A Warriors Heart

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He didn't tell you?


I pace around my room for most of the night. I'm so embarrassed. He must be avoiding me because he thinks I'm pathetic now. I'm starting to doubt that the Alpha even linked him in the first place. He freaked when he found out I'm still a virgin and now he's staying away.

It's not even that I waited specifically for my mate. For a few years I wanted to hold out, to give myself to my mate, fully. Then, year after year, I grew older and the unmated males around me were younger and younger. The opportunity never really presented itself.

I need to explain this to him. I saw the shock on his face. I hope this didn't ruin everything. I know he didn't wait. I could smell the other woman, even after we met.

It suddenly dawns on me that maybe he has a girlfriend, maybe that can partially explain his resistance to me. I shake the thought from my head. We talked so much yesterday, he would have told me. I think...

As the clock ticks closer to six I get ready. I hope he still comes. When I get to the training facilities there are several young wolves running the obstacle course. I don't smell him but I hope that's only the blockers working against me.

I walk through the gym, looking in every side room but he isn't here.

I wish I could mindlink him, even though he would probably be blocking me.

There are a few people using different pieces of equipment, I notice them watching me, probably wondering why I came in here to stand around.

I walk on the treadmill closest to the doors, if he comes we'll see each other right away.

One mile.

Two miles.

Three miles.

He isn't coming.

I don't realize I'm crying until Sorsha and Alpha Elijah walk through the door with concerned looks on their faces.

"Lucienne? What's the matter?"

I wipe my cheeks and look down, why must I always be humiliated?

"N-Nothing, I'm fine."

"Lucienne," Alpha Elijah asks softly but I can feel the authority behind his voice. He's going to force me to tell them.

"Umm...where is Cole? He was supposed to meet me here this morning... I think I scared him off last night.. he..."

"He didn't tell you?!" their shocked expressions match.

"Tell me?"

"Lucienne, I got a call about an emergency in Florida. I sent him to scout the issue before I join him there this evening. He didn't tell you he was leaving?"

Another tear slips down my cheek and my chest aches, "no."

"Fucking Cole!" he grits his teeth and turns, pulling a phone from his pocket.

"Wait, Alpha, please, don't call him." I plead, I don't want him to get chewed out for this.

He sighs angrily and slips his phone back into his pocket. I know he still wants to call him but I appreciate that he isn't.

"Elijah is going to train me this morning, want to join?" Sorsha smiles, I can see that she's trying to shift my attention.

"Thank you but no, you guys go ahead."

"Nonsense. Come," Alpha Elijah says sternly, "I'll teach you a few moves to put Cole on his ass when he gets back."

I spend the rest of the morning running shift drills and learning a take-down hold. My whole body aches. I can't believe all of the things that I don't know how to do. My pack is small and peaceful, we don't have enemies or conflicts, training like this was never even an option.

"You're a natural!" Sorsha bumps my shoulder with hers.

Alpha Elijah smiles down at me and I can't help but feel proud. They are the best warriors in the world. I know I need to put in the work but I am catching on rather quickly.

"That's all for today. I'll be gone tomorrow morning, you two should workout together. Run through the leg routine, Sorsh," he turns to her.

She nods and looks at me expectantly. I smile and nod too. They are definitely the Alpha and Luna of the pack but they seem so... relaxed. In my pack the Alpha isn't friends with pack members.

I walk slowly back to the packhouse to get ready for todays classes. My wolf is devastated, just when things seemed like they were finally looking up. I hope Alpha Elijah doesn't call him.

After showering and stretching my sore muscles I dress for the day. I am so grateful for this course, otherwise I would be sitting around miserable all day.

"Lucienne!" I hear my name as I walk toward the education center.

I spin around to find Jordan running toward me from across the street. His face looks so much better today, still bruised but mostly normal.

"Hey! I saw you training this morning! You were crushing it!"

I smile up at him, "thanks!"

"Where are you headed?"

"The education center, the Luna's courses, remember, that's why I'm here." I laugh.

"Oh...yeah, of course," he looks nervously around, "what are you doing later? I have to process a bunch of new level one trainees but after that I'm free. I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me."

I furrow my brows. Is he asking me on a date? He knows about Cole.

"Here, at the packhouse," he explains further, "I noticed that you skip meals a lot, you need to eat, all the extra training means you need more calories."

I sigh, relieved that he didn't mean a date. Jordan is nice and I don't want to get any wires crossed between us. Even if he doesn't want me, I still want Cole.

"I... yeah ok. I'll have dinner with you."

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