Healed by Fate

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Chapter 10- An Encounter

Chapter 10- An Encounter

I didn't think training would be as hard as it was. Every day was a constant battle with my body and my mind. My body wanted to give up, it was hard, my muscles always burning, screaming in pain to get me to stop.

My mind however, wouldn't let me give up, I knew I needed to be stronger, quicker and better. I wanted to be able to protect other people, not just myself. I want to be strong for the whole pack, to be able to be the leader they need me to be and be strong for myself to have the chance to be a fully trained wolf, something that was taken away from me by my old pack. I want to prove them wrong, that I am not strange or broken.

Sighing in frustration I trained my attention on the instructor in front of me, barking out orders to the group I was in. Swiping my hand across my forehead to get rid of the sweat that had collected there. After following more defensive and offensive moves it was finally time for a water break and I was desperate for one, rushing over to the side of the mats where I dumped my bag. I routed through it till I found my drink buried at the bottom.

Taking the biggest mouthful of water I could without choking, it was like heaven on my tongue. Who knew water could taste so good? A rest was just what I needed, to catch my breath back so I wasn't wheezing like a pig with asthma.

However, it didn't last long before we were being herded back onto the training grounds and being paired away with different people so we could spar and use the skills we had just learnt. I tried to swallow my fear as I knew I was going to make a fool of myself and everyone was going to think I was too weak to be a leader.

Taking two calming breaths I faced my opponent. A small petite girl with blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes, she was very pretty but there was a hardness in her eyes, determination.

Getting into a starting stance I felt my nerves bubbling up and cursing through my bloodstream causing my muscles to feel weak and slow. A dizzy feeling started to come over my head and a sick feeling settled in my stomach. A whistle was blown and the girl launched herself at me like a tiger pouncing on its prey.

It felt like a brick wall had hit me as the girl lunged into me and knocked the wind out of me. Falling on the mats didn't seem that much as a blessing as I thought they would be, I knew I was going to have some bruises by tomorrow.

Grunting and clutching my stomach I opened my eyes to see the girl looking down at me with a confused expression on her face. She offered me her hand which I gladly took as she helped me up whilst I tried to force air down my starving lungs and into my body.

"Are you alright? I didn't mean to hurt you that much, I thought you were ready." Her voice was filled with concern which confused me more.

Why was she being nice to me? Surely she thought I was weak and I was below her, even if I was mated to her alpha I didn't have the skills to defend other people. I have no idea why he didn't reject me when he saw me, like Liam, I am weak and pitiful.

"Let's go again but I'll make sure you are ready this time okay?" I gave her a weak smile and nodded and I got ready in a defensive position. Keres gave me a few words of encouragement which helped to ease the doubt that was floating through my mind.

Looking into my opponents eyes I gave her a nod to show I was ready, she waited a few seconds to make sure I was ready before she lunged at me, I dodged her attack side-stepping her and catching her in the back with my elbow. She turned quickly at me before she lunged again, I managed to get a hit to her sides before she got one to my leg.

The pain was blinding but I stood my ground and kept going, I could feel my energy building, I could sense that my opponent was in a lot of pain and I felt guilty for causing that. Wanting to end this quickly I waited till she charged at me before I bent my knees and braced myself leaning slightly forward so I could throw her over my shoulder and end her pain.

She landed on the mats with the wind knocked out of her, her eyes wide as the pain spread throughout her body. I rushed to her side and placed my hands on her body, one on her head and one on her stomach, to try to relax her and make sure that I could take all that pain away.

I focused all of my energy, closing my eyes. I felt a warmth in my hands and willed it to pull out all the pain in her body that I had caused and bring it to me. Slowly, little threads of pain made their way to my hands and disappeared within the light that was emitting from my hands.

I willed her mind to relax and to sleep peacefully, her body relaxed under my hands and her eyes fluttered shut as I pushed sweet dreams into her head and prayed she would forgive me one day.

Pulling my hands away and sliding away I noticed that everyone was staring at us, their eyes were wide with shock and fear. Fear of the unknown, of me.

The last thing I needed was for people to start to fear me before they had even gotten to know me, before I even had a chance to become their alpha's mate.

Whispers broke out in the training ground, that was when I smelt it. The earthy smell and the forest pine needles mixed with cologne. I turned to stare into the eyes I had grown to like, that show comfort and do not judge me, there is curiosity there.

I feel like a deer caught in headlights as every pair of eyes is staring at me not knowing what to do. I bolt out of the room. The doors bang loudly in the deserted hall behind me as I dart out of there.

I'm not sure where I am going but I just keep running, away from the whispers and the eyes that judge me and fear me. Away from my mate that didn't seem to know what to say or to do with me.

Maybe it would have been better if I never ran away from my old pack and instead stayed where I was and lived my life in misery instead of hurting others.

I ran towards the woods and without stripping from my clothes I sifted, letting my clothes rip from my body as I continued to run in my wolf form. Keres was quiet, but I knew that she was concerned for me but she didn't say anything to me which I was grateful for, right now I just needed to run and let this get out of my body and let my frustrations and sadness and anger flow from me and into the world around me.

I'm not sure how long I ran for, but I finally made it to a small cave with a little stream running in front of it. It was peaceful to hear the stream run across the small rocks, the conversation the stream had with the forest was wonderful to listen to and I found myself starting to relax.

Birds swooped overhead, twittering away and small creatures grazed through the grass. Deciding to take a break from running we walked to the cave and laid down resting our head on our front paws and watched the forest around us burst with life.

* * *

A snap of a twig alerted us to someone else's presents. Keres' head snaps up her eyes wide and alert as she scans the surroundings. Her eyes are sharp as she scans the forest, the light is fading fast as the sun starts to set and casts the forest in an orange glow, almost as if the forest was burning.

We take a sniff of the air but no scent can be detected which has Keres even more worried. This doesn't feel right, there's a present that feels evil hanging around. Nearly missing the pair of red eyes that are staring at us from a distant Keres gets to her feet and growls, hoping whatever it is will go away.

Nothing, the thing doesn't even blink.

It starts to move forward, silently. The forest doesn't make a sound, holding its breath waiting to see what's going to happen. It seems to just glide through the air, so gracefully you could almost be captured by how it moves if it wasn't for the evil that hung around it like the stench of death.

I don't know how and I don't know why but my gut feeling tells me this has something to do with my old pack.

Swallowing my fear I stand my ground and don't break eye contact with the creature. It's still in the shadows and every dying light doesn't help as it stays out of my sight, even with my night vision, it was almost like it was invisible apart from its glowing red eyes that reminded me of burning hot coal.

Time seemed to pass by so slowly seconds felt like hours and holding my breath for that long felt like they were on fire. A hazy blurry looking outline appeared around it giving me the briefest glimpse of it, it looked almost human shaped, there was something off with it. It disappeared in the blink of an eye and I was left in the forest alone, very desperate to get into the library and do some research.

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