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5. Kayden has a mate?

Kayden’s pov
March 18, 2019

Last night I slept the worst I ever have in a long time. A little voice at the back of my mind says it’s because I wasn’t with Andy, but that’s crazy. I suddenly feel an ache in my heart to go to Andy. I haven’t been able to think about her without feeling like I was dying from heartache. If it is this bad for me and I’m human, I wonder how bad it is for Andy. That gets me out of bed immediately. Since I didn’t change into pajamas last night, I don’t have to get dressed this morning. I just comb my hair and brush my teeth, then I am out of there. I’m at her door in less time than is probably possible. I raise my hand to knock, but the door opens.

“Hi. I missed you.” Andy says.

“I missed you too.” I replied.

“Eww. I’m leaving. Going to talk with Will.” The woman who had accompanied Andy when we met said, before speeding out of Andy’s room.

“Bye Vio!” Andy yells after her.

“Who’s that?” I ask.

“That’s Violett. She’s my best friend.” Andy says, “Wanna come in?”

“Sure.” I walk in and look around, “Wow. Your room is very nice.”

“Thank you, I designed it myself.” She says.

“Cool.” I say, plopping down on her beanbag. She sits on the other one across from me.

“What do you want to do today?” She asks.

“Not sure, what do you want to do?”

“We could meet my brother and his mate?”

“Sure, who’s his mate?” I ask.

“I think her name is Alli, but I never met her.”

“Princess Alli??” I ask, shocked.

“I think. I’m not sure though.” She says.

Well, it could be a different Princess Alli or she could’ve got the name wrong.

“Okay, when do you want to meet them?”

“Later, wanna go for a run first?”

“Sure, I love going for runs.” I reply, enthusiastic and excited for the run.

“Sweet. I am going to change into exercise clothes. Do you have any other clothes to change?”

“No, but I have two other sets of clothes back at the palace.”

“Oh ok. Well, I’ll be right back.” Andy says, before getting up and speeding off to I’m guessing her closet. A few seconds later she comes speeding back out in blue exercise capris and black sports bra with a mesh-like crop top.

“You look nice.” I say.

“Thanks,” she blushes, which makes me blush in return.

“Ready?” I point to her bedroom door.

“Yup, let’s make a quick pit-stop in the kitchen first though.” She says, as our stomachs growl. I laugh.

“Good idea.” We walked out of her room and into the kitchen. It is completely empty. Andy pulls out a pan and some eggs.

“How many eggs do you want?” She asks.

“Umm, two?”

“’Kay.” She then hands me a plate with two scrambled eggs and a fork. I sit down and start to eat. I groan.

“These eggs are amazing!” I sigh.

“Thanks.” Andy says and sits down next to me.

“Wow, you’re right. These are so good!” She groans.

“I know!” After we finish, Andy washes our plates off and puts them away. She then runs off, way too fast for me to see what she is doing and where she is going.

“I hope when we run, you won’t run this fast.” I laugh.

“Nope. Sorry, I’m just getting together two ice cold water bottles.” She says, stopping and putting down two mega bottles.

“It’s fine, and good. The weather is supposed to be hot but not humid.”

“Okay... let’s rock-n-roll?” She grabs the bottled water.

“Let’s go.” I say. We head out of the back door where there is a trail surrounded by forest a couple feet in the distance.

“You guys have a personal trial?”

“Yeah. My mom loves going for walks in the forest, so my dad built this for their wedding day.” Andy frowns.

“What’s wrong, Andrew?” I ask.

“My father left us when I was 30 years old, which is about 3 years for you humans. He and my mom never got along and were always fighting over the throne. You see, my father wanted to rule as king and he was constantly telling everyone that my mom wasn’t fit to rule. Though she actually is the best queen we’ve had in 3000 years.”

“Oh. I’m so sorry, Andy.”

“Don’t be, I never liked my father anyway. I hope he doesn’t come back.” She says.

“Ok, How much do you want to run?” I say, pointing to the trail that we had reached without noticing.

“Just a lap?”

“Sure.” We start to run. For Andy I’m sure it felt like we were slow walking, but she didn’t complain.


“Wow... that... was... hard...” I pant as we reach Andy’s bedroom. Andy laughs.

“For you.” She says.

“Hey! I’m not a vampire like you. I’m sure it was a piece of cake for you.” I manage to say before collapsing on her bed with shaky breaths.

“I know, and I’m sorry for teasing you.” She says with a smile, before laying down next to me.

“When are we meeting your brother and his mate?” I ask, finally almost relaxed with steady breaths.

“In 30 minutes.” She replies.

“Ok, I’m going to sleep for those minutes. Wake me up before they get here, ok?”

“Sure,” she says and with those words I drift off to sleep.

25 minutes later....

“Kade? They are going to get in a few minutes.” I wake up to Andrew saying and shaking my arm.

“Thanks, Andy.”

knock... knock... knock...

“They are here.” Andy smiles, “Come in, Haeden.”

The door opens and a vampire who looks just like Andy with the dirty blonde hair but has blue eyes, I’m assuming he is Andy’s brother, Haeden. After he enters someone else comes in.

“Kayden?” I hear her say.

“Princess Alli?” I say, our eyes lock.

“Alli? How do you know Kayden?” Andy asks.

“He... he works at my palace.” She says, “How do you know him?”

“He is my mate.” Andy says.

“Kayden... Kayden has a mate??” Alli gets out before she falls into Haeden, faints.

Jamieson’s pov (Andy’s Father)

I’ve always felt bad for leaving Andrew and Haeden and I’m sure they miss me just as much as I miss them. I only wanted to get away from Jennette, but there was no way for the prince to leave the queen and take the heir of the throne with me without getting caught. Since we left, Michael and I have been planning. Planning on how to get the throne. That’s right we left because of a ridiculous rule that queens rule and there are no kings and female lives are more important than male. Well, actually our lives are equal but it feels like the females are more important than males.

“Jamie!” My newest friend calls out.

“Hi, beautiful!” I say as she comes in.

“Hi. When are we going to strike?” She pouts.

“Soon, very soon.” I say, setting her on my lap.

Don’t worry. We are coming for you, kids.

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