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Meet princess Candice who was born as a result of infedility. Her existence is a stain in the King's life that he wants to get rid of. But the King's mother Theodore the witch had other plans. Want to find out? Then follow me in this great adventure!

Fantasy / Romance
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She was the innocent one here, it wasn't her fault that she was a child of her mother, she was the one mistreated by her aunt, she was the one taken advantage off with a strange man, yet, she was the one being chased.

She was the one being stoned, and the only one surrounded by a group of men, ready to kill her. Thinking of this, she dug her fingernails in her palm until it bled.

No more pain she could feel, for all of it was overcome with hatred. She looked at them and knew she could not win against them. She closed her eyes tight, a tear escaping down her chin, and with bitterness laced with anger, she said.

"You all are going to pay! Whether dead or a ghost, I shall hunt each one of you! For my tears, my pain and sufferings, for the humiliation, your cries and screams would be my happiness! This I promise you!"

"An evil person like you should not be spared," Roared the one who took her innocence.

Theodore snapped her eyes open, upon hearing the sound that belonged to her molester.

If looks could kill, that man would have been dead. He raised his sword, ready to stab Theo, when a gush of wind resonate behind threw the men up in the air, landing them against the tree then dropping down unconscious.

Theo gaped at what had happened. She couldn't think, or rather explain what happened.

Just as she was still wondering, she had someone sigh heavily, from behind her.

"Foolish weakly men." The owner of the voice reprimanded.

"Just because you are men, dare to bully a little helpless girl?" the voice was so soft and charming, not to mention something sinister about it.

The owner of the voice walked toward the unconscious men. She was tall and her body was hidden inside the black cloak. Slowly, she turned around and Theo gaped at the beauty hidden in there.

Her eyes were deep down chocolate and her lips plump and moist, her skin was flawless like she had never experienced acne. The woman walked towards Theo, making her heart skip a beat out of fright.

Just who was this woman?

The woman squatted in front of Theo and smirked.

"What is your name? Quite a threat you made there. I must say that I am quite impressed," she said with a sadistic smile, now making her look scary.

" name is, Theodore." stammered Theo. The beautiful woman chuckled lowly.

"Who...who are you?" ignoring her question, she turned around, looking at the men, lying unconsciously on the ground.

"I haven't killed them for you. I hate empty threats, and I hope one day you will fulfill what you promised today." Theodore shivered. When she was making that promise, she was overwhelmed with hatred. Now that her head was clear, she could not bring herself to even think of it.

The woman noticed the change in her emotions and smirked. "My oh my, change of heart suddenly?" She chuckled and continued.

"Alright, then. I will leave you here, and do what you please." She then stood up, fixing her cloak in the process.

"Remember this, the world is for the strong, the cold-hearted ones who pretend to be saints. If you want want to survive then let those emotions drive you, let hatred be your power and pain be your fuel. I can make you stronger than anyone in this universe, all you have to do is follow me." Theodore had complicated feelings.

"You have doubts? Where do you want to go? back in the village?" Just like a devil, the woman knew where to hit, and at the mention of the village, flashes of what happened came back, Theodore's heart was consumed with bitterness.

Bitterness is not like poison; It is poison. It is a substance created by the secretion of deadly toxins caused by negative thoughts and feelings.

Unforgiveness is a catalyst for such negative thoughts and feelings.

"I can give you all of this Kingdom." The woman whispered in her ears. Unrestrained greed means the ruin of the great woods and the drying up of the sources of the rivers. That was what the woman wanted.

Theodore's mind was made up. There was no turning back on her words, she was going to destroy them.

She had love and understanding in her heart, but the world decided to punish her instead. Henceforth, she was never going to allow herself to feel any warmth.

The world denied her happiness, then she would take that happiness from everyone. Other people's pain, was going to be her happiness.

"Who are you?" She finally asked again. The woman gave her another dark smile.

"I am Elvira, the witch." and that is how Theodore met the most powerful witch to ever exist.


To all my dearest readers,

Thank you soo much for taking your time to read this book. If you love it then please show some love by reviewing comment and tell a friend.

Again love ya! And thank you.

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