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The Empire of Will

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Since the dawn of time and the death of the Great Nothing, the universe has known peace at the hands of the Signifiers, a race of para-causal beings capable of control over the greatest power ever made; The Will. But where there is Will, there is Doubt and on the far reaches of Signifier space, a dark threat looms waiting for its chance to strike. In this volume, you will be placed in the galaxy of Callibas where the great Urssus Imperium stands vigil. The Family of the Ursine Throne, situated in the capital city of Arsys on the planet Regix, has kept the peace in this sector for thousands of years and remains a guiding force in Signifier territory. Follow the story of the founding Emperor and his sons as they confront forces great and small in order to keep the flame of civilization alive in an increasingly dark age.

Fantasy / Scifi
René W.
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A Foreword from the Fatescribe

Dear Reader,

It is good to see that you have finally arrived. Allow me to introduce myself; I am the Fatescribe, keeper of knowledge, and Guardian of the Ursaverse. A prestigious title to you no doubts but, to me, it is simply the place that I have been given within the grander schemes of things.

Forgive me, I’m sure my words make little sense given that they have been surely placed so early within this collection of works, but perhaps maybe that is the nature of things. To be scattered in such a way that neither the end truly means the end and the beginning is rather the middle of a much larger tale. Believe me, in the eternities that I have charted these events, it has never once made true sense to me either so trust me, you’re quite at home here. But...where is here?

Well...HERE as you see it now, is a collection of stories transcribed into documents and media across a multitude of stimuli that serve as the best way for you and yours to understand and perceive the events of the Ursaverse because, for you, the events of this world never happened. Or rather...they haven’t happened yet, or maybe they have? Time is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, the space between the beginning and the end simply serve as a pathway to the inevitable. Depressing, I know, but rest assured that this is precisely why I, as the Fatescribe, have allowed these tales to exist. The space between the first and the last may seem inconsequential within the grand schema of the universe but it is nonetheless necessary and fascinating to behold.

We don’t wake up every morning and think about the fact that in several billion years, for you at least, that the universe as we know it will no longer exist. We’d go mad, we’d throw caution to the wind and there would be chaos in the streets. No, we simply exist. We get up, we live, we love and we go on a journey. You see now? It does not matter whether or not the Ursaverse HAS or HASNT happened in your reality, because the truth is...in some respect, the people in these tales have lived because you have and will read them. You, in your infinite love, have given life to the characters I inscribe. And I think that’s beautiful.

Now, it’s about time that I allowed you entry to the timeline. Be aware, dear reader, the story you begin with will not be the beginning, but it is in my humble opinion the only true place that one can begin.

Two brothers, sheltered by flame.

Give them life, dear reader.
Enjoy the Ursaverse

- The Fatescribe

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