Healed by Fate

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Life for Harlow has always been a challenge, from shifting at an early age to being an outcast for reasons she does not know. Shunned by her family and pack Harlow was overjoyed when she felt the connection between her mate, a powerful member of her pack however, fate works in strange ways. "You think I could love you? The weird weak nobody, I am about to be a Gamma, third most powerful member of the pack. You are nothing, the moon goddess made a mistake. I want nothing to do with you, I reject you." The pain was blinding as I crumpled to the floor as something snapped inside of me, he just sneered down at me before walking away. Life after rejection was even worse than Harlow thought, a much needed vacation to get away from it all was just what the doctor ordered, but maybe the moon goddess has other plans in mind.

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Chapter 1- Just another day

Chapter 1- Just another day

There was a mist that hung over the training grounds this morning, a biting chill in the wind but I still only wore a blue tank top outside. The grass was covered in a light sheen of morning dew, soaking my trainers and socks with every step that I took towards the training warriors.

Taking a deep breath I made my way over trying to swallow my nerves and keep my head down, the last thing I wanted to do was create a scene and distract people away from their training. The last time that happened it didn’t end to well for me, my ribs took longer to heal than usual considering I have my werewolf healing abilities, although I haven’t really been in touch with my werewolf for a long time.

Standing beside the training instructor, Dan, I felt him stiffen at my presence and take a slight step away from me, his nose scrunching up in disgust at my smell. With his arms crossed against his chest and his eyes focused on his students, who were paired up and sparing with each other, he didn’t say a word to me and continued as if I was not there, barking orders at everyone.

I being the weirdo that I am was not allowed to train with everyone. When I was eight years old I had shifted, it gave everyone a fright as I was so young, nobody thought that my body would be able to handle the shift or the intense amounts of stress on my mind.

Usually young wolves shift between the ages of eleven and fourteen and generally it was only the alphas who shifted at eleven because they are powerful wolves, the more powerful you are the earlier you shifted, although I was told mine was a mistake and I was nothing but a weak Omega.

After I had shifted I gave everyone a scare, they all started looking at me funny, that was the last day I had ever shifted after my alpha had forbidden me to shift ever again, he used his alpha command, something I could not break.

I wasn’t sure of the reason why I wasn’t allowed to shift, nobody had ever told me the reason but, I couldn’t go against my alphas wishes, no matter how much I wanted to, maybe I was just a danger to everyone around me.

That is why I am watching from the side lines as everyone else is training. When everyone had started training after their first shift, and had learnt to control it, I become the number one punching bag, as they used their new knowledge out on me.

Of course this went unnoticed by my parents, it was either that or they simply didn’t care. With my healing abilities I chose to believe the first even though in my heart I knew I was wrong. As time went on my werewolf abilities started to fade, and I become nothing more than a human in their eyes.

After thirty minutes of training everyone was allowed a break to grab something to drink. That was my job, making sure everyone got what they wanted whilst I tried to ignore the words that came out of their mouth. Words can only cut so deep.

My eighteenth birthday is in a few weeks, which means I would becoming to and end of my training and be going out on patrols and taking over my parents rank, but instead I’m planning to leave, to run away, and have my own freedom to do what I want to do and live my life they way I want to.

Sighing, I ran to the little table that was set up with water bottles stacked on it and began handing them out as everyone made their way over, ready for some water to pass their throats. I kept my eyes down and just focused on their outstretched hands waiting for the water that I was passing out as quickly I could.

Once I was finished and everyone went back to training, I allowed myself to gaze up at the trees swaying in breeze, showing off their emerald colours. My mind wandered with the gentle breeze that nipped at my exposed skin.

I had never run the woods before in my wolf form as soon as I shifted I was taken into a room to be calmed down and turned back. It has been so long since I have seen my wolf that I’m not even sure what colour she is, every time I have asked my mum she has just said I’m ordinary, that I’m as common as they come, a brown wolf like most in our pack. An Omega.

If this was true then I couldn’t figure out why I had not been allowed to shift into a wolf or why I had shifted as early as I had. I knew I hadn’t hurt anyone that night, I knew I was being lied to about something but, I couldn’t go against the alphas command.

From time to time I would hear my wolf in my head talking to me but, as we had never been able to bound and my human form had nearly taken over everything it was hard to connect to her.

I was pulled from my thoughts when everyone stopped training and turned around to look at the forest behind them, moving through the forest like shadows were wolves. Everyone bowed their head as a sign of respect as the alpha was moving in the group.

The group came to a stop and shifted back into their human forms behind the trees where clothes were always placed for people to change into. Once they appeared from the trees, there was silence in the air, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Everyone’s head was still bowed until the alpha gave a nod of his head and an approving growl allowing us to look up at him but, never in his eyes as that is a sign of challenging him and unless you had a death wish you looked anywhere but his eyes.

The respected beat and gamma stood back observing the training which has now started up again. Their sons stood beside them clearly in training for when they would take over from their fathers, their eyes were hard as they looked upon the trainees as if they were looking down on them, thinking they were better because of the position that they held in the pack.

I looked down at the floor as I rolled my eyes, they weren’t any better than the rest of us, they were just fucking arseholes with a sliver spoon up their arse. Now don’t get me wrong they were all very good looking and they knew it too. Although we have someone designed for us as a perfect match from the moon goddess herself and we are always told to wait for our mates, that didn’t stop the next alpha, beta and gamma.

They were well known for chatting up girls, taking them back to their place for some kinky ass sex I’m sure, before chucking them out the next day. It was disgusting and I feel sorry for whoever becomes their mates as they grow older. Their mates must feel so disappointed and upset to learn about the amount of girls they have gone through before them. Not staying true and pure for them.

At the age of eighteen your wolf becomes more mature and you are able to find your mate, generally they will also be over eighteen and sometimes it takes years to find your mate as they could be anywhere in the world in any pack around the world or even a rouge wolf, although this is very rare.

Some packs take part in different types of parties for any wolf that is unmated once they reach the age of eighteen, to help them find their mates in life which has helped many wolves. Generally the lower ranking wolf will move in with their higher ranking mate or females will move with their males into their new packs if they hold the same rank. It is very rare for a women to hold a higher rank in our pack unless they are a Luna, but they have already found their mate, our pack is stuck in the old ways and have not moved on with the times like most of the other packs around the world.

More female betas and gammas have been appearing in packs as it is the alphas choice after all of who will rule in their absence.

Lifting my eyes from the ground I lock eyes with the gamma in training, Liam, and my whole world stops. His smell fills my senses sending my heart racing and my wolf into a frenzy. Thoughts of him fill my head and all my senses go into over drive as every thought that runs through my head is consumed by him. His smell, his touch, his taste, his voice everything I wanted to experience for the rest of my life but my hopes and dreams of being happy for the rest of my life, even overlooking his man whore ways, were shattered by the cold ice piercing look he sent my way and the growl that was released from his throat told me that it wasn’t going to be that easy and I was in for one hell of a ride.

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