Healed by Fate

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Chapter 5- A new world

Chapter 5- A new world

I stood outside the airport not really knowing what to do with myself, there was a seven hour time difference here which it's almost lunch time. Is a weird feeling, almost as if you have travelled to the future. Sighing I get into one of the taxis that's parked outside.

As I get myself and my one lonely bag in and settled the taxi driver turns to me and asks me where I want to go.

I've never been here before, I didn't look ahead to see where I could stay, I had just made an impulsive decision.

I think back to my plane ride and only realising I should have asked Nolan what would have been a good place to stay, I'm sure he could have recommended somewhere nice but with my lack of funds I'm not sure it would have worked out anyway.

A sudden thought pops into my head and I tell the driver to take me to the nearest forest.

After about 10 minutes of driving I get out to see I'm stood in front of a massive forest. Smiling I read the sign that says New Forest National Park and make my way through the gates to explore something I have never been able to do.

There are a few people milling about in the park and I sigh, realising I will have to wait until everyone is gone before I cann do what I came for.


As the night starts to fall I feel excitement bubble through me. I had hung around the park for hours, people watching and even trying some of the food I saw some vendors selling.

Walking towards a tree I leave my bags behind, buried in some of the leaves that lay on the ground before I take off my clothes and stash them there as well. I don't have a lot with me and I'd rather not ruin what I have now.

I stand there and close my eyes, allowing the forest to fill me up, the sounds, the smell, the feel.

Slowly I feel my wolf senses kick in as I start to be able to hear the rustle of a birds wings, I can smell the rabbits that hop amongst the mud. I can feel the trees, old and new welcoming me to their home.

When I open my eyes I can see things more clearly, its like its day time again, I can make out rocks and roots that stick out of the ground.

As I stand there I no longer feel the cold, and aches and pains have gone away and I feel wide awake with energy.

I can feel my body slowly start to change, my bones shift and start cracking, which causes tremendous amounts of pain causing a scream to erupt from my throat.

I fall down so I'm on my hands and knees and fur beings to sprout all over my skin, I can feel my eyes change and my face extending with my teeth being pushed out and replaced with fangs.

The pain leaves quickly and I was left in my wolf form, it was the strangest feeling in the world. I could still think in my human mind but, I was not in control. My wolf was and I was just watching through her eyes.

She shook her big wolf head before one thought ran threw her head.


That's what we did. We ran and ran until a curious scent that drifted on the wind caught drew Keres' attention which happens to be the name of my wolf. She told me it means female death spirt in Greek which was a nit scary when she first told me but, she is a white as the snow and maybe spirts are white as well. I'm not too sure about the death part though.

Curiously she trots over to the smell and starts following it, I hadn't realised how deep into the forest we had gotten. We had stayed of the trails for the humans but out here there was nothing, just trees growing, no trials, no signs of any humans, so what was the scent that Keres could smell?

As Keres looked around I wanted to be on guard, something wasn't right. The was no noise, it was like the forest had stopped what it was doing just to watch what was about to happen. Keres finally tore her nose away from the smell to listen to what I was saying, she agreed.

Thinking it was just best to turn around and leave we started to make our way back when a rustle of a bush came from our right, then our left. We were surrounded my something as it moved quickly in the trees. Taking up our best defensive position we got ready for the attack that was about to happen.

Out of the bushes and from behind trees wolves of all different sizes and colour emerged, teeth bared and growls admitting from their throats.

Keres growled back, showing she was not scared of these wolves but, I most certainly was scared of these wolves and I was begging her to leave, to run and never come back here but she shut me out and know I could not talk to her even though I most definitely wanted to.

There was a lot of grey wolves that stood around us which meant that were strong wolves, they made the best warriors in a pack as they had a lot of strength and rage. There were also two reddish wolves that stood near the front growling and snapping at their own wolves. These must be the Beta and Gamma of the pack as this was the typical colour for them however, the red wolves are dying out and to see two of different shades here was very intriguing. Red wolves are known for being very smart and loyal, that's why they make the best betas, gammas, but also the pack doctors, they are also very strong.

A loud howl rings out causing all the wolves to quite and part like the red sea as a wolf comes stalking from the back to stand directly in front of me. This wolf was huge, towering over me that I knew this was the alpha of the group. He was completely black with red eyes, I had never seen a black wolf but, I knew they were really rare and powerful creatures.

Even with this knowledge we didn't back down and tuck our tail between our legs. He circles me slowly, sniffing as he goes around before he stands back in front of me. His eyes seem to sparkle in the glow of the moonlight.

He points with his head towards a tree, a clear indication that I should shift back into my normal form, I have seen this being done at my old pack.

Turning around we walk over to the tree and I shift back into my body, I'm back in control and my first instinct is to run. Looking down I notice some clothes to change into, a pair of shorts and a baggy top. Pulling them one I step back out from behind the tree to see most of the wolves are still there watching me.

Only the alpha seems to have changed, he's dressed in black jeans and a black top that clings to all his muscles, leaving nothing to the imagination. His hair is black and full, his eyes show deep storm clouds swirling with mist. His arms are folded over his chest as I approach with my head held high.

He takes one look at me and smirks before he rushes forward at a speed I have never seen and is in front of me within seconds. When he speaks his voice is deep and brooding, with a husky undertone that causes a shiver to run down my spine.

He says one word but, that one little word turns my world upside down and has me wishing I had made a run for it while I had the chance.


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