Healed by Fate

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Chapter 4- I'm in trouble

Chapter 4- I’m in trouble

My first step into freedom was like breathing for the first time, I can actually feel myself relax, my muscles loosened up. Taking deep breathes of the clean fresh air I make my way towards what I assume is a road, I take in my surroundings as I go.

The trees look taller, greener, they seem to sway to the dance of the wind, guiding them through the moves. There are no buildings this far out and the wildlife seems to flourish in it’s most natural habitat.

After ten more minutes of walking I finally make it towards the road but with my luck there is not a single vehicle to be seen. Sighing in frustration I start walking in the direction of the nearest town so that I could get out of here.

Maybe I could get on a plane and just fly wherever I want to go. There are no limits, well except maybe money, but besides that I could just fly somewhere new and start a new life, where no one knows me and I could be happy.

With this in mind I set off at a brisk pace to the airport.

* * *

Two hours of walking and a few breaks to catch my breath I finally made it to the airport, pushing the doors open I stand there as the doors banged on the wall loudly causing everyone to turn and look at me. Smiling sheepishly I straightened myself up, wiping the sweat that lay on my brow on the sleeve of my arm.

Walking over to the screen where all the flight times were displayed there was a lot of different places to choose from. Italy, France, the U.K, Russia, New York, California etc.

Thinking about it it was probably best to get out of America and go somewhere completely different, unpredictable. Looking at the list again Russia was too cold to go, Italy had good food but was too warm, France just wasn’t really my kind of place to go. That only left England.

It didn’t seem like the worst place to go, it was warmish in the summer, but not too cold in the Winter. They had lots of Forest for my wolf to run about in and I knew that my pack didn’t get along with any of the English packs so they weren’t going to sell me out if they found me.

Walking over to the desk where you check in with your bags I place mine on the floor before waiting for the lady to finish speaking on the phone. Looking around me, I make sure there is no one I recognise from my old pack, waiting to take me back to where I belong, well in their eyes its where I belong.

I just don’t understand why they would keep me, trap me in that pack if they hated me so much. Why not just kick me out and let me die alone?

The airport is very busy and my wolf has gone dormant again, meaning I have none of my heightened abilities to be able to see further, or smell their scents.

“Excuse me, can I help you?”

I turn around to find the receptionist smiling at me waiting for me to tell her why I was here. I give her a sheepish smile and a quick apology before I get straight down to business.

“Hi, I was wondering if there were any seats left on the flight to the U.K?” She raises and eyebrow at me but taps whatever information she needs to into her computer.

“Well there are two different flights that are heading out in the next few hours, there’s one to Bournemouth international and one to London, which flight did you want to take?”

“Err, which ever one leaves sooner please.”

" The Bournemouth International flight leaves in about an hour there’s only one seat left I’m afraid so you’ll have to sit in economy, is that okay with you?”

“Yes that’s perfect thank you, I just need a one way ticket please.”

“Okay, that’s fine, so that’ll be $275 how are going to pay for that cash or card?”

“It’ll be cash please.” Nodding her head she sorts it all about before handing me my boarding passes and passport back.

I curse myself as I walk away, that was most of my money, now I barely have any left and I need to exchange some for when I land.

Sighing I push this to the back of my mind and make my way to the security checks as I only have an hour until I can board the plane and I don’t want to be late and be stuck here. I don’t want to think about what the pack would do if they found me on the run.

Getting through the security was easier than I thought it would be, I just had to empty my bag and walk through some kind of special detector.

This is all so new to me but, I don’t have time to look at my surroundings as I’m rushed off my feet to find what gate I am suppose to be boarding at.

After walking the whole length of the airport I finally make it to my gate in time. They have already started to board people onto the plane which means no rest for me.

Walking up to the man who greets me I hand over my boarding pass and passport before I’m shown where I am walking to.

After a lot of sorrys and excuse mes, I finally make it to my seat and sit down. My seat is located right at the back of the plane, not that I mind there seems to be a little bit more room back here anyway.

The plane is covered in white and grey fabrics, the colour scheme is pretty boring and there is nothing to look at, this was going to be a long flight.

My neighbour is already sat in his seat but he pays no attention to me other than giving me a smile before he turns back to his book.

That’s fine by me, it means I can keep my mouth closed more as I have a feeling flying isn’t going to be for me, I may never have done it before but, I’m pretty sure wolves were meant to keep their feet on the ground.

As the plane starts moving I grip the armrests so tight my knuckles turn white, my eyes are shut tightly and I’m humming to myself to try to distract me from the thought of being so high up in the air.

This couldn’t be so bad could it, lots of people did it and they don’t seem to mind. Pull yourself together Harlow, you’re going to be fine, just try to relax, deep breaths. In and out. In and out.

As the plane makes it ascend I let out a small squeak and shut my eyes even tighter as if this would protect me.

I feel a comforting hand place itself over mine causing me to jump, if I wasn’t wearing my seat belt I’m sure I would have jumped straight out of the plane.

I look to my right to see my neighbour looking at me with curious eyes, his touch is gentle and soothing which is helping to keep me distracted.

“Are you okay miss?” His voice is kind and gentle, there are hints of concern in his voice which has questions floating around my brain in a storm.

“Er, yes I think so, I’ve just never flown before and to be honest it terrifies me.”

The stranger nods his head in understanding whilst he draws circles on the back of my hand, which oddly enough I find very comforting.

“I understand, you see my boyfriend is the same with flying, he’s terrified of it and this usually helps to calm him down and keep him distracted.”

He says all this whilst nodding towards our hands.

I go to make my reply but I am cut off by the stranger as if he has just remembered something important.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t even introduce myself, I’m Nolan, it’s nice to meet you!”

I smile to myself, Nolan seems like a really nice person and with all this talking and comforting hand holds I hadn’t even noticed that we had leveled out and the seat belt sign had gone off.

“Hi its nice to meet you too Nolan, I’m Harlow!”

For the rest of the flight Nolan and I just talk to each other which helps a lot with distracting me when the plane starts it’s descent back to solid ground. Who knew that seven hours could go so quickly.

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