Healed by Fate

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Chapter 13- Friend or Foe

Chapter 13- Friend or Foe

A few weeks had gone by since my talk with Jara in the hospital and my training had improved ten folds. When I started I thought that it was impossible but now after a few weeks I was really enjoying it and looked forward to the sessions. Not only was I doing the normal lessons with everyone but I was doing private lessons with Nolan and his mate Everett.

I was getting stronger and learning new moves that I would be able to use to defend myself and to use whilst attacking. I was also finally learning how to find wolf form, especially as most men have bigger wolves than females although my wolf wasn't as small as most women's. I was somewhere in the middle of the two which was an advantage to me but learning to use my size and skills wasn't the easiest.

I had not thought about my powers since I used them to wake Jara up, I didn't want to cause anyone any more pain and until I could learn how to use them they were staying locked inside of me tightly. It wasn't easy though, every spare minute me and Jara had been in the library trying to find any mention of a wolf with powers but we came up empty handed.

Ryker had been busy with pack business, not that I had much time to look at what he was doing between everything else I have been doing. Our bond had been growing more although Ryker had not mentioned mating once and I was kind of glad about it though. Even though weeks had passed and we had grown a lot closer together the idea was still a little daunting, it was a lot of responsibility to take on and I wasn't sure I was ready for that.

I liked how things were going, I was feeling a lot happier with myself and had stopped comparing everything to my past and just started to live my life. I was a lot happier and got to experience what life had to offer for me. It turns out me and Jara had a lot in common and she introduced me to a lot of the people in the pack. It was nice to have someone to talk to and Ryker seemed happy that I was making friends.

However, the evenings were my favourite when Ryker would come back to our room and we would cuddle and maybe watch a film or we would just lie there in silence and he would stroke my hair as I fell asleep. I feel so content when I am in those situations , like nothing can hurt me and there is some normality that allows me to feel at ease.

I was extra happy today as Ryker had informed me this morning, as the sun shone through the window lighting him up like an angel, that he would be taking an early leave from his duties as he had a surprise for me. I was excited to know what he had in store for me but I was also apprehensive, what if Ryker wanted to move our relationship to the next level.

I wasn't sure if I was ready for the next step in our relationship, I liked where we were at the moment and I wasn't sure if I was ready for a change.

I tried not to dwell on it too much as I re-focused my attention on the book in front of me. I was in the library with Jara, the room was lit with the buttery sunlight that streamed through the high arched windows that adored the wall, looking out to the forest that surrounded this place.

The book in front of me was useless, there was no information in the book. I pushed it away from me in frustration as I let out a sigh and placed my head on the cool oak table. This was just getting too hard to solve. There was no information to be found anywhere, we had scoured the shelves for information and there was nothing, even in the oldest books that were falling apart at the seams.

I lifted my head to see Jara with an angry look across her face as she stared down at the book. I slowly slid the book away from her but her eyes followed my movement from where I pulled the book away from here and towards myself. Her eyes filtered up as she levelled me with her cold hard stare, it was like she was shooting icicles in my direction piercing me in the heart.

My eyes gaze wavered as I looked down not wanting to receive those daggers.

"I'm sorry, I'm not upset with you, I'm just frustrated that we haven't found anything yet even though we have been looking for weeks!" She sounded fed up and I didn't blame her as I was also fed up of searching through endless old musty books and not being able to get any answers. I just wish there was someone out there who could explain to me what was going on, why I had these abilities in the first place.

I pushed all the thoughts away, I would get an answer eventually, today clearly wasn't that day but I tried to keep my mood light, I was seeing Ryker tonight for our surprise and I needed to get ready. I said my goodbyes to Jara who was off to do some training, that girl never quits.

I took calming breaths as I made my way back to the bedroom me and Ryker shared. I had finally learned my way around this massive house, it really was beautiful as the high windows let in all the golden light and picturesque views of the emerald green forest that surrounded this place.

The forest that surrounded this place had become one of my favourite places to be. It was stunning watching the warm golden rays filter through the leaves down to the forest floor where moss grew and was soft under my paws.

I sighed as I opened the door to my bedroom and walked to the bathroom. I needed to freshen up before I saw Ryker. I was feeling slightly stressed and frustrated and a shower would help to calm me down and help relax my mind.

I turned the shower on before locking the door of the bathroom and stripping out of my clothes to allow the shower to heat up first. Stepping under the warm water felt good to allow my muscles to relax for the stress of the day.

I scrubbed my body in mango body wash and washed my hair before stepping out of the shower to get dry and changed. I brushed my hair and applied some products into my hair before letting it air dry.

I made my way out of the bathroom and across the bedroom to the wardrobe and opened it up. When I moved into the pack house and into Ryker's room he was very excited and made room in his wardrobe, half for me and half for him, it was very sweet of him and I smiled at the memory.

I pulled out a pale blue sundress as it was getting warmer as we approached spring. There was still a bite in the air though so I pulled on a light denim jacket that was cropped so it only came to my waist. I pulled on some trainers and I was all set to go out for my surprise.

My hair was drying slowly into soft waves and I didn't know what to do whilst I waited for Ryker to come back. I wasn't into putting makeup on and I wasn't bothered about perfume so I decided to continue reading my book, Fable. It was all about pirates and adventures and being strong. I enjoyed the book and soon I was sucked straight back into that world and I was standing on a boat sailing across the seas.

The door of the room opened and suddenly I was pulled back to reality, I sighed as I slipped my bookmark between the pages and glanced up at who had walked in, disturbing my peace.

In the doorway stood Ryker with the goofiest grin on his face as he looked down at me from where I lay on the bed. I smiled up at him as he walked over and offered me his hand so I could get up from where I was laying. I took his hand in mine and allowed myself to be pulled up so I was standing.

"You look beautiful." His eyes looked me up and down as if he didn't know where to look before they finally settled on my eyes. I blushed at his words but smiled in response as he started to pull me out of the room and to my surprise, whatever that may be.

We walked down the halls of the house before we made it outside, I raised an eyebrow at him as he directed me out and away from the house and towards the forest. I felt my excitement build as a soft wind rustled across the leaves, buttery sunlight strained through the leaves above high on the trees as the sun slowly started to set.

We walked deeper into the forest and I saw a picnic blanket on the ground with a cool box off to the side, small candles flickered in the soft breeze and two glasses of juice sat to one side. I felt my breath being taken away as I looked at the scene in front of me, I couldn't believe someone would do something like this for me.

I felt a wave of happiness wash over me as I was guided down on the blanket by Ryker holding my hand, I sat with my legs to the side of me as I looked around, it was getting dark soon and the candle lights sent an eerie glow across the forest floor.

Ryker took a seat opposite me and offered me some of the food in the cooled box, meat pies and cheese were pulled out. I took them gratefully and began eating as Ryker took food out for himself. We sat in comfortable silence as we ate as the night life of the forest started to come to life around us. Fireflies lit up the night sky above our heads, bats flew around in search of food and there was a mixture of different animal sounds travelling in the wind.

"So there is something that I wanted to tell you, I know you have been looking for answers to your powers and you haven't found any answers. I am a black wolf and I have some abilities too, my grandfather was a black wolf and he taught me how to control the abilities. I can detect lies from people, and during the full moon my wolf becomes more powerful and I don't lose my mind to the wolf either. Most wolves can't control their human minds at the same time.

"I didn't want to tell you when we first met because I wasn't sure if I could trust you to keep the secret. Not even my beta knows it's just me and now you. So I have asked around and no one has seen a white wolf in hundreds of years and there doesn't seem to be any books about them, so I have been asking around and we are going to have some people staying with us that will be able to help you."

My mind felt like it had been frazzled, I was hurt that he didn't tell me sooner about the abilities but I understood his reasoning, it was scary and could easily be used against you to make you a freak, the last thing an alpha needed was some sort of leverage over them.

Who could he have spoken to to be able to help me if a white wolf has not been seen for hundreds of years. They would have to be really old and I didn't know of anybody that old, except for one race.

"Who did you invite?" My voice was guarded and I moved away from him getting ready to stand up when the words fell out of his mouth.

Ryker sensed there was a change in my mood and shifted closer to me trying to keep me in place just to listen to him.

"Please just hear me out, they can help us." His voice was desperate as I looked at him with wide eyes and fear started to trickle in.

"Who have you invited!" My voice sounded louder and bolder than I felt as I was shaking.

He looked down in shame and whispered the words that sent me running.


It was all I needed to hear to send me running away from the picnic, away from the mate I thought was going to keep me safe. I ran as far as I could till I didn't recognise where I was anymore.

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