A Warriors Heart

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Real Life - Epilogue


I roll over, still mostly asleep and reach for her in bed. Her spot is not only empty, it’s cold.

I slide out of bed and walk down the hallway. When I reach the living room I find her pacing in the kitchen slowly.


She turns to me and my heart sinks. She has tears on her cheeks and misery etched into her face.

“I can’t do this anymore, Cole. Five days late is too many. Get this kid out of me, now."

“When did you wake up?” I walk toward her, pulling her into my chest. She hasn’t been able to sleep for days.

“I don’t know if I ever really slept. I’m so uncomfortable,” another tear slips down her cheek.

I don’t know what to do. She’s been miserable for two weeks. At least there was a light at the end of the tunnel before but now that we’ve passed the due date she’s hopeless. I can’t do anything. I run her baths and massage her legs and back. I’m not used to feeling helpless. I plan and attack, that’s what I know. I’m crawling out of my skin not being able to do anything for her. She mostly suffers in silence but when she does break down it tears my heart out.

A grimace covers her face and she holds onto my arm, her nails biting into my skin.


“It’s nothing, my back just keeps hurting.”

“Let’s go to the doctor. Just... just to make sure.”

She looks up at me with an annoyed expression but starts to hobble toward our room. I’ve made her go to the doctor several times in the past week. Every little ache makes me nervous and I rush her off, only to be told it’s not time.

“I can run you a bath first?”

“No,” she stops and holds my arm again. Obviously, in pain.

“Lucienne, is the back pain constant or does it come and go?”

“It comes and goes,” she pants.


“Baby, we need to get to the hospital. Now.”

I scoop her up in my arms and quickly take her to our room to change.

I try to steady my shaking hands. This is it.


I won’t ever say this out loud because I think the women of the pack will tie me up and take turns torturing me but, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Watching your mate hurt and being powerless is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced, no exceptions. I would take a wolfsbane coated stake to the chest over that any day.

I stare down at the tiny, pink baby in my arms. My daughter. My heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest. I thought the love I felt for Luc was powerful. This is beyond. I would walk through fire for this baby that I’ve known for an hour.

She’s so little. She’s mine.

I can’t stop staring at her, watching every tiny movement or change in her expression, the sounds she makes. I never thought I would have this. After so many years it hurts too much to hope, so I stopped. What I have in my hands right now was a dream I tried to ignore.

“Genevieve,” I whisper down to her, “Je t’aime tellement." (I love you so)

I pull her up, laying her across my chest, breathing in the soft smell of her blonde hair.

I notice Lucienne moving in the bed. Her tired eyes fluttering open.

“Hey Champ,” I smile at her and she chuckles a tired but happy sound.

“Is she ok?”

“She’s perfect. You can sleep some more, baby. That wasn’t very long.”

“It’s more than I’ve had in days,” she smiles up at me before scooting in the bed. “Come, sit here with me.”

I carefully lay down in her bed, nestled in with the two most important people in my world. My mate by my side and my daughter on my chest, life doesn’t get better than this.

“Has Sorsha been by?” she says with amusement in her voice.

“No, but only because Elijah is physically holding her back. She’s linked me three times. She’s getting desperate.”

She laughs, “Should we put her out of her misery?”

“Are you ready for visitors? That’s up to you, Luc.”

“She can come,” she laughs again, pressing her head into my shoulder.

“I’ll link her in a minute.”

I’m not ready yet. I want five more minutes with my girls, just us. I close my eyes and focus on everything, committing this moment to memory. The soft, sweet smell, Gen’s tiny breaths, Lucienne’s heartbeat, I want to remember all of it.

“I love you,” she whispers quietly.

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