Healed by Fate

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Chapter 16- Failure

Chapter 16- Failure

To say that the pack wasn't happy about the vampires staying here was an understatement, they were livid. As much as I tried to keep the peace, people had started to not trust me as much as I was not a part of the pack. No one had said anything to me or hurt me but I saw it in the way they looked at me and the way they would avoid me in the halls or when I was training.

I wasn't the happiest about the vampires but they were a means to an end and I didn't have much choice if I wanted to find Ryker, I had a gut feeling that they could help and I would do all I could to get Ryker back.

For now the fragile peace was standing on the edge of a knife but as long as there was peace for now it would have to do.

I was to meet with Rafe and the others today to discuss training and to see if they had found out any information about who had taken Ryker and where they had taken him.

I wrung my hands together as I made my way outside towards the training grounds, I could see the vampires were already there and they were training amongst themselves.

Rafe stood to the side as he observed Victoria and Jacob as they fought with each other, I was amazed to see the way they fought. They were like a blur as I watched them move around each other, sure footed waiting for the other to give them an opening. Suddenly Victoria rushed at Jacob, bounding forward as she prepared to strike, Jacob side stepped her and turned to face her quicker than I thought possible.

It was hard to keep up with the way they moved. It was as if it was a dance they were engaged in, one moves forward the other moves back.

I watched mesmerised as they moved, gleeful that I might someday be able to do the same thing.

"You're late." I pulled my gaze away from the fight to look at Rafe who had his arms crossed against his chest as he surveyed his two friends as they fought. His eyes were hard as he looked upon them and barked out criticism that he clearly saw when they lunged at each other and attacked. Rafe clearly must be an experienced fighter if he was able to keep up with them and see flaws in it.

"I'm sorry, but I am ready to go." His gaze slides over to me as he observes me before going back to watch the fight. I feel annoyance rear its ugly head as he is supposed to train me and he seems not to care. Ryker is missing and these people might be my only chance at finding him and he couldn't care less!

"Put your stuff down and get warmed up, it's going to be a long day." I huff at his words but do as I am told as all I want is Ryker home, and this is my best chance.

I place my drink on the ground and start doing some stretches and jogging just to get myself awake and muscles working.

It was a crisp morning, the morning dew still clung to the grass, making it shimmer as I jogged over it. I made sure to keep my balance as I didn't want to slip over and kept moving.

It had gone lunch time before I got a proper break. I had been running and jumping all morning as Rafe said that unless you have good fitness where you don't get tired there is no point learning to train. If I wanted to run I could have done that myself, I need to learn to fight to help save Ryker and help the pack.

Exhausted I lay on the grass, my chest heaving as I tried to draw in air to my staring lungs. Every muscle hurts, they cry out in pain as I lay on the floor. It feels as if the world is spinning and the feeling of nauseousness rises up and threatens to spill onto the ground around me.

I close my eyes and wait for the spinning to stop so I can sit up and take a deep breath.

Water is what I need but the thought of moving other muscles has me dry heaving, as I lay on my side, praying I don't bring anything up. I glance around and see Rafe staring at me, there is a look in his eyes I can't quite figure out, I'm not sure if it is disgust or pity but right now I don't care I just want the world to stop spinning and allow me to get some water down my parched throat.

A few more minutes go by and I feel slightly better, well at least enough to be able to sit up and get some water down my throat.

The feeling of cool water on my tongue and down my throat instantly makes me feel better.

"I think you have had enough for one day, get some rest, we will train again tomorrow." Rafe starts walking away, is back to me and I feel a sudden wave of anger rise up in me. We couldn't stop now, no matter how hard it got I needed to train, to get to Ryker so he can protect his pack.

I launched myself to my feet and chased after his retreating figure. We couldn't stop now, as tired as I was I needed to master these powers as soon as possible and go and save Ryker from wherever he was.

I couldn't let him down, I know I hadn't known him for long but I felt something strong for him though it scared me that I could care about someone so deeply I was also amazed and the feeling it gave me felt like I was walking on air.

I finally caught up with Rafe, he had almost made it to the forest before I finally reached him.

"Stop!" My voice came out weak as I was still recovering from almost dying, I knew he heard me however as he paused and peered slightly over his shoulder at me, there was no emotion on his face as he glanced at me, his pale skin reflected the light causing him to have an eerie glow about him.

I pulled myself up to my full height ready to give him a piece of my mind but he beat me to it as I stood there trying to gather my thoughts.

"That is enough for today, trust me you need to rest otherwise you will not make any progress, I have some things to attend to, go clean yourself up I'll see you bright and early tomorrow."

He turned on his heel and walked away.

I sighed, defeated as all the courage I had mustered up deflated like a balloon inside me, maybe I wouldn't be rescuing Ryker today but I knew he didn't have long and I had to push myself to learn as much as possible before his time was up.

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