A Warriors Heart

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Blood bound


I burst through the doors and carefully climb into his bed. I need to touch his skin, feel his heart beating and his chest moving with each breath. I wrap my hand around his and grab his chart.

I read all the notes on his surgery, the extent of the injuries, the times he coded on the table... by the end my eyes are so blurry I can't see the words.

I lay down, placing my head against his chest, making sure not to touch his injuries. I watch the heart monitors, each beat of his heart creating a tiny wave on the screen.

I lay with him until Alpha Elijah and a doctor come into the room.
"His heartrate has steadied and remained stable while I've been in here," I whisper to him quietly.

The doctor chuckles, "they told me you were a nurse," he gets serious and pulls a chair up to the edge of the bed.
"I need to ask you to make a few hard decisions right now, Lucienne. His blood is contaminated and it's keeping him from healing. We need to get the wolfsbane out... if we use your blood..."

"His body won't reject it..." I finish for him.

"I noticed that he's unmarked. If you mark him, it could speed up the process."

I shake my head violently, "absolutely not. He's been having doubts, I won't force him into a mark without his consent. It's enough that we will be blood bound."

"I told you she'd say that," Alpha Elijah tells him lowly.

"I thought it was worth a shot," he shrugs, "I'm going to have a nurse come in right away and set up a drip iv between you, start the tranfusion right now."

He leaves the room, leaving Alpha Elijah and I alone with Cole.

"He's afraid of messing it up, of making mistakes and hurting you. He's not unsure about you."

The nurse comes in before I can respond and starts to set up the bag that will collect Cole's blood. I grab the iv kit from her tray and set it up in my arm. She's moving too slowly.

I hear Alpha Elijah chuckle as I set the tubes beside me in his bed.

She connects the tubes to a small machine that will help to accelerate my blood pumping into his body. I notice she has an automatic stop set up. When her back is turned I turn the dial, allowing a bit more of my blood to transfer before it will shut off.

Alpha Elijah quirks his brow at me but doesn't say anything.

I let out a sigh of relief when she starts the machine, watching the bag fill with his contaminated blood calms me. I know that soon his body will start to heal itself.

"He was the youngest person to graduate from every level of warrior training, did he tell you that?" He asks softly.

"No, he didn't."

"His Alpha from his home pack called my dad and begged him to take a twelve year old trouble maker off his hands," he chuckles at the memory, "I was almost seventeen at the time. This skinny little twirp with an attitude shows up, two years younger than the rest of the level ones... he was fearless. He threw himself into every drill, every challenge, he tried harder than anyone else. We were completely blown away. He came back right away for level two, thats when we knew he was something special. He was sixteen when he graduated from level four."

He sighs sadly and rubs his hand over his face.

"My dad died later that year and for some reason having Cole there really helped me. I guess it was having something to focus my energy into. I was so hard on him but it's like...he knew I needed to be... he knew I was using him to deal with everything, he never complained. After he completed his level four training, I met Sorsha. He was such a pain in my ass, like an annoying little brother."

I see his eyes filling up with tears as he quickly looks down at the floor.

"For years I watched him look for you. He tried to hide it, to act like it didn't bother him every time we went to a new pack and you weren't there. He's afraid now. Don't let his fear make you doubt how much he really wants you. I've known him for more than twenty years, I know how badly he wants you, he's just not good with emotions."

My heart breaks thinking of eighteen year old Cole, still handsome and strong but youthful and untainted by the world. He searched for me, the same way I did for him, hopeful every time they went to a new pack. I remember the bitter sting each time, when no bond was detectable. There were nights that felt unending, like the sun would never rise again. The loneliness of watching everyone around you find the thing you are so desperate for. It always felt just beyond reach.

Tears roll down my cheeks, thinking of the deep wound it causes, not a physical injury but an injury nonetheless, that hurts as real as broken flesh.

I think of his silent suffering, all the while, I was waiting, searching, longing for him.

"I'm going to make sure Sorsha isn't ripping the heads off the staff making sure he's in the nicest room," he smiles but I know he's just giving us a minute.

I lay my head against his neck, my tears pooling on his skin. I feel slighlty dizzy as the machine cuts off, the blood transfusion is complete.

"Please, please, please," I beg quietly.

I breath in his scent, deeply, calming myself down slightly. I slip into uneasy sleep, dreaming of his voice and his blue eyes that betray the last bit of softness he hides inside himself.

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