A Warriors Heart

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Maddening Woman


"I'm not."

The words play over and over again in my head. After dropping her off at the education center to finish out her day, I had to go on a run.

She's not sorry that she's my mate, that's because she doesn't know everything I've done, the things I've done to enemies, the countless women...

She'll leave when she finds out.

I should have controlled my wolf. It will only be harder later.

I walk sadly toward the packhouse, my wolf wants her, but even he knows the truth. She's too good for me.


Her soft voice calls from behind me and I freeze as she jogs up to me.

"I thought that was you. My wolf can feel you."

She smiles down at me and I whimper. Be strong, think of what’s best for her.

"Are you finishing up...or...? If I shift can we go on a run together? I don't know my way around here well yet. "

My wolf rubs his head against her legs. Traitor! I thought we were on the same page here!

She jogs behind a tree and my heart stops when she steps out. Her wolf is crème colored and small for our kind. She's gorgeous.

I turn and run, bolting into the tree-line, heading up to the waterfall.

I feel her, right on my heels, she may be little, but she's definitely fast.

I try to hide behind trees or large rocks, testing her tracking skills. She finds me every time. I can't help but swell with pride. She's been denied a lot of training in her pack, yet she's naturally impressive.

When we make it to the waterfall the sun is starting to set. I root around for the bag of clothes we keep up here. She definitely needs clothes after she shifts.

I find the bag and drag it toward her, digging around for shorts before going behind a tree to shift.

When I come out she's already sitting on one of the large boulders by the water. She's wearing a large t-shirt and I struggle with the knowledge that she isn't wearing anything under it. Her perfect legs are crossed and stretched out in front of her.


I climb up onto the rock and sit beside her, taking care not to touch her.

"Will you go on a date with me tomorrow?"

I just blurt it out. I'm not even on the same page with myself. Whenever I'm near her any thoughts of trying to stay away fly out the window.

"A date? Like...to a movie or something like humans do?"

"I guess... I'm just...I want to apologize for before. I want to make it up to you, to say sorry."

"Then, just say sorry," she smiles gently.

"You don't want to go on a date?"

"It's not that... I mean... it's a sweet thought but... would you maybe just...train me?"

Fuck, she's perfect for me.

"I'll meet you in the gym at six am."

She nods and smiles down at her hands.

The setting sun bounces off of her her, making her glow. No one ever was, or ever will be more beautiful than her. She squints slightly in the light as her eyes roam over the lake. I find myself longing for the ten years we could have had if I had found her as soon as she was of mating age.

I feel like I'm fourteen again. She moves her hand resting it on the rock behind her and I'm afraid to reach over and touch it.

I inch my hand toward hers until the tips of our fingers touch.

She bites her lip and smiles but keeps looking at the water.

"Do you swim here?"

"Yes," I choke. If she gets in the water I won't be able to control myself anymore.

She stands and pulls the shirt over her head before diving off the rock into the water. This woman is maddening.

I stand and drop the shorts down my legs before diving in after her. We swim around the lake, chasing each other, playing like children.

I grab her and toss her up, over the water and she crashes down into the water with a loud scream.

When she resurfaces she's laughing, her head thrown back, carefree and happy.

I grab her again but she quickly wraps her legs around me to stop my movements. It feels like the world stopped spinning.

We both gasp looking, wide eyed, into each other's panicked expressions.

Her soft, wet legs are wrapped around my waist, her bare center hovering just above mine.

I growl rumbles through my chest. The little problem I experienced the other night is definitely not an issue now. I have never been this hard in my life.

Her skin is slippery against mine. I grip her hips, squeezing them roughly.

Our mouths are hovering, just shy of touching. I know that once this boundary is crossed, I'm a goner. I won't be able to stay away. Once I've tasted her lips there will be no going back to before. I hesitate until the smallest, softest whimper pushes past her lips. I push my mouth against hers.

Her lips are delicious and sweet against mine. The kiss is soft but full of longing. I feel my canines release and a deep, satisfied hum rolls through me.

I need her like my next breath.

"Cole," she moans against my mouth, there is something desperate and wanton in her voice.

I slide my hands back over the smooth skin of her ass.

I rub against her, pushing my hardness against her and she tenses completely. Her eyes are wide and she's frozen.


"I... umm... I haven't...before," her cheeks, neck and ears burn bright red.

"You haven't what before?"

My voice comes out much more harsh than I intended. She can't mean that she's a virgin.

"My pack is really small, I never really meet many unmated males... I..."

I place her down gently in the water. How could I be so reckless? I run my fingers angrily through my hair. She deserves better than groping and fondling at the lake.

"I'm sorry, Cole. I know it's embarrassing..."

Why is she apologizing?

I turn to pull her into my arms just as Elijah links me.


I've got to go.

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