Healed by Fate

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Chapter 8- Clarification

Chapter 8- Clarification

After our talk in the library I told Ryker to come find me in an hour and I will answer any of his questions. I just needed to wrap my head around what he had said and what I would need to tell him. I didn't want him to get angry over the way I had been treated in the past as I knew some mates can be very protective however, so far he seemed okay with the distance I needed.

Wandering around the halls I was hoping to bump into someone who I had some questions for of my own.


I know he is here, I've seen him and now I need him to answer some of my questions so maybe I could answer some of Ryker's questions.

I felt like I had been wondering for ages and I was going to run out of time if I didn't hurry up. Finally in the training grounds I found him, sparring with another male both of them were moving so quickly it was hard to keep up. Their movements were fluid like water and they struck each other like lightning strikes the Earth. Unforgiving and quick before moving to the next target.

I stood to the side an admired how they both moved, each with their own style yet neither of them seemed to have the upper hand, I had never been trained so it was nice to just be allowed to watch what they were doing, where their feet got planted, where their hands moved and how their body moved.

After a few more minutes they call it time and step away to get some water and wipe away the sweat that has collected on their body. Nervously I approach Nolan as he's sitting down trying to catch his breath. He glances up when he notices my presence, a smile takes over his features and I relax slightly knowing that this is a positive response to me coming to find him.

I smiled back as he got up and came over giving me an encouraging smile and a friendly hello. Taking a deep breath I went over what I wanted to talk to him about before I poke it out loud, I didn't want to sound like a total fool.

"Hey Harlow, how are you settling in?" His friendly manner through me for a moment before I regained my composure and smiled remembering how kind he had been to me on the plane.

"Hi, I'm settling in just fine, still learning my way back to my room so once I've done that I'll see it as a big achievement." He laughed at me and it seemed like we were old friends as we chatted away about anything and everything.

I knew I needed to ask what I actually came here for but, it was nice to just have a talk with someone. I didn't have any friends in my old pack, no one to talk to, no one to share anything with so this was really nice.

I couldn't avoid it any longer though, no matter how much I really didn't want to talk about it. Taking a deep breath I cut Nolan off mid story to blurt out what had been on my mind since I spoke to Ryker this morning.

"Why was Ryker chosen to be the alpha?" Nolan looked at me surprised blinking back at me, with his mouth hanging open as if he couldn't believe I would interrupt him and ask such a stupid question.

I thought he was going to shout, to demand why I would interrupt him, to tell me that my questions don't matter, like the way I used to get shouted at by my parents.

Instead he smiled and looked excited as he started to explain his story.

"Well when we were all growing up Ryker was always the strongest, whether in wolf form or not but, he didn't care, he looked out for the weaker wolves and helped them train. Of course they never got picked on as we are more of a family rather than a pack. We all care deeply about one another and would not wish harm on them. He did help them train to become stronger to show them different moves to help use the size of your enemy against them.

"He was maybe only nine or ten when he was doing this and everyone respected him and lots of people asked for his help. You see he shifted when he was young, younger than most have heard of. At the age of Seven he shifted into a pretty big black wolf, a rare wolf. Now this isn't really the reason he was picked but, a black wolf is the most powerful there is, you must know the order that wolves go in?" I nod my head and make a mental checklist in my head.

Black Wolves, very rare and very powerful.

Red Wolves, are rare make the best Betas and Gammas, are loyal and very smart, can also be a pack doctor.

Grey Wolves, uncommon and mean. Are very strong and make the best warriors.

Brown wolves, the most common and make up the bulk of the pack.

"Well even with all that power, and the fact no one has seen one for years he didn't let it get to his head. He worked hard like the rest of us, helped those who needed it, if one of us failed we all failed and he went above and beyond to make sure that didn't happen, like an alpha. Does that answer your question?" I could feel the respect he had for his alpha grown with every word, till admiration and loyalty were dripping from his mouth.

Did it answer my question, I think it did. It is good to hear it from someone who has been here their whole life and grown up with him.

"Yes, it does thank you for telling me." I gave him my best smile whilst he smiled back.

"So, you've been checking up on me." I spin around to find Ryker there, his arms folded across his chest and a smirk playing across his pink luscious lips. He raised an eyebrow at me waiting for my answer.

Not knowing what to say I just stare at him and play with my fingers behind my back out of nervousness.

"It shows good initiative, that's a good quality to have if you are going to be leading people. Not taking something at full value and researching, I couldn't ask for a better mate." There was a smile on his face as he said this but, I felt my stomach drop.

For one glorious moment, I forgot who I was, what had happened to me. Now, it all came flooding back like a tsunami, crashing into me and knocking me clean off my feet.

Trying to calm my galloping heart and force some air into my screaming lungs, I whirled around and closed my eyes, wrapping my arms around my stomach to help me calm down.

Once I felt better and my head wasn't spinning like a top I turned around to find Ryker watching me with eyes like a hawk, he had a concerned expression on his face and I felt guilt hit me in the pit on my stomach as I couldn't give him what he wanted.

Giving a small smile to help ease his concerns I knew we needed to talk and there was no way I could get out of it. Starting my journey back to my room Ryker followed behind silently, which made me even more nervous.

Pausing in a corridor I racked my brain trying to remember which way I needed to go before Ryker took the lead and led me to my own bedroom. Ducking my head in embarrassment I followed Ryker through the halls till we stood outside my door.

Instead of just letting himself in, he stood aside and let me open the door to invite him in.

Opening the door I stood in the entryway with my heart beating like wild wolves feet on the ground. Not knowing where to stand or what to do with myself I finally made the decision to sit on the ottoman as the bed could lead to bad decisions.

Seeing that I was clearly not that comfortable, Ryker stood against the far wall opposite me with his arms crossed waiting for me to say something.

I didn't know where to start, or what I should say. I didn't want to cause an argument but I needed to tell him the truth, so that's what I did.

Ryker listened patiently as I spoke about my childhood, about my experiences and what it was like for me growing up. How I shifted at a young age, how that changed my life. I could tell he was angry as I spoke as his jaw locked, as if he was biting down on something invisible.

He was good at listening, he didn't interrupt and he only asked some questions where he wanted to understand some more, I didn't blame him for feeling confused and angry. It is very unlike wolves to exclude one of their own. A wolf protects their own, they don't fight between themselves but, I guess it all reflects on the leadership of the pack.

When it came to telling Ryker about Liam, I found my throat being constricted and I started to sweat. I saw Ryker pick up on it but he didn't say anything. After a few more minutes in silence where I struggled to form words Ryker spoke up.

"Maybe we should leave it there for today, you've already told me a lot." I could tell he cared but I needed to do this, otherwise I might never do it.

"No, I have to do this now, otherwise I will never be able to tell you." He nodded his head and gave me the time I needed to collect my thoughts.

"Back at my old pack, I found my mate." I paused and looked at Ryker as I watched him stiffen and his eyes locked with mine.

"He was the gamma of the pack and I knew what he was like, he had a revolving door of women but at that moment I didn't care. He was all I could see and feel. His smell was intoxicating and I was addicted and it all came crashing down as quickly as it happened. He rejected me in front of everyone. I was so embarrassed and ashamed I wanted to run away and never look back but the alpha forbade me from doing so, used his alpha voice on me and so I was stuck there.

"After a couple of weeks I was called to attend the pack meeting, which has never happened before, I'm not sure what really happened but I was arguing with the alpha and I somehow broke free of his hold on me, my wolf came back to me after being dormant for so long. She told me to run and I did. I didn't look back, I ended up here and well, I was shocked when you said we were mates because I thought you only get one mate in life." I said all this in a whispered voice but I knew he could hear me as he let out a low growl.

I looked at him and waited for him to say something, anything so I wouldn't feel as stupid as I did. Instead I felt two arms engulf me in a bear hug, Ryker held me to his chest and for once I was glad that he gave me some comfort without speaking.

He stroked my hair softly whilst I cried into his chest silently, he didn't comment, only gave me words of encouragement. I cried and cried till there was nothing left, I had been bottling this up for so many years I felt bad that I had unleashed this all on Ryker but I don't think he minded.

We stayed like that for a while, Ryker giving the emotional and physical support that I needed. I knew I had soaked his top through with tears and snot but I didn't want to move for the fear that he would not look the same as before.

When I finally pulled away Ryker was already looking down at me, a small smile on his face as he wiped away the tears that lingered on my cheeks. I smiled as he kissed my forehead as he whispered into my hair.

Gently he picked me up and carried me over to the bed and laid me down as I felt my body start to drift away to dream land from the emotional roller-coaster it had been on. Sighing into the covers I felt a weight lifted off my chest as I was pulled into the darkness.

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