A Warriors Heart

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My apologies


"Wake up," I move the hair away from her face. She whines and rolls over, pressing her back to my chest.

I suck in a breath when her bare ass rubs against me. I woke up hard, aching for her.

She moves again, pressing back slightly, I know she's awake and she feels me.

"We're supposed to train," I whisper against her ear. She rolls suddenly, sitting up on her knees and pushing me flat on my back. When she throws her leg over my hips, moving over me, I can't help the shock on my face.

"There is training we can do here, too."

Her voice is soft and sweet, sending a jolt straight to my cock.

"What kind of training do you have in mind?"

My imagination runs wild. I picture her plump lips around my cock, choking on me as I thrust into the back of her throat. I see her riding me, bouncing on top of me.

"Can you show me how to ride you? How to make you feel good?"

Fuck me...

I run my fingers over her, dipping inside of her tight entrance, feeling how wet and warm she is.

She rolls her hips against my fingers, grinding against them.

"Cole," she whimpers as I rub circles around her clit.

I came so many times last night, we spent the whole night wrapped around each other. My heart hurts, in a good way. I never thought I would get to have this. To have my mate in my arms, under me, utterly mine.

She rocks her hips forward and lifts up, pulling my cock to her entrance.

I hold my breath and fist the sheets as she sinks down slowly, enveloping me in soft, tight heat.

There is no pleasure in the world as great as the magic between her legs.

I hold her hips and help guide her up and down. She lets her head fall back, her hair tickling my thighs as she rolls over me.

"Oh, Cole," she whimpers, bringing her hands to rest on my chest.

My name on her lips is the sweetest sound. I can only watch her face, her lips parted, taking shallow breaths, her big bright eyes, shining down on me, her messy slept on hair, framing her face.

A shocked gasp leaves my throat as I realize what this deep, burning, perfect ache is.

I love her.

The realization sends me into a tailspin. The feeling is so strong it squeezes at my heart.

She brings one of her hands up to my face, rubbing her thumb over my bottom lip. She feels it, I know she does.

She rides me, holding eye contact, it's so intense that I want to stop her. The emotions coursing through me are new and frightening. I have everything, all the things I never thought would be mine are sitting right here in my lap.

I feel a sharp burn at the base of my spine, my muscles contacting while we stare at each other.

"I'm... fuck...I'm cumming," I grip her hips, holding her tightly against me as she shakes.

We stare at each other with wide eyes.

"That was..." she looks shocked.

We sit quietly, I want to tell her but I don't know how. The words are stuck in my throat.

She places a chaste kiss to my lips then my mark, a small smile on her lips. She knows. She knows and she's not mad at me for not saying it.

I don't know why she's mine but I'm so grateful.

"I'm starving," she giggles.

"Me too," I run my fingers over her collarbone and shoulder.


I groan, "we'll eat tomorrow, lets stay here."

She laughs and rolls off the bed, pulling my tshirt off the floor.

"I'm going to grab clothes from my room."

The thought of her walking away fills me with panic. I jump up and pull clothes on.

"Wait, I'll come with you."

She chuckles but waits at the door.

When she's dressed she slips her hand in mine to walk into the dining room. I notice several pack members looking and whispering when we walk in. Word travels fast around here.

"I should call my mom today." She whispers as we sit down.

She doesn't talk about her mom much, I get the feeling she isn't excited to have this conversation.

"Does she hate me?"

"I...umm...I didn't tell her I found you," she squeezes my hand, "I was waiting to see how things went...I was going to call her but then you got hurt."

"You seem hesitant..."

"Not about you.." she links me, laying her head on my shoulder.

"She's going to freak out that I'm moving away. My brothers live there, I think she always expected me to. She always wanted me to find my mate but... I always got the feeling it was because she was embarrassed that I hadn't, not because she actually wanted me to find hapiness."

"Maybe I can change her mind when I meet her."

She laughs, "she doesn't speak English."

"Teach me French then."

She looks up at me with wide eyes, "really?"

"Why not? You're my mate, I'll learn French for you."

"Sorsha can help, her French is great."

As if on cue, Elijah and Sorsha walk into the dining room. They make a beeline for our table.

"Open your mindlink to the pack, asshole," Elijah chuckles.

"Why? What's up?"

"The rooms below you were trying to link you to kindly ask that you 'shut the fuck up' last night and this morning. "

Sorsha smacks his shoulder and Luc tenses beside me.

I know she's embarrassed but I'm glad they know. I can't find it in me to be embarrassed at all.

I stand and clap my hands together loudly. The room gets quiet and everyone looks over at us. Elijah is openly laughing, while Sorsha is trying to hide the fact that she is.

"It has come to my attention that several of you have tried to link me while I was... otherwise indisposed. My apologies for the loud noise, I'm afraid I cannot guarantee that it won't happen again."

There is a loud chorus of people laughing and cheering. I know most of them have been quietly hoping I would find my mate. I can see how excited they are for me, save one angry scowl in the crowd.

Fucking Jordan...

I make eye contact with him and tilt my chin forward. He backs down immediately and averts his gaze. Smart move.

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