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3. Mates?

Violett’s Pov
March 17, 2019

“Mate.” I whisper, locking eyes with Prince William from my queendom’s neighboring queendom.

“Mate.” He says, walking to the stairs as people whisper and mumble to each other.

Andy and I start walking down the stairs.

“Hiii...” I whisper, “umm.”

He pulls me into a hug and we start to glow. For vampires, when we meet our mate we know from their smell and there is an instinct that pulls us together. Also, the pair glows when they touch, though that stops after a while.

People gasp and start clapping. Andy’s mom stands up.

“Looks like we already have one set of mates. Let’s see how many more we have. Have fun and let the party begin!” She says before turning up the volume of the speakers and music starts playing. Jennette had really changed the living room, the couch wasn’t here, the TV was playing music, there were purple and red lights flashing everywhere and there were streamers everywhere.

“Umm, so are you Princess Andrew or Princess Violett?” William asks.

“Violett, but you can call me Vio. You are Prince William, right?” I already knew his name, but I wanted to be polite.

“Vio, beautiful name just like you. And yes, I’m William, but you can call me Will.”

I blush, “Thank you, Will.”

He smiles and holds my hand.

“Would you like to dance?”

“Sure.” I turn my head, trying to see Andy or someone I know, I don’t see anyone. Will pulls me over into a dancing area, I place my hands on his shoulders and he puts his on my waist.

After a song of dancing, I suggest, “Want to get some food?”

“Ok,” we walk to the tables in the corner and grab plates and desserts. We sit on the step where we had first met. As we eat we talk and learn more about each other. Our favorite color is blue, food is mac-N-cheese and we love to play soccer.

“Would you like me to throw out your plate?” He points to my empty plate.

“Sure.” He grabs it and walks away to throw it away. As soon as I can’t see him anymore, I start to miss him.

“Violett! Congrats on meeting your mate.” I look up to see Haeden, Andy’s brother, with a short woman with wavy brown hair and blue eyes.

“Hi Haeden. Who’s this?”

“You weren’t the only one to meet your mate, this is Princess Alli, my mate.” He says.

“Oh. Congrats.” I say.

“You too, Princess Violett.” She says in a tiny voice, bowing her head.

“Oh, Alli. You don’t have to do that.” I say.

“Alli, Violett’s right. You are my mate and are a princess, since my sister will take the throne. We won’t rule, but we’ll be Princess and Prince.”

“Okay.” Alli says.

“Ok Al. Vio, have you seen Andrew or my mom?”


“Vio? Who’s this?” Will comes back.

“Oh, this is Prince Haeden and his mate Princess Alli.”

“How nice to meet you. Congratulations on finding your mate.”

“You too, Prince William.”

“Thank you, Prince Haeden.”

“Will? Let’s find my brother and introduce you to him.”

“Alright, Vio.”

“Bye and congrats again.” I say before dragging Will away.

“Max!” I call out to him at the food table talking with two vampire women.

“Vio! This is Camilla, my mate and her mother.” He pulls a young black haired and black eyed vampire to him.

“Nice to meet you, Camilla. I am Violett, Max’s sister.”

“Very nice to meet you too, Princess Violett.” Camilla says.

“Don’t bother, you are my brother’s mate.” I say.

“This is my mom, Hope.”

“Nice to meet you.” Hope says.

“You too. Well, Max. This is my mate, William.”

“Hi William! You can call me Max.”

“Hello Max, call me Will.”

“Kay, Will.”

“Hi everybody! We have a few more mates that met tonight. Give it up for Prince Haeden and Princess Alli, Prince Max and Camilla, and Prince Adam and Linda and....” I stop listening after them, only slightly paying attention to Andy’s name. When everyone claps and cheers, I realize that Andy didn’t find her mate, or it wasn’t announced.

“Be right back.” I mumble to Will before running off to find Andrew. I catch her scent headed upstairs to her room.

“Andy?” I knocked on her door.

“Come in.” She says, sounding upset.

I open the door to see her sitting on the bed.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“I didn’t find my mate. I can smell him though, he was here or is here. Why didn’t he find me, if he was here or found me earlier when he was here?” She says, tears start coming down her face and already ruined makeup.

“Oh, Andy. I don’t know.” I say sitting next to her and rubbing her back. She puts her head in my lap and I take off her crown, putting it on the side table. I lay her on the bed and grab a towel. I wet it with warm water and wiped off her makeup.

“There, now you look better. Do you want to find out if your mate is still here?”

“Ok.” She wipes away her tears and stands up. I take out her hair and brush it through and place her crown back on.

“Let’s go find your mate!” I say grabbing her hand, we head downstairs and quickly hide from the party in the dining room. Andy takes a deep breath in.

“He went through here earlier.” She says.

“Where did he go?” I ask.

“That way.” She pointed towards the kitchen and back door. We head until she stops in front of three doors, the kitchen, library, and outside back door.

“What door?” I ask. She starts with the library and breaths in deep, she shakes her head ‘no’ she then tries the back door, ‘no’ then she tries the kitchen,

“Here. He went through here. Why did he go through the kitchen though?” She says.

“No idea. Want to find out?” I ask.

She nods, takes a deep breath and pushes open the door. Revealing ten human servants. They all froze, hearing the door open. They look at us in shock, definitely not expecting two vampires let alone vampire princesses coming into the kitchen. Then all at once they put down what they were doing and get on their knees and bows.

“Please stand in a line.” I say.

They line up in a line before us. Andy breathes in again and snaps her head to the left,

“Mate.” She says.

All of the humans’ eyes widen and they freeze once again. I freeze too. Andy’s mate is human?

She walks over to a tall wavy brown haired green eyes boy and she hugs him. Sure enough they start to glow. The boy slowly unfreezes and wraps his arms around Andy.

“Leave.” I tell the other servants and I walk out with them to give Andy space.

Andy’s pov

“What is your name?” I ask my mate, still hugging him.

“Kayden Sande. Who are you?” He says.

“I am Princess Andrew Moree. You can call me Andy.” I smile.


“Ya, I live here. Where are you from?”

“I live with Her Majesty Queen Polli and His and Her Highness Prince Adam and Princess Alli.” He says, stepping away from me.

“Queen Polli and Prince Adam?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Please call me Andy. You are my mate and my equal.”

“Yes, Your Hig- Andy.” Kayden says.

“Are there any nicknames that you want me to call you?”

“Kayden or Kade is fine.”

“Ok Kade.” I reach up to hug him again, my mate is at least a foot taller than me. He bends down slightly and picks me up. I smile and hug him lightly, trying not to hurt him.

“Thank you, Kade.”

“Your welcome, Andy.” He smiles, hugging me tightly.

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