A Warriors Heart

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Too much?


What just happened? The events of the past hour feel like a dream, like none of it was real.

I'm left standing alone in the hallway like an idiot, her scent swirling around me, making me crazy. She isn't as sweet as I originally thought, there is a little bit of bite there and fuck me, I like it.

A deep, frustrated sigh rips past my lips as I look down over my bare, blood covered chest. My rock hard bulge is straining against the front of my jeans.

Oh, now you show up...

I'm not sure if I have ever apologized to anyone before. I know she doesn't just want an apology for this morning, she meant for everything, for walking away, for ignoring her, for the nauseating smell on my skin.


I quickly shower, scrubbing the smell and blood away. I know who I need to talk to but I'm not sure how far I'm going to get with that conversation.

I take a deep breath, this is going to suck.

"Sorsha," I link her, "Look, I know you're busy... and mad at me but... I need your help."

"Fuck off," she links back instantly.


"I need your help, Luna."

I know calling her Luna is a low blow but I'm desperate.

Her angry sigh comes through, "What do you want?"

"I... I need to know how to fix things with Lucienne."

I feel her laughter, "Oh, really? You really are an idiot. You can't suddenly act like you want her because you saw her training with someone else. It doesn't work like that. Apologize to her and talk to her, get to know her... maybe... take her on a date?"

"A date?"

"Yeah... somewhere nice where you can be alone to grovel at her feet."

I rub my hands over my face. A date? Wolves don't date. Where would I even take her? I doubt she would enjoy the bar in town...

I stare at the google search page.

How to apologize to a woman...

I gape at the results. Why the fuck are there so many steps? I knew it would take more than a simple "I'm sorry," but I wasn't expecting a laundry list.

Ok, new search.

How to ask a woman on a date...

This seems like a trick. It says to take her somewhere she will enjoy, a place that is of interest to her. I don't know what she likes...that's why we need to go on the date in the first place.

I throw my phone down on my bed. Can't I just take her to the gym and show her how to spar? I know how to do that and she wants to be trained.

I really don't want to talk to Elijah about this. All of these years of him telling me to stop fucking around and that I would pay for it when I met my mate, he's not going to let this conversation happen easily.

I walk slowly to his office, taking the longer route just to avoid him for a few minutes more.

When I walk in Beta Julien is sitting in front of his desk. They both chuckle as soon as they see me.

"It took him a little bit longer than you thought," Julien laughs.

These fuckers.

"Look... I linked Sorsha but she's mad at me so she wasn't very forthcoming with the details. She said to take her on a date and apologize... you both have had mates forever, what do I do?"

"I mean... maybe have lunch or dinner with her here, get to know something about her, what kind of food she likes, stuff like that, and ask her after."

I nod, that makes sense.

"Sorsha?" I link her again.


"I know you're busy, last time, I promise. What time are you guys breaking for lunch today?"

"At noon, for an hour and a half."

That gives me an hour to figure something out.

"Sorsha says to tell you to leave her alone," Elijah laughs, "it looks like you have a few people to apologize to. Your mate and mine."

The shit eating grin on his face makes me want to punch him.

"I'm going to go get food and hopefully she will want to have lunch with me."

"That's a good start."

"Look, Cole," Julien offers, "It doesn't so much matter what you do or where you go, just be sincere. When you apologize to her, mean it. I know that this shit took you by surprise but you walked away from her. Maybe offer her an explanation for your behavior?"

I know he's right but this whole thing is so far out of my depth.

"Don't over think it, man. Go pick up food from that little café in town, the one that makes all those stupid little cookies that the girls love."

"What cookies?"

"Those little French ones. She's French, its perfect," Elijah shrugs.

Little French cookies, got it.

I ride into town and go straight to the little cafe. Everything in here is so... pink and flowery. When it's my turn to order my heart stops. Shit.

Of course she works here, of all places. This day just keeps getting better.

"Cole," her voice is arctic.

I give her a small smile, I'm not going to even attempt to say her name. Sarah? Stella? Whatever.

I quickly place my order, this place is packed, I hope she doesn't make a scene.

She marks everything down without breaking eye contact, she looks like she's murdering me in her mind.

"Umm...I'm supposed to get some little cookies... French cookies."

"We have a few different kinds, which one do you want?"

"I don't know... can I just get a dozen of each?"

"We have ten flavors of macarons, merengue roses and lemon tea cookies... " she pulls out a calculator, "that's... one hundred forty four cookies... at three hundred dollars."


"Umm... yeah, ok. I'll take that."

She scowls at me but takes my card then goes to box up my gigantic order.

I stare at the tower of little pink pastry boxes that's growing by the minute. I'm definitely going to need a car to get this back, time to suck it up and call Elijah.

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