Healed by Fate

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Chapter 2- Welcome to hell

Chapter 2- Welcome to hell

The pull was undeniable, I could feel it in every fibre of my body. The wanting and the need to be close to him was overwhelming, I felt like I couldn’t breathe with all the space that was in between us. Even without my wolf I knew what this was, I was surprised that the feelings were so strong. His eyes however, rooted me to the floor they were so cold and heartless that all the happiness that built up in me vanished as if he snapped his fingers. My insides turned to ice as he started me down and his teeth bared showing me how pissed off he was.

I hadn’t realised that everyone had stopped training and were watching us and the drama that had unfolded. I didn’t know what to do, I have just found my mate and it should be the happiest moment of my life and everything in my life should fall into place however, it seems like everything is going wrong and I have no control over it. Then again nothing in my life has ever gone the way it was supposed to.

He stalked towards me, his steps sure and menacing like a predator creeping up on his prey. There was nothing loving about the way he walked towards me, it was cold and calculated and I swear I nearly shit myself right there and then.

He stopped on front of me, his face contorted in a sick twisted growl, like I was the foulest smelling person he had ever met, like he couldn’t stand to be so close to me. I felt my wolf cower at the sight of him, she could sense there was something wrong and it was the most I had heard from my wolf in years, it was a weird sensation that I was not familiar with.

He circled me slowly, eyeing me up and down, while everyone around us looked on with blank faces.

I felt his eyes piercing into my very soul, it was a haunting experience, one I did not enjoy, all that hope and happiness had been washed away like a raging tsunami.

I stood frozen as my whole world came crumbling down around me as his mouth started to move.

“You are weak, you are nothing in this pack!” His voice boomed out in a growl from his chest, for all to hear.

I turned my gaze to the floor whilst I muttered something I wish I could take back.

“Will you not at least give it a try? To let us see if we can love each other?”

I know I was pleading with him, I know I sounded pathetic, but I was desperate for this, desperate for love, to feel something other than shame and sadness. I wanted to feel free, to live and experience everything that life had to offer me.

I wanted to run through the woods like all the other wolves, I didn’t want to be different and maybe this was my chance to get away from it all, to finally have someone in my corner who could fight for me, help me not feel so alone.

“You think I could love you? The weird weak nobody, I am about to be a Gamma, third most powerful member of the pack. You are nothing, the moon goddess made a mistake. I reject you.” His voice full of venom and disgust.

The pain was blinding as I crumpled to the floor as something snapped inside of me, he just sneered down at me before walking away completely unaffected.

I knew my soul was being shattered, because my soul was not complete, it was meant to be connected to my one true mate, but with the rejection it has to split but it felt like it was being shattered into a million pieces.

My screams were causing everyone to cover their ears until I was just a ball on the floor, crying and holding my knees to my chest to make the pain go away.

I knew everyone was still watching me, but I had nothing to lose now, I had no dignity left for them to mock, to tear down. I was just an empty shell.

I heard feet approaching me but I didn’t bother to look up, I had nothing left to give. They stopped in front of me, polished shiny black shoes were in my line of sight and I knew I was in trouble.

“Get up” the voice was cold, and hard like steel, there was no questioning about what he wanted it was a command, one I had to follow whether I wanted to or not.

My limbs unfolded themselves as I pushed myself up before I was stood in front of the alpha who’s face looked calm, but the energy coming off of him was blasting me with absolute rage.

“Now that you’ve finished your pathetic little show, why don’t you apologise to Liam for embarrassing him in front of the pack, there’s no wonder he didn’t want a mate like you, if you cause a scene like that after getting told no, so pathetic.”

His voice left no room for arguments but he couldn’t be serious, me apologise to him! He’s the one who rejected me, who left me in pain on the floor and now I have to apologise to him?!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I was stunned into silence which didn’t earn me any brownie points with the alpha.

A low growl emitted from his chest as I was being too slow for his liking, grumpy old bastard.

Lowering my eyes to the floor I muttered an apology. I risked a quick glance up at him only to see his smug smirk on his face, looking down at me as if I was nothing, telling me he was enjoying seeing me in pain, and winning this over me.

I looked away quickly, the pain still fresh in my heart and soul.

I knew this news would spread like wildfire throughout the pack and that was something I didn’t want to stick around for.

I honestly don’t know why I had stayed so long, there was nothing for me here, I had no friends, my parents and brother acted as if I wasn’t there. I was a big disappointment to them, who could love a daughter like me?

I think I only stayed, I hoped that once I found my mate things would have been different, I would have been safe and loved for and things would have gone to normal, like they were before I shifted when I was eight.

Now, I didn’t even have that hope keeping me here and I knew all I wanted to do was run. There was nothing left here but torment and shame.

I wanted to be free, and if no one was going to help me then I was going to do it myself, I was done waiting around for someone to come and save me, to solve all of my problems. Knights in shinning armor only existed in the books.

Only I could change what was happening to me and I was going to leave, tonight.

As if the alpha could see the determination in my eyes and read my mind he spoke one last command that had my blood running cold.

“You are not to leave this pack, you will stay here to live out the rest of your miserable life until you die.”

His word was final and I felt that last shred of hope die out and lie cold in my chest for all eternity.

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