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The Alphas Unknown Mate (ON HOLD)

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"I don't deserve you, your too good for me. I am not like the other she-wolves, I don't have the looks that they have. Why do you want someone like me? I don't know who my parents are, all I know is my name and my rank, my rank is delta but, I know I am not delta worthy, I have no family. I'm not loved or cared for" I say yelling at her "I don't care about that, I don't care about looks. Your everything I ever wanted and more. Just by meeting you now, I know your strong, passionate, feisty, protective and so much more!, that's what I want my Luna to be, I will help you find out more about yourself when you are ready" she says softly " I'm not what you said, I am a Delta but I don't feel like a Delta, the ranks are, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Lead warrior, warriors, trackers, spies, pack members, and Omegas, but I am skipped. I am surprised my pack Alpha didn't demote me to an Omega, why don't you reject me already, if you keep me your packs not gonna take you seriously, they may challenge you or me, granted I can take out over ten rouges on my own but I don't want to force your pack. I know you're an Alpha Female and you're my mate but how is going to work, I doubt your pack will accept two females leading them, so do yourself a favor and REJECT ME!! " I yell at her

Fantasy / Romance
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Authors Note

Welcome!!, thank you for choosing my book. I think this might be a standalone book or if you guys like it enough it may become a series. This book will represent the LGBTQ+ community, such as there will be a Lesbian couple which are the main characters, a Gay couple, a Bisexual couple and a Trans character, if you are against LGBTQ+ please don’t leave a mean review or comment because depending on how mean it is I will report you or I will block you.

All the work and progress in this book is mine and mine alone, please be responsible by telling me if you see someone copying my work and trying to turn it into their own.

Main Characters

Alpha Female: Alessia

Luna: Aria

Beta: Alexander

Beta Male: Ambrose

Gamma: Valeria

Gamma Female (was male now female): Adira

Delta: Alex

Delta Female: Andrea

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