A Warriors Heart

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Feeling Fine


The next few days are excruciating. He would have pushed himself too far the morning he woke up if I had let him, now it's like trying to tame a feral animal. He is moody and angry all the time. I can feel him through the bond, its frustration and desire. They are eating away at him. We marked each other three days ago and haven't completed the mating process, we're both on edge.

Sorsha and I may have taken things too far, we might be babying him too much. I know he's strong, I know he's a warrior, but I won't let him out of bed.

"If I don't leave this room today I'm going to lose it, Luc," he runs his hands over his face.

"Are you sure you're ready?"

"To walk?" he scoffs, "I'm sure I can handle taking a few steps. If you want to see what I can do, lock that door and get over here."

His voice is low and dangerous. I know he's serious.

A knock at the door saves me from having to struggle through rejecting his advances. It's getting more and more difficult every time. Every cell in my body is calling out for him, wanting him as close as only he can be.

Alpha Elijah and Sorsha walk in, "We're leaving today, you ready?"

"Fucking finally," Cole groans dropping his feet to the floor.

I tense as I watch him pull himself up to stand.

"Luc, I'm fine, I promise," he looks at me with a sweetness in his eyes that makes my heart flutter.

"Wheels up in an hour," Alpha Elijah says before dragging Sorsha toward the door. I know she's been hovering too, watching over Cole closely.

He takes a few steps toward me, I watch him for any shakiness in his legs or signs that he's struggling to breathe.

"I'm fine," he says pulling me into his chest, "I'll miss the sponge baths though."

I will too.


I walk beside him angrily, he's carrying my suitcase.

"Lucienne," he grits between his teeth, "I'm not letting you carry this... I'm fine. When we get home, I'm going to show you how fine, all.fucking.night."

I've suddenly forgotten why I was angry. I know I'm blushing as we board the plane. He sits beside me and runs his hand over my thigh, squeezing it.

This is going to be a long flight.

"Rest," he whispers, "you'll need it."

I try to sleep but my mind is reeling. I can't stop myself from thinking about tonight, about what it will be like. I'm nervous and excited.

"Stop thinking," he chuckles quietly, "try to sleep."

I don't sleep and I know he doesn't either. With each passing minute I can feel him growing more restless. The closer we get to our destination the more eternal the wait seems.

When the plane touches down I feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin.

When we slide into the backseat of the waiting car I can feel the muscles shaking under his skin. I reach out and pull his hand into mine.

"I'm barely holding it together," he groans.

I hear Alpha Elijah chuckle but the car starts to move faster, he's speeding.

As we pull into the packland Cole exhales like he's been holding his breath for hours. The car stops in front of the packhouse and Cole is out, moving to my side before I can get my belt off.

He grabs me and throws me over his shoulder, practically sprinting inside. I want to protest, to force him to put me down but I think better of it. He's likely to explode if I try to stop him.

He slams his door so hard a frame falls off the wall, I don't think he noticed.

I slide down his body, my legs around his waist, our mouths finding each other desperately. He ravages my mouth, exploring and massaging with his tongue.

"Luc, baby, I promise, I'll be gentle. I won't hurt you but I need you right fucking now," he sounds panicked and breathless, the way that I feel.

"Take me," I moan against his lips. I've waited so long for him. The thought of waiting one more second is unbearable.

He walks us toward the bed, his hands roaming my body greedily, squeezing and rubbing everywhere.

He lays me down softly and starts to rip at my clothes. He tears my shirt down the front before moving down to unbutton my jeans. He grips them in his hands with my panties, pulling them down in one quick motion. I've never undressed faster.

He pulls his shirt over his head and pushes his pants down.

I watch him as he crawls over me, his blue eyes are completely gone, replaced with black.

He brings his hands to my bra and I lift my chest so he can unhook the clasp. When we're both fully naked he suddenly stops. His frantic movements from before are gone. He stares down at my body.

"You're perfect," his hands graze my hips, then over my stomach and up my chest, cupping my breast.

He lowers himself slightly, his length digging into my stomach. Why has he suddenly slowed down?

"Cole, please," I don't even recognize the sound of my own voice.

He smirks and runs his hand down my body, stopping at the apex of my thighs, when he runs his hands through my wet folds my whole body shudders.

"I have to make sure you're ready," there is a calmness in his voice that hasn't been there in days.

When he pushes one of his fingers inside of me I arch my back, pushing my chest into his.

"You're soaked," he growls, a deep, needy sound from his throat.

"P-Please," I beg again.

He pulls his finger from me and reaches down running his length through the wetness. He brings his finger up to his mouth and sucks it clean.

"I promise, I will get to that, right now though, I have to fuck you."

I don't care what he does later. I just need him now.

I push my hips up against him, hoping to speed things up.

"Hold on, baby," he whispers as I feel the hard, swollen tip of him pushing at my entrance.

The fiery sting starts almost immediately. He pushes in slowly, each inch stretching me deeper and deeper. My eyes water and I claw at his shoulders.

"Almost," he whispers breathlessly.

The final inches are the worst, a throbbing stretch that makes me cry out. I cover my face in my hands, trying to hide the tears.

"Let me see you, Luci," he kisses my fingers.

When I move my hands he presses gentle kisses over my tears. The stretching starts to feel less painful, the burn is subsiding.

"I won't move until you're ready," he kisses my mark causing warmth to spread through me.

"You can move, slowly," I say nervously.

He drops his forehead to mine and pulls his hips back, then pushes them forward again. He's moving slowly, only pulling halfway out each time. His muscles shake and his brow is slick with sweat. I know it's taking so much effort to move with this much control.

"Cole, you can move, really move," I whisper and his eyes meet mine.

He watches me closely as he pulls out, almost completely, then pushes back in, still slow and controlled but faster then before.

"Fuck," he moans loudly, "you feel... holy shit."

I roll my head back into the pillow, each thrust of his hips feels like a massage, he's hitting a spot inside of me that makes my toes curl.

"oh my God," I tighten my legs around his waist.

I know he's done this before but you wouldn't know it by the look in his eyes. He looks amazed, absolutely bewildered, like he can't comprehend what he's feeling.

"Luc, baby," he growls as he speeds up. The headboard knocks against the wall loudly. Each thrust causes the mattress to move and creak beneath us.

He reaches up with one hand, pulling his chest up slightly, he grabs the headboard and slams it into the wall, holding it in place with one arm while he holds himself up with the other.

He's moving so quickly now it seems like one continuous scream tearing from my throat. A pressure starts to build inside of me, a deep, almost painful force, squeezing me.

"Oh fuck, are you about to cum?" he chokes out as he pushes his lips to mine.

The kiss is messy and interrupted every second by a pant or a moan or him yelling an expletive into the air.

"Cole!" I scream as the pressure explodes into a deep rippling pleasure. My body tenses, clenching around him.

He growls and pushes his hips faster, making me scream, a loud, raspy cry. I feel shattered, like I'll never catch my breath again.

He rolls his hips against mine, grunting each time I feel his length twitch inside of me.

"Oh, Luc, fucking hell," he whines against my mark. His body shakes until he finally stills, laying gently on top of me.

"Holy shit," I whisper and he chuckles.

"I'm not even close to finished with you."

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