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Pack Wars

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Zara was abandoned as a child, left to be raised by the infamous Witches of the Crescent Coven, never to learn of her true identity and werewolf lineage. Upon her arrival it was decided by the Coven’s High Council that a powerful spell would be cast, one that would hide Zara’s true identity from her until she reached the age of 21. Only then would she learn the details of her past and of who she truly is. The Silver Moon Pack is one of the largest werewolf packs in existence. Since both their Alpha and Luna disappeared without a trace on the night of Zara’s adoption, the pack’s Beta quickly stepped up to take command becoming the new Alpha. Unfortunately Kryton is a cruel and domineering leader with only one goal in mind; expanding his pack’s territory and conquering over all. Now on the eve of her 21st, Zara has begun noticing subtle differences in her appearance and in her senses. As her suspicions rise, word of the missing heir’s existence quickly spreads to the many different Alphas across the lands, including Kryton. With the knowledge that he may soon be overthrown he commands his pack’s finest wolves to find and kill the imposter. Meanwhile a rival known as the ‘Shadowlands Pack’ also has their sights set on locating the missing heir. When the Coven is attacked Zara is forced to learn the truth of her identity and birthright... But what will this mean for her future?

Fantasy / Erotica
Bec Middleton
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - A Window of Warning

Please note - This is only a sample of the book (5 chapters).

At the end of Chapter 5 there are details of how to continue the book...

I hope you enjoy!

The air was buzzing with mystical energy; thick with a mixture of both moisture and static electricity.

Dim glows luminated against the darkness from the flame torches, the flames seeming to flicker from one direction to another while casting shadows across the cobblestone walls of the massive chamber.

Several hooded figures wearing long black cloaks stood in a large circle in the middle of the room with their heads bowed down as they continued to chant the same phrase in unison over and over.

“Krauth Vetura Mendan Du... Krauth Vetura Mendan Du...”

In the centre of their circle stood a tall two-way viewing window which had been skilfully moulded in as part of the stand below it.

The viewing window was quite modern in its unique design; made of black glass and curved around in a large spiralling circular shape, the window stood at around a metre tall all on its own.

Inside of the glass circle swirled a glittery glow of colourful smoke as the mystical connection was being formed.

The ‘Window of Sight’ as it was called, was commonly used by the Coven’s High Council of Witches to instantly view any location in the entire world.

This of course gave them the advantage of being well-prepared in dangerous situations, just like their current one.

Their Coven was under attack...

By werewolves!

“Your eminence, look!” came the clearly concerned voice of Lady Celeste as she suddenly stepped out from the chanting circle with her finger pointed outward.

Her eyes fixated on the disturbing vision now being displayed on the viewing window.

The others stopped chanting instantaneously as soon she spoke and looked up.

“We’re under attack.” Lady Miradene gasped from her position.

“By Werewolves?”

Master Harold had narrowed eyes as he seemed genuinely confused by what he was saying.

“Why in the world would they be attacking us? They’re well aware of the treaty shared between witches and werewolves. A move like this from them could lead to full-scale war!”

A black-gloved hand suddenly raised up into the air.

This instantly silenced every one of the hooded figures as they all looked to him; their faithful leader for guidance.

Grand Master Xandaar was the leader of the Crescent Witches Coven.

His voice was deep and smooth as he spoke with great confidence and a clear mind. It was almost as if he hadn’t taken into the account the seriousness of their apparent problem.

“You’re all aware of why the wolves have come. Don’t act like you didn’t know this was coming.”

“The girl...” Lady Sabitha announced, seeming somewhat solemn by her own words, “…after all this time… they’ve finally come for her.”

“As we knew they would.” Xandaar added.

“But why now?” Master Harold questioned.

“I mean, she’s been living under our protection for twenty years...”

“Today marks Zara’s twenty-first birthday. As I’m sure you all know, the concealment spell will come to an end tonight at midnight precisely. Once it does, she will learn what she truly is and begin to remember…”

Lady Celeste furrowed her brows as she enquired, “What exactly will she remember, your eminence? She was merely a baby when we found her at our doorstep all those years ago. Could she really recall anything of her former life at such a young age?”

The Grand Master of mystics let out an unfortunate sigh before replying with an emotionless tone to his voice.

“I suppose only time will tell.”

The members of the Coven’s High Council looked amongst themselves for a moment in silence, as if taking the time to allow this new information to sink in between them.

This was indeed difficult timing for an attack.

It seemed impossible for it to be merely a coincidence that the werewolves had chosen tonight of all nights to come for their missing heir.

“What should we do?” Lady Sabitha questioned aloud.

Xandaar glanced up at his council members with his glowing violet eyes as he gave his next command with a stern expression plastered across his pale face.

It was time to get his game face on and take charge of the terrifying situation, like the dependable leader he was.

“Lady Miradene, sound the alarm. Ensure that every one of our witches makes it safely down into the basement.”

“Master Harold, take your most powerful witches and work to protect the castle borders from our enemies...”

“I will take the girl and escort her as far away from here as possible.”

“You’re taking her away?” Master Pallius asked, seeming confused as his brow furrowed.

“But wouldn’t she be safest here, under our coven’s protection?”

“The girl will be moved to a new location, one under my power and protection until she learns to master her abilities as a new wolf.” Xandaar explained.

“The last thing we need is her to accidentally shift here and massacre our entire coven... I can assure you, the matter has been taken care of, Master Pallius. You do not need to concern yourself with her wellbeing.”

Xandaar’s tone was one of authority now as his left brow rose ever so slightly higher on his forehead.

“Now go, all of you!”

“Yes Grand Master.”

The High Council members replied in unison, bowing their heads with respect as they began to head for various doorways leading out of the Council’s Chamber.

“You’ve come for the girl, after all this time...” Xandaar spoke aloud.

It was as if he were having a conversation with the wolves while he watched them sneaking into the castle through the glowing light of the viewing window.

“Pity you’ll never find her...”

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