A Warriors Heart

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Is this a sick joke?


Fuck, I'm exhausted. I was ready to head back as soon as everything was settled but Elijah wanted to stay for the day with his son.

I'm restless. I didn't get to fight anyone on this trip. My wolf is angry and needs release.

We're landing at seven in the morning, I'll have to run through some workouts and drills until it's late enough to call up one of my usual players.

Definitely not Samantha... or Sierra...Sandra? Whatever her name is...not her.

When the plane finally lands I'm so ready to be home.

As we pull up to the gate my wolf starts to lose his shit. I sit straight up, searching as we drive up to the packhouse.

"What's up?" Elijah tenses, sensing my panic.

"I-I don't know... my wolf is freaking the fuck out. Something is wrong."

"I don't feel anything out of the ordinary. I linked with Sorsha as we came through the gate, she didn't seem distressed."

He slams his foot down on the gas pedal causing us to fly up the road. He pulls the car in front of the packhouse and I jump out before he can fully stop it.

I sniff the air. What is that? It doesn't smell dangerous... it kind of smells...good, like caramel.

My mind only recognizes two scenarios dangerous or not. I can't get a feel for what the fuck this is.

The sun starts to rise over the trees, shining light down on the packhouse. Sorsha runs around the corner and into Elijah's waiting arms.

"Is someone here?" I ask her gruffly.

"No one that shouldn't be? There haven't been any issues or threats since you guys left. Everything has been quiet." She looks confused.

A jolt shoots down my spine. I'm facing away from the door, looking at them. I feel it immediately when she opens the door. Her caramel scent hitting me like a brick to the face.

"Lucienne, good morning!" Sorsha greets her enthusiastically.

I'm afraid to turn around. If I see her it makes it real.

"Good morning, Luna, I..." her soft, dulcet voice fades, she smells me, too.

I want to run away, to shift and flee but my body won't move. I've lost control of myself. As much as I fight it, my body turns, slowly.

There she is.

Her long, blonde hair is pulled high into a ponytail, letting her face show. Her big blue eyes are wide and fixed on me. I suck in a breath.

Jesus fucking Christ. She's stunning.

Her soft lips are parted and her chest moves rapidly. She's short for a she-wolf. My eyes pan over her body. Fuck. She's a woman. Her hips are round and wide. She's wearing spandex shorts and trainers. The tan skin on her legs is smooth and soft, I salivate at the sight of her.

My mind immediately going to all the filthy things I want to do with her.

My eyes jerk to meet Elijahs. He and Sorsha share matching shocked expressions.

This can't be fucking happening. I do not have a mate. My wolf has gone mad, he's wrong. She's not mine.

I turn on my heels and start to walk away. I need to clear my head. I hear her whimper and it makes my heart ache. I almost fall to my knees and apologize, almost.

"Cole!" Elijah shouts and I feeze. Is this mother fucker really Alpha voicing me? I growl and roll my neck before forcing myself to ignore his command to stop.

He's going to run me into the ground for that later.

I jog toward my bike, jumping on and tearing out of there as fast as I could.

"I'm going to rip your sorry head off when I see you," Elijah growls through the link. I block it and keep riding.

Her blue eyes flash in my mind making me feel woozy. The delicate lilt of her voice plays over and over again. She spoke three words but it was enough. It's like a song that I can't get out of my head. She had an accent. God, it was sexy, soft and charming.

The more I try to force myself not to think about her the more she cements herself into my brain.

I stop my bike on the side of the road, staring out at a long, open stretch of Montana plains.

My body physically feels like it's being ripped in two. I want to run in opposite directions. Part of me wants to go back to her right now, to mark her and claim her, finally. The other part wants to ride into the sunset and never look back.

Who finds their mate at this age?

I'm not a very emotionally complex guy. I like to kick people's asses. I like to train people to kick people's asses. I like to fuck and I like to ride my motorcycle.

Right now, I feel everything. Emotions that I've never felt or things that I pushed down years ago.

What kind of sick joke is this? I looked for her for years, searching everywhere. I'm over it now. I don't want a mate, I don't need a mate. Now, here she is!

I start my bike up again and ride further away, running like a coward. I need space, distance from her intoxicating smell so I can think straight.

I'm too old for this. You're supposed to find your mate when you're young. I'm not a boy anymore, there is nothing sweet or gentle about me. All these years alone have made me hard, calculating and lethal, a perfect warrior. Those are not the qualities of a good mate. I don't know how to be loving to a woman. I'll make her cum but making her happy? That's a completely foreign concept.

Too much time has passed, it took too long. I can't learn how to do this now.

After another hour on the road I turn my bike around and head back to the packlands. Time to face the shit storm that is the wrath of Elijah.

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