 1000 piece rainbow, 500 piece blood moon, or a 5000 piece vampire?”

“Blood moon?”

“Sure,” I pick out the puzzle, man, I love puzzles! I open the puzzle and dump the pieces onto my coffee table. Violett comes over and sits in the beanbag. We start to sort the puzzle into moon and black sky pieces.

2 days later (Day of the party)
March 17, 2019

“GOOD MORNING SLEEPY HEADS!” Haeden yells from my door.

“You better run as fast as you can, bro.” I say before letting out a huge yawn.

“You got that right.” Vio yawns. Haeden snickers before running off.

“Let’s kill him for waking us up too early!” I say, yawning some more.

“Noon is too early for you girls?” Mom asks from the door, “Knock, knock, knock.” She adds with a smile.

“Yep! Jinx!” We say at the same time, before bursting into laughter.

“Crazy girls!” Mom says before walking in.

“Okay, so, the hairdresser is going to be here in 20 minutes, you girls have to eat and be dressed before he gets here. Then Milly is going to do your makeup in 2 hours. The party is in 4 hours. You guys are going to walk down together after I make an announcement saying welcome and to give a hand for you two princesses.” She says.

“Ok Mom. Calm down! The party is going to be fine.”

“I know,” she sighs, “But, if either of you meet your mates, you must come to me immediately, promise?”

“We promise.” We say at the same time again, “Jinx!”

Mom shakes her head, laughing. We burst into laughter too.

“Alright, go get dressed.” Mom says, trying to be stren, though it just makes us all burst into laughter again. I feel tears coming down my cheeks from laughter. After a couple minutes we stop, out of breath.

“Go get dressed. See you soon.” Mom leaves shutting the door behind us.

“Let’s see what she picked out for us.” Violett says, unzipping the bag with her name on it, it opened up to a violet floor length dress with white lace and thick lace straps.

“Oh my gosh! That is so beautiful.”

“I know!” Vio says, “Here, help me into it.”

She takes off her pj bottoms and I help her step into the dress. She takes off her top and I help zip up the dress.

“It matches your black hair perfectly and your purple eyes go so well with the violet lace!” Violett had been named after her eyes, they were so cool and unique. My eyes were unique for a vampire, usually vamps had blue, green, or brown eyes. Though I had grey and Vio had purple. My brother and mom both had blue and Vio’s brother and dad had brown. My dad and Vio’s mom had green.

I miss my dad so much. He had left me and my family when I was just 30 years old (about 3 human years) and not only did he leave but Vio’s dad left with him. We have never seen either of them since.

“Let’s see yours.” Violett interrupts my thoughts.

“Ok!” I smile and unzip the black bag hanging on the other hook behind my door, it reveals a black ankle length dress with red rubies sewn on the bottom and it had off the shoulder sleeves made of black lace that was 3/4 length with red sparkles fading out into the sleeve.

“Oh my...” Violett stutters, “It is amazing! I’m going to look silly next to you!”

“No, you aren’t. We are going to look stunning!” I slip into the dress, yanking off my nightgown at the same time.

“You don’t have a zipper! You have an open back ‘V’.”

“Really?” I looked in the mirror and sure enough there was a ‘v’ that showed off my pale back and the edge was lined with rubies.

“Oh! You have a button here.” Vio buttons up the ruby button and it makes the ‘v’ smaller and pulls the dress closer to me, now there is definitely no way that it will fall off.

knock... knock... knock

“May I come in?” The hairdresser calls from outside the room.

“Sure.” I replied.

“You look stunning! I am so excited to do your hair, Princess Andrew and Princess Violett.” He exclaims.

“Thank you. Where would you like us to sit?” I ask.

“Would you mind sitting on that stool?” he points to my painting stool.

“No,” Violett says. I head over to grab it.

“Princess! Don’t worry about getting it, I will grab it.” He says, bowing.

“Okay.” He grabs it and I sit down.

“I will be right back, Your Highness!” he says, bowing deeply before going out the door and bring back in a cart with hair brushes and products and on the top level was two pillows with two crowns on top, one is gold with purple diamonds engraved in it and the other is a black steel with rubies.

“Are those our crowns?” Violett asked.

“Yes, Princess Violett.”

“Oh my goodness. They are beautiful!”

“Yes, and they were custom made for your dresses.”

“Wow!” She says.

The hairdresser starts combing my hair. After a couple of minutes, he handed me a mirror. I look at my hair to see a braid wrapped around my head. He puts on white gloves and carefully picks up the black crown and sets it on my head on a cushion of braided hair, the crown surrounding the braid perfectly. He takes off the gloves and puts them on the cart.

“Oh my. Andy! You look awesome!” Vio says.

“Thanks Vio.” I say, “Thank you sir.”

“It is my pleasure, Your Highness.” He bows.

“My turn!” Violett yells. I get off the stool and Vio sits down.

The hairdresser brushes through her hair then pulls two strands out and twists it and pins it and the back of her head. Then he braids the two strands down her back. He heads her the mirror, puts back on the gloves, and sets the crown on Vio’s head.

“Wow. Vio, you look amazing.” I say.

“Thank you, Andy. And thank you, sir.” Vio says standing up.

He bows again, “Your welcome, Your Highness.”

He puts the stool back where he found it and places the paint materials on it again. He bows deeply and exits the room taking the cart with him.

“Wow. Just wow. Look at us. We are stunning!” Vio says, twirling to show off her dress and hair.

“I know! So beautiful.” I say, turning so Vio can see every angle.

“And that hairdresser, he is one handsome vampire.” Vio sighs.

“Vio? Do you have a crush?” I snicker.

“What me? A crush? No way!” Violett’s face turns red.

“Ok....” I smile.

2 hours later

“Girls, get ready. Your cue is soon.” Haeden says walking out and down stairs where the party is starting.

We are standing around the corner from the stairs already for the party.

“Thank you for coming! Tonight we are having a party to find some mates for everyone and hopefully the princesses!” My mom says, “Let’s hear it for Princess Violett Teer and Princess Andrew Moree.” Everyone claps as we come around the corner.

“Mate.” Violett whispers.

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