The Prophecy

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A warrior, a princess, and a prophecy. A young girl who would shine like the very sun in the sky with the rage of an ocean and the courage of a lion would appear in a horse drawn carriage, coming out in the arms of a warrior. She would save them all, taking reign as a queen upon the nation as the people would praise her, falling to their knees in front of the chosen one and the warrior who hath deliver her to the ones who need her. She would be glorious, bringing light to the nations. She would be the savior, the warrior the protector. Her arrival would be soon, do not freight. We must wait patiently... for the prophecy.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Taking

Honora brushed her long brown hair out of her face as she set down the flower basket she has been using. The woods stretched far and wide around her as she stood under a willow tree, protected from the sun by the shade. Beautiful flowers surrounded her as she plucked them for decoration in her room back at the castle. The sky was clear, not a cloud shown in the sky as the river that ran beside the tree sung a beautiful melody. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as the sun shone on her skin. Her dress sparkled in the light as she smoothed it down. Her feet were set in the soft grassy ground, bare foot. The beautiful brown eyes scanned the trees across the ground, taking in her kingdoms nature.

Suddenly, a loud noise erupted, shaking the ground beneath her. Voices began to shout, scream, yell, and anything else you could imagine. It then dawned on Honora. They were being invaded. She quickly grabbed the flower basket, sprinting through the woods, attempting to make it back to her castle. The flower crown that asserted her royalty moved and shifted on her head as she ran, dodging enemy soldiers and their swords, along with the horses.

“Send in the reinforcements!” One of the lead warriors commanded. Many of her knights rushed out, slaughtering the others of the kingdom. Honora stared at the bloody display until she was shocked back into reality when a soldier began to approach her. Her heart raced and she turned right, darting in a random direction. Her feet ached and her stomach was turning, but she couldn’t stop. Not when she could now hear five enemy warriors behind her.

She turned behind a corner, crouching behind a horse carriage. The warriors ran past. “Find the girl!” One of them shouted to the others. She let out a sigh and relaxed. Soon enough, rescue would arrive for her and she would be safe, at least that’s what she had believed. She hadn’t known how much time had passed before she had the courage to turn around to look behind the carriage. Vomit began to rise at the bloody and gory sight that sat in front of her shaking figure.

It wasn’t until the warrior had snatched her up, that she noticed he was even behind her. Panic rushed through her veins, seeming to fuel any action she would do or think about doing. Her heart pounded in her chest as she thrashed around when he had thrown her over his shoulder.

“Being irrational will only make this harder on yourself. Stay still.” A voice too dark to be a mortal mans spoke from beside her head. She could barely breathe, how could she even possibly care about being irrational or staying still? The only thing that was running through her head at the moment, was to run and survive. She couldn’t die, father would be only again. Things have been so much harder on him since Mother...

“I thought I told you to stay still.” He growled as he suddenly slammed her on the ground. He gripped her chin, bring their faces much closer than before. “If I have to tell you again it won’t be pretty.” Her eyes widened at the threat coated in what seemed to be annoyance or irritation. Grabbing her waist, he threw her over his shoulder once again with a gruff. This time, she didn’t move. Not necessarily because she felt afraid, but more so because of the fact he already seemed irritated, why make him even angrier? There was no point in running the extra mile for something that had already been completed.

The tall man covered in armor called over a carriage being pulled along by large horses. The horses stood as if they had been trained all their lives to do this, their manes were as dark as the night as a storm seemed to start to form in the sky. Pulling her off of his shoulder, he shoved her into the carriage before climbing in behind her as the horses began to gallop hurriedly. As they left the kingdom gates, the noise of her people perishing began to be drowned out.

Silence filled the carriage, a fierce tension falling upon the two of them. She could feel him watching her out the corner of his eye, as if she was a wild animal ready to attack at any moment. She simply kept her eyes forward, keeping a neutral face. Truth be told, she was terrified, but she didn’t need to show it. If there was one thing she was keeping from the events that took down today then it would be her dignity. Honora could feel the light tears of her dress at her lower knees, the swift cuts making what looked to be streamers at the ends of the beautiful gown.

The right top of the sleeve was lightly hanging off of her shoulder as the flower crown on her head was tilted to the side around her now extremely frizzy and messy hair. It made her look sloppy, unsophisticated, and disrespectful to the representation of her kingdom. But that was the least of her worries as she sat in the small carriage with a warrior of the enemies, well now more like kidnapper she supposed.

“Ride’ll be faster if you slept.” The voice called from the other side of the carriage. She almost cracked a smile at his very stupid suggestion. Sleep? Now? He must not think clearly or perhaps he was simply unintelligent.

“I’m quite alright.” Her tone seemed harsh as a form of verbal venom laced her words, but the way her words rolled off her tongue seemed sweet. She had no desire to speak to him whatsoever but of course, he had to speak anyhow. “It was simply a thought. Don’t get your flower crown in a twist.” He barked back. Oh, so he was stupid. Good to know.

She wouldn’t argue with someone on his level. She was better than that. Sticking up her chin she looked away as she placed her hands in her lap. Sighing internally she braced herself for the dreadful journey ahead of the both of them.
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