A Warriors Heart

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Serious talk


The smell of this place is nauseating. We approach in a 'w' formation, each of us watching a specific direction. The abandoned apartment building looks like a bomb went off. Most of the railings, windows and doors are missing or broken. The walls are covered with graffiti, most of which is very anti-werewolf.

Leo stops short and a hissing sounds rolls through him. I see her, too, standing in a fourth story window.

"Keep formation," Elijah growls and we move forward.

We clear the first floor quickly, having vampires on our side really is helpful. They are so ridiculously fast Leo's able to clear areas much faster than we can even get to them.

As we move up to the second story I hear something, yelling. We all freeze and listen. It doesn't sound like someone yelling about us, it just sounds like an argument. There are distinct male and female voices.

"Is that..." I whisper and Leo's shoulders tense.

"Yeah, that's her."


It sounds further up than the second story, they must still be on the fourth. We continue past the landing, luckily this seems like a small operation, there aren't many people guarding each floor. The third floor is empty but there is a distinct metallic smell that makes my stomach curl. It's definitely Bea's blood.

We split up on the fourth floor, Elijah and Leo moving into position in the stairwell while one of Leo's men and I move up to the fifth floor.

We wait for the signal, then burst through the door onto the fifth floor. There are three vampires up here. I can hear commotion below us, there is a large hole in the floor, opening up into the floor below us. I'm still struggling with the vampire on the fifth floor.

The other two have been taken care of but I'm having a hard time getting him into a choke hold to remove his head. I shift and bite into his neck, feeling the bones crunch.


That should have been easier. Lucienne and Elijah may have been right, I might have benefited from a few days of physical therapy.

I do a quick search before jumping down through the hole in the floor. I land just in time to see the girl, April, jumping out the window.

No fucking way is she escaping again.

I leap after her, linking Elijah on the way down. I chase her into a large open field. Shit, vampires are fast. I link Elijah again, telling him to send another vampire to my location, I'll track her until they can get here.

I approach the overgrown, thick line of trees. I know she's here, I can smell her. The vampire guard that Leo brought comes to a skidding stop beside me. I nod my head toward the trees. As I make my way through the trees I can see that there is a large ditch just past the trees. If I can get her to jump down there to run away, we'll have her out in the open again. I sniff into the air.

She's above us.

I jump up suddenly, pushing off my hindlegs, straight up into the air. I grab her leg and pull her down. She screams as she falls, a loud shriek that alerts my partner to where we are. I know she's injured but not enough to stop her, only to slow her slightly.

She runs directly for the ditch. We jump in after her and he is able to catch her easily. Even injured she's still very fast. He pins her to the ground and I lunge forward, taking her neck between my teeth.

When we make it back to the abandoned building Leo is carrying Bea in his arms, she's not moving.

I shift and run toward them.

"They drugged her to keep her wolf under control, she'll be alright. The wounds are mostly superficial," Elijah sighs with relief.

"Did you get her?" Leo growls.

"I wouldn't have come back if we hadn't."

I take out my phone and call Luc. She doesn't answer. Shit.

My wolf usually feels calm, relieved after we complete a mission, especially when it goes perfectly to plan. I can't shake this anxious feeling.

When we get into the car I can't keep still. My leg is bouncing nervously. Elijah quirks his brow at me.

"I called and she didn't answer."

"Hold on," he pulls his phone from his pocket and calls Sorsha, who answers right away.

After they speak for a minute he turns to me, "She's asleep. Mags woke up at three am and wouldn't calm down. She walked him around for two hours until he passed out, now she's sleeping with him."

At least she didn't ignore my call. I know she's mad at me, I deserve it. I need to show her that I'm serious, about her, about us, about changing. I want the kind of relationship that Elijah and Sorsha have. I want her to feel secure, to know how I feel about her.

"Elijah, we need to have a serious talk."

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