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Meet princess Candice who was born as a result of infedility. Her existence is a stain in the King's life that he wants to get rid of. But the King's mother Theodore the witch had other plans. Want to find out? Then follow me in this great adventure!

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Bad Kingdom

"Here it ends, no one's gonna shed a tear, no need to shout, just to stand the silence" Moderat


When the stars came out to play and the evening took on its aroma of the night, when the crickets sang for the joy of living, her bed awaited. The softness, the quiet, the sense of rest that she longed for, made her lay on it but fought the urge to close her eyes.

When others had a little sparkle of joy before falling asleep, her stomach was twisting and turning at the thought of it. She yearned to fall asleep like any other normal person but the question was- was she any ordinary human?

As much as she put all the efforts not to sleep, Hypnagogia wasn't having any of it. Whether you're escaping into sleep or it is brought on by your screaming alarm clock, it happens. Like the seductress, it caressed her skin softly, singing her mind an enchanting lullaby until her lids flattered close.

She had no control over her mind in her slumber state as it was the bridge hour of utopia but that was not the case. While any normal human being would be in the world of dreams. Hers was in the midst of nightmares.

The nightmare, as the demons of dreams, came to educate her if she was brave enough to look into those dark recesses of the brain.

Nightmares that were caused by an event that took place long, long time ago before she came into existence - the great kingdom of Kenia.

A kingdom where a powerful king ruled over the lands. Not only was he the most powerful but the most ruthless of all.

Everyone feared him, they treated him like a god but against their will. The subjects loathed him so much but they were so helpless to have no choice but abide by his rules and willing. Whenever he passed by they bowed their heads, taxes were high and wages were less, anyone to question his command was beheaded in front of his family.

The reign continued and eventually the king died leaving his crown to his eldest son, he was no different from him and as a matter of fact, with every passing year he became worse that his father the late king.

I strongly believe that the Founding Fathers of our country got it right: power corrupts, and any time you have too much power concentrated in one place, it tends to get abused, so checks and balances are always needed.

There was no mercy for the wrong and the rules were tight, they were the closest thing to being slaves, there was no living but existing their purpose to serve.

There was a legend that caught his attention about another powerful ruler whom will arise and that he will be the strongest not to mention just. This legend caused havoc in the kingdom that drove the King to the verge.

Who dare challenge his power?

He who was to be the saviour of the kingdom – were the words of the seer. Whom later became deceased of course in the hands of King Mansa Khan. In frustration and rage, killed almost every gentleman with royal blood to prevent any more threats.

The land that the late king left as a grave yard was now a pool of death. Women cried for the death of their husbands while children wailed. Such tragic indeed it was that one would throw by the mere sight of it.

"You may kill us Mansa but mark my words, your crown will be taken by none other than someone from this palace, no need to travel the entire kingdom killing people, that person will be in this castle." Said one of the seer.

So it happened that the king wasn't only killing any possible threat to his crown but also the seer whom refused to tell exactly who. And who would dare threatened his reign in his own palace? He had a son that wouldn't dare betray him since he was to be his successor.

Then who was it?

King Mansa Khan wasn't pleased at all by the news, so he cut off the seers head. If no seer could help him or be with him then they were good as dead.

"You can't keep doing this my King!" Yelled Elizabeth her lovely queen. She was a beauty moulded with perfection. Her curves God given and her skin was glowing, her eyes were the deep brown colour of the winter trees at twilight.

Not only was she beautiful but had a confident aura surrounding her. Every woman wanted to be like her, be her friend while some envied her. And Kings drooled over her.

Her beauty was exceptional but that still didn't stop the king from having concubines. Of course he treated her queen in the highest standard but sometimes he found her annoying.

"You are losing your mind because of power!" She continued. She never approved of his husband ways.

"Power is what makes a man" the king roared.

"No! Manners maketh a man" she fired back.

"Something that you don't have, you have spent almost every day killing more innocent people in the name of what? Power!"

"They are not innocent, they are a threat to my thrown!"

"Don't you see my King? You have let fear corrupt your mind, making you lose your sole purpose, which by the way is to lead your kingdom and Be. My. Husband!" She pointed at him through her gritted teeth.

If she was any other person, he would have her head on a silver platter but this was his wife. The wife that he treated like a trophy.

However, come to think of it, queen Elizabeth was also right. It entirely wasn't power that corrupts but also fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.

"Oh come on, am the greatest ruler ever been and as for being your husband am still perfect" his hands behind his back he walked towards his throne.

"Perfect you say" her queen followed him. She waited until he was sited down before she continued.

"Then tell me dear husband, when was the last time you touched me?" She crossed her arms across her chest.

"Don't be stubborn woman, I have been busy". Replied the king like it didn't matter.

Busy with killing. She thought. Physical relationship is the most important thing in marriage. Be it arranged or in love. Being deprived of it for so long made the dear queen, frustrated. Instead of being a husband or a man for once he was carrying barbaric acts in the name of war.

"Do you love me my king?" She asked hesitantly. Even she felt strange asking him that. The man had no heart, how could he have by feelings or love her for that matter?

The king only scoffed and took a sip from his cup.

"Love is for weak and am not weak" he spat with venom. Of course he would think like that since he was so narrow minded than any human on earth.

"So you don't love me" it was a statement from the queen.

The queen stomped on his feet like a child and walked away from his presence she was always gracefully but the king had the ability to make her loose cool. What was she expecting?

She was annoyed, frustrated and vexed that of all the kings in the world, she had to be with a self-centered arrogant narcissist. Falling in love and getting married wasn't common amongst the royals since they marry to create alliance.

Queen Elizabeth had her fantasies, of falling in love. Experiencing a magical kiss and having her heart flutter at the sight of her husband but none of the above happened. She even started to think that maybe she read too many fairy tales and were messing with her head.

She missed her parents, unlike any other royalties, her parents were so much in love. You could see the adoration whenever they looked into each other's eyes. They never wanted their daughter to be married to a power hungry King but that was the only choice that her father had. He had to be a king before a husband.

Her dream of being in love was crushed that day and at that moment she wanted nothing but to die. After all what was life.

So she decided to end hers. Dismissing her maids, she went to the stream and slowly made her way deeper part slowly her body was submerged by the water. Opening her eyes to admire the beauty of the stream one last time before it consumed her soul, she froze.

Little did she know that her last will to see the beauty of nature would make her heart skip a beat. In the river was a silhouette of a man inches from her. Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths and her new path awaited for her let herself float until her head was now at the surface of the water.

Like they were in sync the stranger also did the same and when their eyes locked. It was the colour of deep sienna.

They were every shade of brown you could imagine, a raw umber and caramel mix, dotted with bits of dark chocolate. They glow with humour and playfulness that gave her shivers and wrapping her in a warm embrace at the same time.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and in those earthy hues was his soul, not in the way of those cheesy romance novels, so obsessed with lust, but with the kind of beauty that expands a moment into a personal eternity, a heaven you wish to be a part of.

Was she perhaps dead already? That was the only explanation considering an exquisite handsome man dripping of water in front of her. She knew what beauty was but he was far more than what she had seen.

His skin was that of a brown chocolate, his hair long but shaved at the both side. She didn't miss the knots in his hair nor his daunting attractive chest. It was like she was in a trance and her eyes were the only thing moving or more so ogling him.

But she wasn't the only one enchanted in the spell but he too was.

"Jake" he said breaking the trance. Queen Elizabeth eyes blinked in confusion.

"Huh?" was all she managed to say. If anyone heard her, she would be ashamed of her lack of etiquette.

"My name is Jake my Lady" he repeated again but got no reaction from the beautiful lady in front of her. The side of his mouth slightly lifted before he spoke again.

"If you keep staring at me like that I might misunderstand you my lady" he mused. That finally brought her back to her senses. She was caught by a stranger shamelessly ogling him. She wanted to slap herself for being such a pervert.

"I don't care who you are" trying to cover her shame she said with her head held high. Jake only found amusement in the woman's defiance. When he decided to take a dip in the river never in a lifetime did he think of meeting the most beautiful woman to ever lay his eyes on. First he was mesmerised by the two pair of legs stepping inside the water, then her whole body.

The attraction was there and he felt it. She also felt it and for once she couldn't mistake the static that was between them. Exactly how she read in those fairy tale books

She felt naked under his intense gaze and couldn't help but feel warmth in her face.

What was happening to her? Was he a warlock that cursed a spell on her?

As if starring wasn't enough, he slowly moved towards her, making her move backward until she could feel the ground beneath her feet. Making use of being near the bank. She stumble back and almost fell but strong arms encircled her wait causing sparks of electricity to pass through her body.

With a soft gasp she looked at the good-looking man that towered over her. Jake wanting to see the same fire he had been seeing every time she was mad. Queen Elizabeth may not have recognized him but he knew her very well.

Ever since he laid his eyes on her, he wanted her. Not only in sinful ways but to love and protect her. But she was already taken and out of his league that he could do nothing but fantasize. Finally now that he got the opportunity to touch the forbidden fruit. He wasn't going to let it pass just like that.

Her eyes went wide when he saw him leaning in. If it was possible then she was sure that her heart beat could be heard from a mile.

"But I do my queen" he whispered softly in her ear causing involuntary shiver to pass down her spine.

"You dare disrespect me knowing that am your queen" she said her voice coming a little bit husky than she intended to, but still she didn't make an attempt to free herself from him. Jake only smirked noticing how affected she was.

"Do I make you nervous my queen?" he taunted.

Yes you do was what she wanted to say but a whimper escaped her mouth when she felt his warm lips on her shoulder. The only thing she could think of apart from pure bliss she was feeling was that, this sly man either was too brave or had a death wish to seduce his queen in that manner.

She gasped when he pulled her up to stand. Her emotions were everywhere. Being this close to a man especially one who is breath-taking not to mention being deprived for so long that she wanted her to succumb on his mercy but no.

Her clothes were soaked so it clinged on her every curve leaving so little for imagination.

She wasn't that kind of a woman, she couldn't do that to her insatiable husband. Evil or not evil she was still married to him and had morals. Holding on to her last bit of courage, she pushed him away but Jake was like a rock. He never bulge.

Frastruated, she moved back instead but then Jake wasn't letting her go that easily. Call him sly or whatever but he had loved Elizabeth for so long and it hurt him to see sadness and loneliness in her eyes.

King Mansa didn't deserve Elizabeth, maybe he also didn't deserve her while he knew that he could love her like no one else.

"Don't come closer!" she raised her hand when he took one step. She knew he wouldn't hurt her but still she was afraid of how he made her feel. She was vulnerable and didn't want to fall into temptation.

"Am your queen, I order you to stop" came her shaky voice turning around to leave but her body betrayed her.

When you say 'fear of the unknown', that is the definition of fear; fear is the unknown, fear is what you do not know, and it's genetically within us so that we feel safe. We feel scared foreign feelings because we're not familiar with it, and that keeps us safe.

Ignoring her, he moved close enough for her to feel his body through her thin clothes, hands loose at his side. He heard her breathing become heavier, her posture altered yet she stayed put. Starting at her thighs he let his hands brushed gently, slowly moving them up to her waist and then pausing along the for her reaction.

Every touch felt like fire on her skin and she founded herself wanting, turning around, her now glassy eyes met his hooded ones. His right hand raises to her hair, tucking the black wisps behind her ear.


She moved in first.

She was tired of thinking about everything because her head hurt. She had been dreaming about feeling like this since she started reading those novels. Magical sparks and until now when she was ready to end her life, the opportunity represented itself. Like they say In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. This was hers. Hers to experience how it felt to be loved even if it was pure of lust.

and she wanted to live at the moment.

Jake needing no more invitation, grabbed her by the waist, pulling her up close against his chest. His hand gently glided through her hair, as he looked at her in a way he had never looked at a woman before. Her eyes filled with passion... desire, lust and Goosebumps lined her skin, not the kind than one gets in the cold, but the kind one gets when nothing else matters except right there, at that moment.

Their lips locked, it started out slow until it felt like both their tongues were fighting for supremacy. Savouring each other wanting to imprint the taste of each other and that moment in their mind, all she could think was how sweet and intoxicating he was. Her hands roamed on his upper body. He was build and his muscles ripped under his wet shirt. lost in a heady trance of passion. In that kiss held many promises.

They both what they were doing was dangerous and instead of feeling that it was wrong. So right it felt at that moment. She didn't want to think about the consequences of her actions. She didn't want to think about anything but to get herself lost in the pure bliss that Jake was giving her..

He was all logic and feigned cool detachment until he touched her skin. Then something not only stirred in him, but it took over his thinking. The rest of his world became an unimportant blur that was banished into the far recesses of his mind. The only thing that mattered was touching her more, kissing and loving her.

For once in her life, she was happy and content to leave. What she thought was just lust in Jake's part, turned into love. And day of passion turned into another until they had something known as an affair.

They both knew it was a risk they were taking but love is blind and anyway a life without challenge, a life without hardship, a life without purpose, seemed pale and pointless. With a challenge come perseverance and gumption. With hardship come resilience and resolve. With purpose come strength and understanding.

Before they knew it, she was with child. Jake didn't care she was the queen of the most ruthless king ever, all she cared for was loving her.

Queen Elizabeth found a way to fool the king into believing the child was his anyways he was too busy causing ruckus in the kingdom to find anything suspicious.

But everything became a mess when a bouncy baby girl was born. She was the most beautiful baby ever. She was so tiny oh what an angel she was. Jake being a knight made it easier for him to sneak in her chambers to meet her daughter.

"Candice" he said holding the baby.

"Her name is Candice, meaning whiteness, a fruit of our pure love" He kissed the baby's forehead and looked at her with so much love.

Queen Elizabeth caressed her baby lovingly, she had a son whom she loved dearly but her daughter felt different. The happiness was clearly in the air. Maybe because she was the fruit of their love.

"She is a precious gem, her second name is Sapphira, after Sapphire." She said softly.

"Candice Sapphira" it was the most beautiful moments of their lives, one that was short lived when one day they decided to elope and start afresh in another kingdom but fate had other plans. They were caught red handed by the king.

Oh! One can only imagine the fury that animated from King Mansa once h found out that his wife betrayed him

The king was furious not only did the man take away his wife, but his queen and his honour. The only thing he worshiped.

"Till the end of time my love" were Jake's last words before the king beheaded him. his fate was already written the moment he laid his eyes on the queen and the downfall of King Mansa also started the day his queen betrayed her.


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