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7. New friends and betrayals

Faith’s pov (Kayden’s sister)
Unknown Date.

I wake up in a cold, wet, dark place. I can’t remember how I got here. The first thing I feel is fear, then worry. I try to remember as much as possible... My name is Faith Laura Sande, I’m six years old, my brother is Kade and he went on a trip to the Vampire Kiss queendom. He was supposed to return tomorrow? Today? I have no idea what day it is or what time it is. Umm... OH! I remember... everything.... I was in our backyard with Susie, our dog. We were playing catch, when a man in a mask came up and put a cloth over my mouth and nose then black.

“Hello?” I call out in the darkness, “Anyone there?”

“Oh, good you’re awake.” a female voice says.

“Who are you?” I flinch into a ball.

“I’m Alexia, you are?”

“I’m Faith.” I replied.

I try to walk towards her when, BAM! I ran into a brick wall.

“Are you alright?” She says.

“Oww.” I say, feeling my head, wetness comes off. I look at my hand but I can’t see a thing. I smell my hand.

“Aww man!” I yell, once I realize it is blood.

“Are you bleeding?” She asks calmly.

“Yeah.” I sigh.

“I’m a nurse, I’ll be able to help you.”

“Ok, Do you mind coming to me this time?”

“Of course.” Alexia laughs. I snicker with her, thinking about how Kade would laugh at my clumsiness before cleaning me up.

I feel a cloth touch my wound, I hiss in pain.

“You hit that wall hard!”

“I guess so.”

Alexia’s pov

“Will you sit down, please?” I ask Faith.

“Ok.” She says. I guide her to a sitting position in front of me. She hisses again as I lightly press a clean-ish section of my T-shirt.

“Sorry, Faith.” I press the T-shirt a little harder on her forehead. The light flicks on.

“Hello, Alexia.” The masked man that has been keeping me captive comes into the room.

“Hi, butthead.” I reply, looking over Faith for the first time. She has pale skin, orange hair, and lime green eyes and is wearing sweatpants and a polka dot shirt.

“You don’t talk to me that way.” He growls, “I saved you.”

“You took me from my home! You killed my brother!” I yell, trying to hide Faith behind me. My feet chains make it hard to move. I hiss in pain.

Faith’s pov

As the lights flick on, I look at her for the first time. She is wearing a ripped white t-shirt that had some of my blood on it, probably what she had used to clean up my forehead, and a pair of ripped shorts and no shoes. She has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I estimate that she is about 5′3" and a half. Her tanned skin makes her eyes pop. She is absolutely beautiful.

“Hello, Alexia.” A masked man comes in. He’s the guy that grabbed me.

“Hi, butthead.” Alexia says. She looks at me, probably for the first time.

“You don’t talk to me that way.” He growls. Wait. He growls?

“I saved you.” He continues.

“You took me from my home. You killed my brother!” Alexia yells, and pulls me behind her.

She hisses in pain as she tries to move.

“Hahaha! The silver hurts?” The man laughs. Alexia growls back. More growling? I’m so confused.

“Confused, child?” The man says, “Alexia? Want to explain to the girl?”

“No.” She gasps.

“Tell her and you can go free. Don’t and you can have a painful death.” He says, pointing to the chains.

“No, she’s just a child! A baby!” She yells.

“Fine. You. Come here.” He smiles at me, showing off crooked yellow teeth.

“NO!” Alexia shouts again.

“Tell her then.” He says.

“I’m sorry, child. I’m a werewolf.” She says.

“Good girl, dog.” The man says, “I can’t believe you fell for that!” He laughs.

“You are going to die a slow, painful death in 4 hours.” He smiles and the lights go off. His footsteps get farther away.

“Werewolf?” I ask, “What is that?”

Prince Adam’s pov

Ring... ring... ring...

“Hello?” I answer my phone, walking to the bathroom to get privacy from my mate, Linda.

“Hello Adam.” The familiar voice of my boss says.

“Hi boss.” I replied.

“We got her. They will be at the palace soon. Meet your sister and her friends. Give them the following news, ‘The six year old and a werewolf will die in 3 hours, unless the siblings are met at the address, 479 Apple lane, Blood Moon queendom. They must be alone or the women die!’” He says.

“Yes, sir. I have it memorized.”

“Good.” And with that he hangs up.

“Who was that?” Linda asks.

“Just my mom asking when we are going home. I told her we were leaving soon.” I lie and kiss her head.

“Let’s pack then.” She says.

Faith’s pov

“Werewolves are humans that can turn into a huge wolf. We live in groups called packs and we can mind link anyone who is in the pack. The leader is the Alpha. The second in command is the Beta and third in command is Gamma. Any of these leaders can be male or female. We also have soulmates called mates.” Alexia explains, “That’s the basics.”

“Umm, ok.” I say, not really confused because of the vampires we have.

“You aren’t scared of me?”

“No, I trust you.”

“You are a very weird human, Faith.” She says.

“I know.” I nod.

Alexia’s pov

I’m shocked how well Faith took my news. She’s like 5-6 years old and very mature. She reminds me of my little brother, he was 7 when he was murdered. He was smart, kind, and patient. Thinking about him makes me sad. Oh how much I miss him. Faith scoots over to me and sits in my lap. I don’t know how long we sat there, but we just sat there and cuddled.

Andy’s pov

1 hour after Faith and Alexia are told about their deaths....

“Finally!!” I yell, running out of the taxi. We had finally reached the Blood Moon queendom. Haeden snickers. I turn around to see everyone else climbing out of the taxi.

“Excited sis?” Haeden asks.

“No, just glad to be out of the taxi.” I say.

“Andrew. We need to see my mom and tell her about Kayden having a mate and moving and then you can find Faith.” Alli says, grabbing Haeden’s hand.

“Okay. Let’s go meet Queen Polli!” I race up the stairs and stop when I see snooty Prince Adam waiting for us.

“What?” Alli groans as she stops next to me.

“The six year old and a werewolf will die in 3 hours, unless the siblings are met at the address 479 Apple lane, Blood Moon queendom. They must be alone or the women die!” Prince Adam says, before running off. I would have chased him, but his words stunned me. Six year old? Faith? Werewolf? Faith is with a werewolf? They will die unless me and Haeden go to that address?

“Faith!” Kayden says.

“Werewolf.” Haeden says.

“Die?” Alli says.

“Us. Address. Or death.” I manage to say. I sit on the step. The others sit next to me.

Kayden’s pov

Faith? Death? No!

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