A Warriors Heart

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Hold onto me





What just happened? I try to call him but it won't go through.

"Eat, Lucienne, you need more protein," Jordan pushes a plate of chicken toward me.

I snap my eyes to him, suddenly annoyed that he's here. I want to talk to Cole, to figure out what happened. I have a sickening feeling that something bad happened. Something isn't right.

Sorsha walks into the dining room and I jump up, ignoring whatever Jordan is saying as I run toward her.

"I was on the phone with Cole and the call disconnected and I can't reach him now."

"I spoke to Elijah about fifteen minutes ago, the team was pulling up to the packlands, he wasn't with Cole yet. Come sit with me, I'm sure they will call back soon."

We sit together and I nervously pick at my plate. My stomach is in knots.

It's been over two hours. I'm leaning forward with my face down on the table. Something is wrong, I feel it.

I jolt upright when I feel a hand on my shoulder. It's Sorsha and she's crying.

"You need to come," her voice is a harsh whisper.

I jump up and follow her, a wave of nausea rolling over me.

"Go pack a bag, we're leaving right now. We have to drive, another pack, two hours from here is letting us use their jet. We need to get to Florida."

Without waiting for further information I turn and sprint toward the stairs. When I get to my room I mindlessly throw things into my suitcase.

When I get outside she's waiting in a big black truck. Before I can even pull the door closed shes moving, speeding down dark back roads.

"I'm not clear on the details but Cole is hurt. Press that green phone button on the dashboard for me. Maybe Elijah can give more information now."

I lean forward and push the button, a loud ring trills through the speakers.

"Baby," Alpha Elijah's ragged voice makes my heart ache. This is really bad.

Sorsha feels it too because she presses harder on the gas pedal, bringing our speed from over the limit to way over the limit.

"He's... it's really bad. He was impaled with spikes dipped in wolfsbane. They missed his heart but it went through both lungs. The wolfsbane is still in his system and it's keeping him from healing. He... he died twice, Sorsh."

My body goes completely numb. I heard what he said but I can't process it. I know they're still talking but I can't understand it.

I feel like I'm oustide of my body. Sorsha touches my arm but I can't respond.

We don't have a mindlink, we're unmarked, but if I close my eyes, I can feel him. It's not a mindlink, it's not words. It's just...a feeling, like his rough hand in mine, I can physically feel him.

I focus all of my energy on the feeling, on sending him the same.

I'm coming, Cole.

I don't open my eyes, I don't respond to Sorsha. I can't break my concentration, I'm afraid I'll lose him if I let it go, even for a second.

"Hold onto me. I'm coming."

I repeat it over and over, speaking directly to the feeling.

When the car eventually stops I hear voices but I push them aside. Don't lose focus.

"Hold onto me. I'm coming."

I feel someone pick me up from the seat, then wind blows against my face. I don't open my eyes. I don't let go of his hand. When I'm set down again I feel the vibrations of the plane roaring to life, then lifting into the sky.

"Hold onto me. I'm coming."

I lose all sense of time and direction. I have no idea how long I've been like this but I can't let go. I know we're getting closer because it feels stronger. I would swear that his fingers are intertwined with mine.

I feel the strong bumping as the plane touches down. I have to focus harder, push everything out of my mind.

I hope he can feel that I'm getting closer.

I feel hands on me again, someone is carrying me again.

I vaguely hear Alpha Elijah's voice and my heart pounds. Are we here? I'm afraid to break the link.


I don't move, I don't lose focus. His smell is so strong, I want to open my eyes. Am I with him?

"Lucienne," the authoritative Alpha voice booms and my eyes shoot open.

When my eyes adjust I can see we're in another car, flying down a dark highway. The driver is weaving around other cars quickly. Cole isn't here. Why is his scent so strong?

"How much farther?" My voice is tense.

"I'm getting us there as fast as I can. Maybe another five minutes," the driver says as he pulls the car into the exit lane.

"Alpha, is he... how is he?"

"He's not conscious. The damage was extensive. Having you near will help, hopefully."

I can see the fear and sadness in his eyes. He doesn't look like an Alpha right now. He looks like a scared father, worried about his child.

"What happened?"

"I'm not sure. They had a plan in place and he completely disregarded it. He ran out to meet us at the gate and they had a trap set up. Before it happened he seemed angry in the link... he's never broken a formation or ignored a plan, especially when he is the one that made it!"

"We were on the phone and the call cut off. The last thing he asked me was about training and he sounded angry. I tried to call him back but the calls never went through."

He nods as the car pulls through a badly broken gate. We pass below streetlights and I can see people outside, spraying blood from the concrete.

The car pulls up in front of a large building and we all rush out. As the Alpha steps out of the car a sob pushes from my chest. He's covered in blood. That's why I smell Cole so strongly, it's his blood.

"Get her up to him, now," he shouts to someone that grabs my arm and leads me into the building.

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