Healed by Fate

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Chapter 6-Mr Who?

Chapter 6- Mr who?

This guy couldn’t be for real, my one true mate had rejected me two weeks ago, it’s not possible that I could have another mate and yet here I was in the same situation I was in a few weeks ago.

With my wolf present everything I experienced last time feels like nothing compared to what I am experiencing now. His scent takes hold of my whole body, running through my veins and intertwining with my very soul. His gorgeous swirling eyes meet mine and that’s all I can see, all I ever want to feel, safe for the rest of my life.

I’m overcome with the need to feel his hands on me, to be held in his embrace but those feelings of being rejected are still fresh and I don’t want to rub salt in the wound but, I also don’t want to walk away from a chance at happiness.

He stands in front of my looking over every inch of my body causing it to tingle, like electricity was running along my skin, waking every cell in my body up.

I look into his eyes and I don’t see disgust in his eyes or hatred but he doesn’t know me yet and he might change his mind when he does. Feelings of doubt cloud my mind as I remember all that I have been through and that I came here for a fresh start, not for more drama.

I take a slight step back from him to create some sort of distance so I can think clearly, this doesn’t seem to please Mr boss guy.

A growl ripples from his chest silencing everything in the forest. My eyes widen slightly but I will not back down, I don’t care who he is, I have been through so much shit that I don’t have time to deal with this. If he can’t understand that or respect it then he can fuck off!

I lock my eyes with him once more and I start moving backwards, never taking my eyes off of his. I can see the disbelief in his face but his eyes are challenging me, taunting me to keep moving. Telling me he dares me to move away from him again and to see what will happen.

I gladly accept the challenge and take another big step back, feeling triumphant I smirk at Mr boss guy but he is livid, pure white hot anger is written across his face.

I see his eyes slightly glaze over which tells me he is mind linking someone in the pack, instantly I’m grabbed from behind by a man and I can tell he’s not expecting a fight as he’s not holding me too tightly.

Instantly I shift my body weight and move to the side before throwing the man clean over my shoulders.

I blink surprised. I didn’t even know I could do that but, I know it wasn’t me, it was my wolf. I can feel her close to the surface as if she can’t believe some disgusting man touched us and our mate let him.

I look back to the alpha and see surprise on his face before he motions to someone else. This time two people grab me and hold me a lot tighter so I can not move and inch. I’m just squashed between them, hanging slightly as they lift my body off of the ground so I can’t try anything.

I huff and blow a strand of my blonde hair out of the way so I can stare into this Alphas eyes and show him that I am not afraid of him, that I will not be pushed around again.

As if sensing how determined I am the alpha backed off and chose a different path, he turns away from me and starts walking away towards the direction that he came from. He must have mind linked the two wolves holding me to let me go because suddenly I was put back onto my feet but they kept extremely close.

Smiling to myself I felt myself relax a little and feel a little bit of trust building up. He didn’t shout and scream at me instead he saw how uncomfortable I was and chose to handle this situation differently which I respect him for but, I still can’t believe how he tried to handle the situation.

It doesn’t mean I like him or that what has happened changes anything, I have never heard of anyone being given a second chance of a mate. The moon Goddess doesn’t make mistakes, you get one mate in life and you get to live it with your mate or you don’t but, you don’t get a second chance so why is this happening?

I know what I felt back at my old pack was real, I know what truly happened, I knew he felt it too. Now, I feel the same things, that undeniable pull, a sudden attraction and a need to be close and protect him and what he stands for.

All these thoughts are swirling around in my mind that I don’t even notice the building I am being led around, I don’t get to appreciate how well it is decorated nor do I notice where I am being led to until I am shoved slightly into a seat in front of a big old oak desk with a dark leather high winged back chair with golden buttons along it that are shined to perfection.

My mate takes the seat sitting across from me whilst everyone else leaves the room. It seems he doesn’t need to bark orders at everyone, either his pack is terrified of him which would just be my luck, or they respect him highly. I’m praying it’s the latter.

He watches him intently before a smile takes over his cold mask and I’m not sure how I am suppose to react to the way his behaviour keeps changing like a radio station changes songs.

Instead of showing any reaction I just stare right back at him, this seems to prompt his smile to grow and he shakes his head slightly as he rises out of his chair to come stand in front of me, leaning back against the desk with his arms folded across his chest.

“I am Ryker, Alpha of the Black wolf pack. What is your name?” His voice was gentle, there was no command to make me do what he wanted or answer his question but, I was still skeptical of this guy, he was an alpha after all.

I looked deep into his eyes and saw no intention to hurt me, no hatred for who I was and that was the only reason that I told him my name.

“My name is Harlow.” My voice comes out confidently which I am happy about, I don’t want to be walked all over by another pack, I came here for a fresh start, not to relive the past. I don’t want to allow people to walk all over me but, I also don’t want to change who I am because of them.

He smiles at my name and repeats it and I have never heard my name sound so nice in someone’s mouth.

“Okay Harlow, welcome to the Black Wolf pack, I’m sorry for how we handled that situation. Now I have a lot of questions, I’m sure you do too but for now, I think you should get some sleep and we can talk about it in the morning. There is a bedroom being prepared for you at our pack house, you are more than welcome to stay there, it would be our pleasure.” His voice is smooth and calming and I relax even further, some anxiety leaving me now that I don’t have to worry about where I am going to stay or how I would pay for it.

“Thank you, I appreciate it. Could you please give me directions so that I can settle in. I also have a bag near the entrance of the park that I need to collect with all my things in.”

I’m thankful my voice stayed steady and relaxed as I spoke, rising from my seat I followed him out the door where he spoke to someone who nodded and gestured for me to follow them. Taking a deep breath I started to follow the person in front of me, praying that I would see the sun tomorrow.

The journey to my room did not take long but, I still wouldn’t be able to remember where I came from. Cursing myself for not thinking to remember how I got here, I thanked the pack member who brought me here as I entered the room.

The room itself was gorgeous with big clear windows to let in loads of natural light to make the space feel bigger than what it was. The moon shining high in the sky flooded the room in a warm silver glow allowing me to relax some of the tension in my shoulders.

There was a double bed in the middle off the room with ivory silk sheets covering it which looked extremely inviting and comfy. Next to the bed on each side was a grey bedside table with a reading lamp and a plain wooden coaster sitting on top of it.

A built in wardrobe with a mirror on the front sat on the wall opposite, looking at my reflection I noticed how tired I looked, the bags under my eyes and my hair was a wild mess, I’m surprised the Alpha didn’t laugh his arse off at my appearance.

In the far corner there was a large bookshelf with books scattered across in a jumbled order, as if they were just thrown in here for storage.

There wasn’t a lot in here but, I loved the minimalistic vibes it was giving off. This was somewhere that I could add my own stuff too and feel more comfortable here, without thinking I was invading someone’s space.

Sighing to myself, I let myself flop onto the bed and relax into the silk sheets as I tried to forget all that had happened in the last couple of hours. After a while of listening to see if anyone was coming to my room, I fell asleep to the sound of an owl singing his song as I let the darkness take me.

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