Healed by Fate

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Chapter 11- A Discovery

Chapter 11- A Discovery

I couldn't get back to the pack house quick enough. I found some clothes behind a tree and threw them on before I was running into the pack house. I ignored all the whispers that followed me down the halls and barged into the library.

I surprised myself by being able to remember where the library was but I didn't pay much attention as I rushed past all the shelves looking for that one specific thing that could give me the answers that I'm looking for.

Finally at the back of the library in a dusty and dark corner a small shelf was overflowing with books, the shelves themselves were bowing in the middle from all the heavyweight put upon them, the paint peeling off from old age and neglect.

Dust hugged the old books like a tightly worn coat, embracing them, undisturbed for many years. Slowly I read the spines, some of the spines were difficult to read as the letters had faded or peeled off.

I knew what I was looking for. I need a book on folklore and legends that weren't werewolves.

I was looking for something much older, more evil than anything that walks this earth.


I pulled one of the books off the shelf, careful not to damage it further and disturb the dust too much. The heavy book feels so fragile in my hands that I almost don't want to open it.

Carefully I opened the book letting the pages fall naturally before I started raking through the book in search of the details that I needed.

* * *

I woke to a nudge on my shoulder. Disoriented and confused I pulled my head off the book that it was lying on, grimacing when I saw that I had drooled over the book. Wiping the drool from my face and book I looked up into the amused eyes of Nolan.

I looked around the room trying to figure out what was going on and remember why I was here.

"Good morning sleeping beauty, nice hair." His voice was filled with laughter and a sparkle was in his eyes as they focused on my hair.

I groaned in embarrassment as I dreaded thinking about what I looked like. Trying my best to flatten my hair I looked down at the book and everything clicked into place. I was still in the library and I must have fallen asleep whilst I was looking for the information I needed to confirm my suspicions.

I jumped from my seat like it was on fire and grabbed the book that was on the table and started to run out of the library. I needed to find him, to tell him what I had found. Thoughts crashed into my mind of all the things I had discovered, I was bombarded with all the facts that I nearly crashed into the door on my way out, not focusing on what was going on around me.

I hear pounding footsteps on the floor behind me as I pull the door open and make my way out into the corridor, I frantically look around trying to get my bearings as I think about where Ryker will be.

I didn't know what he actually did during the day, I'm sure he had meetings with people and did training but, I have no idea if he had a schedule. I'm sure he did otherwise he might just lose his head. It would be too hard to keep up with everything going on around me and everything that was going on with the pack.

I sighed as I looked both ways down the hall before turning around and looking at Nolan who had followed me out in my rush to get to Ryker. A smile creeped onto my face as I realised that being the gamma he would know where Ryker was, he was my perfect map.

He stared at me cautiously as he saw the smile on my face, I could have sworn I saw him gulp as he looked around nervously.

"What is it?" His voice came out steady as if he was trying to reassure himself, I'm not sure what he expected me to say be it wasn't what came out of my mouth.

"I need you to take me to Ryker right now." His shoulders shagged as whatever weight he was holding slipped off, he looked more relaxed and carefree than before, he smiled and nodded before he started walking down the halls, beckoning me to follow him.

I hurried along after him as he took quick strides to wherever we were going. I tried to remember the route but it became impossible.

There were too many turns and doors that lead to different halls if you walked through them enough. I sighed as I kept pace with Nolan before he suddenly stopped outside of two massive wooden doors with brass handles on them.

He knocked on the doors and stepped aside to allow me to walk in. I smiled gratefully and mouthed a thank you before I stepped up to the door and took the cool brass handle in my hands and pushed the door open.

I stopped short as I walked into the room. I wasn't expecting to walk into a meeting room, let alone to have a load of people sit around the table looking at me questionably. I gulped down the fear that was clawing up my throat wanting to escape.

I averted my eyes to my feet and took a few calming breaths before I looked at Ryker who sat at the table watching me closely.

"Is everything okay Harlow?" I was surprised at how concerned his voice was and how he didn't seem angry that I had interrupted an important meeting.

I shook my head as I kept my eyes locked on his, not daring to look at anyone else in the room.

"Come here." It was a simple command to follow but I found my feet rooted to the floor, unable to move. I willed myself forward and focused on how calming Ryker was and how safe I felt when he was around. Finally my feet started to move, slowly as if huge weights were trailing behind me, willing me to stop, to hide and pretend I had never made this discovery but I knew I had to tell them what I had found, for the good of the pack and everyone else that lived nearby.

Ryker stood out of his seat and gestured for me to sit down which I was grateful for because if I stood much longer my legs might have given out.

He stood behind me and rested his hands on my shoulder to help comfort me, the weight he provided made me feel more grounded and I placed the book I was carrying carefully on the table before looking up over my shoulder at Ryker.

He gave me an encouraging smile and squeezed my shoulder slightly before I turned back around to the other people in the meeting. I wasn't sure where to begin but I suppose if I started at the start then that could help them to understand.

"A few days ago there was an encounter with a young girl, she got hurt and we don't know what caused this. Before the encounter happened however, I saw something, glowing red eyes, no scent on the wind, hiding in the bushes. Yesterday I saw the same glowing red eyes, it moved so quickly it was hard to keep up with it but it always stuck to the shadows. Again no scent." I took a deep breath as I calmed my furiously beating heart.

"I went to the library as I was trying to find out what it could be and I found this book." I placed my hand on the book as I looked at everyone making sure they were still listening as I knew this was very important.

"What did you find?" A man in his late fifties asked me, his voice was gruff and cold.

"I believe that the creature I have seen and that attacked the poor girl was a vampire."

As soon as the words left my mouth there was uproar in the room. I knew how such werewolves and vampires hated each other, to hear of one going on another's territory was unheard of in the last few decades. It was easier for all of us to keep to ourselves. But, if there was a vampire on our territory hurting our pack members then all hell is going to break loose.

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