A Warriors Heart

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I want you


I run my hand over my face. These people are idiots. They waited too long to call the council for aid. This could have been a quick fix, now its much more complicated.

I step outside away from the most idiotic Alpha that ever lived to call Elijah.

The line rings once and he answers. He hasn't even said anything and I know he's pissed.

"What's going on?" he asks with a clipped tone.

"This whole thing is fucked. They weren't truthful when you spoke to them yesterday. The problem is much bigger than they let on. They aren't having a 'small rogue issue.' I had to fight my way in. The rogues have essentially trapped the pack, they are stuck in one small area of their land, unable to leave, while the rogues have control over the surrounding area."

He lets out a long sigh, "fuck. I'll come out earlier. I had planned to fly out at six, I'll call and arrange for my flight to leave at now, we'll be there by six tonight. How many guys do we need to support?"

"At least ten, I would say. It's really fucking bad. Expect static when you get here, I had to kill three rogues at the gate just to access packlands."

I hear him growl angrily. I know he hates when we show up and things aren't as described.

"Cole," he breaths out, frustration clear in his tone, "You didn't tell Lucienne you were leaving?"

I freeze.

No. I didn't.

"Umm... no. When I got the call I completely forgot."

"Cole, what the fuck, man? She was waiting for you at the training center this morning. Fucking crying..."

My heart burns in my chest. She was crying?

"You have to tell them shit, man. You can't just leave. You guys spent the day together yesterday, obviously you made plans for today. You can't just disappear and not tell her why!"

"I... yeah... I should have told her. I'm not used to having someone to tell things to." I hang my head. I can't believe I completely forgot about her until now.

He sighs, "I know that it takes some adjusting but she's your partner. You have to make sure that you keep them in the loop."

"Can you get me her phone number?"

His deep chuckle comes through the line, "Of course you didn't ask her for that."
I can feel him shaking his head.

When we hang up I pace back and forth, not ready to go inside and deal with one fire when I've caused another.

My phone dings in my hand. I look down at the message, her number.

Shit, my fingers are shaking as I push the button to make the call. I know she must think I'm the biggest asshole in the world. How could I completely forget about her?


I physically grab my chest at the sound of her soft voice, laced with sadness.

"Luci?" I barely choke out. The pain I feel just from her voice is crushing.

"Cole," she whispers and rage courses through me. She's sad because of me. She inhales a shaky breath and I freeze, I think she's crying.

"Luc, I forgot. I swear. I know I should have told you I was leaving, I just... I'm not used to having anyone to tell things to. I'm so, so, fucking sorry. When I have a mission, I push everything else out, I... that's not an excuse. We had plans this morning. I'm so sorry."

She sniffles, "This isn't because of what I told you?"

I have to steady myself against the building. She thought I stood her up because she's a virgin?

"What? No! Why would that..."

"You seemed so freaked out, then you left and I never heard from you again. I thought maybe you needed space. That you don't want me because of..."

"I want you," I blurt out before I can stop myself.

It scares me how much I mean that.

"Luc, I have to go but... can I call you tonight?"

"Yes," my heart does a weird flopping thing in my chest. I know she's smiling.

When we hang up I hurry back inside, feeling a renewed sense of purpose. The faster we finish this, the faster I can get home and squash the doubts in her mind.

This is exactly the kind of shit I was afraid of when I found her, that I would do careless things that would cause her pain.

"Ok, everyone," I shout, getting everyones attention, "Elijah will be here by six this evening, lets have this shit coordinated perfectly."

I roll the map across the table and tuck into planning the details.


Elijah should be landing any minute now. I finally have a second to break away from the group.

My heart pounds as the line rings.

"Cole," her sweet voice pierces into my heart.

"Hey, baby," I whisper, unable to hold back my smile.

"How's everything going? Are you safe?"

The concern in her voice is so unfamiliar to me.

"I'm safe. Elijah and the team will be here any minute and we've got a plan to take care of this quickly. Then we'll be heading home, hopefully tomorrow."

"Is that all you're eating? You trained today, you need to eat more..." I recognize Jordan's voice.

She trained with him today? Fuck. I sway on my feet. He's better for her than me. I'm gone one day and they're training and eating together.

"You trained today?" My voice sounds angry.

"Yes, with..."

The phone cracks in my hand, shards of plastic and glass falling to the ground at my feet.

"We're approaching the gate," Elijah links me and I break into a sprint, running toward the gate.

"I'm coming to meet you, let's end this shit."

I'm so angry I can't even catch a full breath. She deserves someone like him. I bet he would never forget to tell her that he was flying out of fucking state.

I fly through the gate, shifting midrun.

"Fuck, Cole. It's a trap. They've set a trap!"

I skid across the gravel but I can't stop in time. A trip wire catches on my front legs, pulling metal spikes up from the ground. I try to turn but the gravel shifts beneath my feet. I slam into the spikes, several sharp edges of metal cutting through my right side, piercing my chest and shoulder.

I try to pull back but one spike is impaled completely through my chest, coming out the other side.

The burning starts immediately. Fuck. They've coated the metal in wolfsbane.

I see the team rush forward as I start to lose consciousness.

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