Healed by Fate

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Chapter 15- Visitors

Chapter 15- Visitors

It had been a week since Ryker had been taken. I had no proof but I think Vampires took him. I had been helping out with the alpha duties as I was meant to be future Luna, Diego and Nolan didn't seem to mind that I was offering a hand where I could. I learned as much as I could about the creatures of twilight.

I trained as hard as I could when I wasn't trying to learn all about the different roles that Ryker had to take on, it was a lot and I went to bed every day constantly tired but I didn't slow down or stop, not until we found him.

We had no fresh leads. All we knew for certain was that Ryker had been taken and was poisoned with wolfsbane, no one could, mind link him and we couldn't sense where he was. I was told that if me and Ryker had completed the mating ritual then I may have been able to talk to him and sense where he was but we had only kissed once but he always placed small kisses on my now forehead or cheek as I was falling asleep. I missed that, it was hard to sleep. I knew that he was not there.

Every time I closed my eyes I was haunted by red eyes that glowed in the dark, a high pitched cold laugh would sound out and echo around me, I would spin around in the darkness and try to figure out where the sound was coming from only to be felt overwhelmed and scared, the darkness seemed to creep in and swallow me whole.

I had a really bad feeling about this, I hadn't been here long and I wasn't sure what enemies Ryker and his pack and the only enemy I had would be my old pack, but they didn't even know where I was and I doubt that they could pull something like this off.

Diego and Nolan and reassured me that Ryker didn't have any enemies, I didn't believe them because everyone had enemies, especially people as powerful as Ryker's pack is.

I shook all these thoughts out of my head as I looked down at the paperwork in front of me. I was sitting in Rykers office and I was trying my hardest to get through his work before some of it was so hard and I felt so unsure of myself that I didn't want to make a mistake.

The doors flew open and banged against the wall, my head shot up as Nolan stood at the door, looking slightly flustered. As I couldn't mind link with the pack, people had to find me to tell me the message in person.

He looked angry and I wondered what had happened.

"There are intruders on the territory, they are in the woods they said Ryker sent for them but I highly doubt that, Ryker would never invite vampires into our territory." His voice was cold and full of hatred but I knew what had happened.

I jumped up from the desk and rushed out the door after Nolan as he led me out of the pack house and towards the woods where a group of warriors were circled around what appeared to be three tall people.

As we got closer the circle parted to let me and Nolan and closed up after us to stop anyone from escaping. In the middle of the circle stood three people, two males that towered over me and a female about my height of 5"6. Each of them had dark features and pale skin, their eyes glowed red in the sunlight and it only just occurred to me that we were standing in broad daylight.

I tried to keep my composure as I studied them, they were tall and lean as they stood in front of me. Their skin glistened in the sun and I was surprised that they weren't getting burned, the one in the middle could clearly see my confusion as I stared at them.

"We have been branded by witches, the brand on our skin allows us to walk in the sunlight without being burnt." He seemed more human than I thought they would be but, maybe that is because I have just been thinking about all the evil things I had heard vampires do.

There were good werewolves and there were bad ones as well, maybe the same was true for vampires.

"Come on Rafe, let's just go. They will never trust us anyway it was a stupid mistake to come here, we are wasting our time." The other male spoke to the one in the middle and I could understand how he felt, we did have the surround and it wasn't exactly a warm welcome.

They started to turn towards the forest and I realised that Ryker did invite them here so he must have had some trust in them, he also must have had a plan and maybe these vampires knew what it was, maybe they could help us find Ryker.

"Stop!" My voice came out as a shout and I knew I had startled a few people. I could hear the whispers go around the circle of warriors.

"What are you doing?!" Nolan whispered at me allowing his frustration to come through, I silenced him with a look as the vampires turned around and regarded me with a glare.

"I know that Ryker did invite you here, I know why you are here and I am prepared to trust you because I need your help. I believe that Ryker has been taken by vampires that we have had on our territory, I need your help to understand how they managed to pull it off and where they might go." It all came out in a rush as I looked at the middle vampire as I figured he was in charge of them.

"I see, it does sound like maybe we could help but, what can you give us in return for our help?" He sounded sure of himself and raised an eyebrow as he regarded me.

I flattered as I realised that I didn't have anything to give him, nothing in exchange for what I was asking them to do. What could you possibly give vampires? they were old enough to have all the riches they wanted and all the things they needed. I stood there and crossed my arms as I tried to think. If Ryker had invited us here then he must have offered them something, something they needed, maybe if I could find out what that was then I could make the deal official.

"What did Ryker offer you to come here to train me?" My voice sounded more confident than I felt, standing up to the vampires, I knew how powerful they could be and it took years or hard training by a wolf to be able to face them in battle and defeat them.

The vampire Rafe smiled at me wickedly, showing me his fangs as he did so, it took everything in me not to step back and recoil in fear.

"Very clever this one, we ought to keep an eye on her. Ryker has offered us peace between our clan of vampires and his pack of wolves, a treaty was to be signed by both leaders to be upheld. We want a better future for ourselves and I'm sure having you as your allies would not be a bad thing for you." His red eyes sparkled as swirls of blue entered his eyes, his human eye colour.

I pondered over what he said, having them allies would be very beneficial for us and it was one last enemy we had to think about. Making this deal would also allow me to find Ryker and that was the most important thing right now, without him the pack would not survive and I could not lead them as I was not a part of the pack.

"You have a deal, we will make peace with your clan and you will help us find Ryker and train me" I stared him in the eyes as I said these words to try to prove I felt brave, that they did not scare me but, in reality I was ready to crawl under my covers and forget this conversation even happened.

He held out his hand for me to shake on his deal and raised an eyebrow as if expecting me to refuse to touch him. I squared my shoulders and pulled myself up to my full height as I moved forward and took his cold pale hand in my warm tanned one and shook once.

He held my gaze for another moment before he dropped my head and turned to the vampires behind him whispering something before nodding once and walked away to the woods. None of the wolf warriors stood in their way as they left the circle.

"Where have you sent them?" I could hear the curiosity in my voice but I did not care. I wanted to make sure everyone in this pack would be safe.

Rafe turned his steel gaze on me and seemed slightly annoyed that I was asking questions but he answered nonetheless.

"I have sent them into the forest to where Ryker was taken to see if they can find anything that you have missed, hopefully you will not have destroyed all the evidence."

I huffed at his answer but didn't question it, I didn't want to start this friendship on the wrong foot. I started to walk back to the house and gestured for him to follow me, the crowd parted for us and I instructed all of them to get back to their duties.

I paused at the entry to the pack house as I turned back to Rafe how looked me in the eyes daring me to back out of this deal, there was no way I would if it meant Ryker would be back here with me soon.

"Welcome to the Black Wolf Pack."

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