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6. Have a little Faith

Kayden’s pov
March 18, 2019

“Alli?” Haeden said, shaking her shoulder.

“What happened?” Alli groans.

“You fainted, sweetheart.”

“Kayden?” She looks at me.

“Yes, Princess Alli?”

“I, Princess Alli Neena, allow the transfer of Kayden Sande and his family from the Blood Moon queendom to the Vampire Kiss queendom.” She says. My jaw drops.

“Thank... you... Princess Alli.” I say.

“Welcome to the Vampire Kiss queendom, Kade.” Andy says, “Alli... Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.” She stands up, “Oh. Kayden, I’m so sorry to say that your sister, Faith, has gone missing.”

As she says those last words, my heart crushes. Faith? Missing? She’s just a baby! Faith had just turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. She can’t survive on her own. She can’t even pour a glass of water without spilling it! She’s my world. She’s the reason I had started working for Queen Polli in the first place, so she could eat and have good birthdays and holidays. She had been named Faith because she almost died just after she was born. She’s my baby sister.

“Kade? Who’s Faith?” Andy asks.

“She’s... she’s my younger sister. She is 6 years old and very clumsy. She’s my best friend and my world.” I say, before I start to cry.

“Oh my gosh, Kade. I’m so sorry.” Andy says. She pulls me into a hug.

“Princess Alli? When did you find out about my sister?” I ask.

“Last night. Your mother put in a missing person report.”

Mom. Oh no, she must be worried sick about me and Faith. Since Faith went missing, I never came back this morning. Oh man. My face pales.

“Kayden? What’s wrong?” Andy asks.

“Mom, she must be so worried about us.”

“We have to go.” Andrew says, running around the room packing clothes.

“Andy. Where are we going?” Haeden and I ask at the same time.

“Kayden and I are going to talk to his parents.”

“Wait, WHAT?!?” We shout in sync again.

“You heard me. We are gonna go see Mr. and Mrs. Sande then we are going to find Faith.” She says. She zips up the bag.

“No.” Haeden says.

“No? Are you going to stop me?” Andy says, putting her hands on her hips.

“Remind me to never, ever get on your bad side.” I gulp.

“I agree.” Princess Alli squeaks. I grab Alli’s hand and we run behind Andrew’s bed.

“No, I’m not going to stop you. But you are not going without me and Alli.” Haeden says, calmly.

“Fine.” Andy says.

“Haeden. You have some guts.” I say. He laughs.

“Alli? We should pack, so we can go back to your palace.” They get up and leave to pack.

“Kade? We are going to find your sister.”

“I hope so, Andy.” I replied.

“Just have a little faith. Uh... no pun intended.” She says.

“It’s fine. Faith used to make name puns all the time.”


“Honey, calm down. The baby girl is going to be fine. Have a little faith.” My dad said to my mom as she named probably a thousand ‘what if’s’ about my baby sister. She had been born a couple minutes ago and almost immediately started choking, because she couldn’t breathe.

“Faith? We should name her that.” I pipe up from my chair next to my mom’s hospital bed.

“Faith. I like it. What do you think, Sweetheart?” My dad asks.

“I love it.” She says.

A nurse comes into the room.

“She is going to live.” The nurse says.

“Thank goodness.” My mom said.

“See? I told you to have a little faith in Faith.” My dad says smiling.

A couple hours later

“Welcome home, Faith Laura Sande.” We say, walking into our house.

End of flashback

“Oh no. Not now.” Andy says, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“Andy?” I ask.

Her eyes snap to mine, they are black. The door slams open and Haeden yells, “ANDREW! STAND DOWN.”

I instantly get on my knees and bows as low as possible, submitting to Haeden.

Haeden’s pov

“ANDREW! STAND DOWN.” I yell, slamming the door open. Kayden submits, without the chance to even think about not listening to my order. Andy and I have always hated using our power to make people do stuff. We made a promise to each other that we would only use it on anyone if absolutely necessary.

“Never!” Andy yells and runs at Kayden. I hiss and fling myself in front of Kade, getting bit in the process.

“Ouch! Andy!” I yell. Her eyes start to flicker between black and her gray.

“I know, Andy. It’s been about a month. Let’s go hunt. Without killing your mate. Ok?”

I grab Andy and yank her out of her room. We ran out of the palace and into the forest.

After a while of running, we found a couple mountain lions. Andy croches before springing onto the male. She greedily drinks his blood until he’s dry. I jump on the female and after I am done, I look at Andy. She no longer has black eyes but she doesn’t have her gray ones either, instead she has crimson red.

(A/N. Basically what happened was that Andy had gone just about a month without blood so her body took over her mind and went on a rampage to find the closest blood [Kayden] and because she was fighting off her needs, her eyes were flickering between black [this shows that the body has taken over] and gray [her normal color]. That’s why she was going crazy.)

Andy’s pov

Oh man. I hope I didn’t scare Kade. I hate going crazy like that. But I’d rather do that than have to kill something more than once a month. I hate those parts of being a Vampire. Haeden smiles at me. His eyes tell me that he fed too. He was close to a month anyway.

“Let’s head back.” I sigh.

“Okay.” We slowly walked back taking this time to chat about our mates and how we met.

“Andy? Are you ok?” Kayden asks as we enter my room.

“Yeah, I’m so sorry about that. You see, I hadn’t had any blood in a month and my body took over.”

“It’s fine. I understand.” He says.


“Yeah, you vampires have needs just like humans do. Just like we need food and water, you guys need blood.”

“Well, we also need food too.” I smile.

“Yeah,” he laughed, “Ready to go meet my parents and hopefully find my sister?”

“Yes. Let’s go.” I say. We grab our bags and meet Alli at the front door, where she had a taxi waiting for us.

“Where to?” The driver asks after we put our duffel bags in the trunk and climb in the van.

“Blood Moon queendom, please.” Alli says.

“Ok, let’s go!” He says and starts the car.

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