A Warriors Heart

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This has never happened before...


I’ve been running pointlessly through the forest. I can’t go back down to the packhouse just yet, I know if I do I won’t be able to control myself, I’ll go to her.

My wolf is angry and aggressive. I’m completely on edge, any sound I hear has me ready to attack. Several squirrels have nearly met their end this afternoon.

Fuck this. I need to actually release some of my energy.

I run back to the packhouse, I’m going to change and go for a ride, see where I end up tonight.

As soon as I step onto my floor I freeze. What the fuck is she doing here?

I link Sorsha, "Did you put her on my floor?”

“Yes,” her response is clipped and angry. "It was before I knew. But I wasn’t going to move her because you’re a jackass.”


I quickly change and sprint down to my bike. I can’t be there. Her soft, warm smell has permeated everything.

As I ride down a lonely strip of road the sun has completely set and I realize that I've been out here for hours, aimless. Turning back from wherever I've taken myself, I ride back into the small town near the packlands and pull my bike into the bar where I know I can forget about things for a while.

The bartender slides a jack and coke in front of me before I have to ask. I like this place, they don’t ask questions and the service is quick.

“Hey, handsome, want to buy me a drink?”

I look over at the little red head sliding into the stool next to mine. I want to tell her to fuck off but I don’t, maybe this will help. I look down at her tiny leather skirt and shirt that barely covers her chest.

“Whatever she’s drinking,” I gesture to the bartender who starts mixing liquids together.

“I’m Missy,” she smiles seductively at me.


“Thanks for the drink, Cole. Do you come here often? I’ve never seen you before.”

“I’ve been around.”

“I saw your bike when you pulled up.”


This is excruciating.

“I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before,” she bites her lip.

“Is there a question in there somewhere?”

“When you’re done here I would love a ride home. I just live up the road.”

I want to get up and run. Everything about this feels wrong, painful. I don’t know why I’m still sitting here. My stomach is in knots, churning at the thought of this girl...

“Yeah, sure,” I hear myself say. Her face lights up and I cringe.

I knock my drink back and signal for another. This is what I need. A quick fix to set my mind right.

After a few drinks we head out to the bike. When she hops on behind me and wraps her arms around my waist I have to physically stop myself from throwing her off.

We drive down the dark, quiet road until she points to an apartment complex just down from where we are.

“Do you want to come up?” she’s biting her lip and twirling strands of her hair between her fingers.


I follow her up the stairs to a small apartment that smells like imitation vanilla. She leads me to her bedroom, I follow her with lead feet, forcing each step.

She crawls onto her bed and I follow her, sitting down on her pink sheets.

“You’re so handsome,” she whispers against me ear as she runs her hand down my chest and over my jeans.

I’m suddenly hit with the sobering realization that there is nothing for her to rub against. I’m completely soft. Fuck. Her brows knit together as she pulls herself into my lap, grinding down against me while pushing my face into her chest. Her skirt bunches up around her hips and I squeeze the skin of her upper thighs.


I start to roll my hips against hers, hoping to spark a little life into my uncooperative cock.


Mother fucking shit. She pulls her scrap of a shirt over her head and unclasps her bra, letting is fall to the floor. I focus my attention on her chest, reaching up and cupping her in my hand. Why isn’t this working?

I reach down and run my hand over the exposed panties between her legs, she’s soaked through her panties, ready for me.


Flashes of bright blue eyes and blonde waves invade my mind. The soft lilt of her voice, her accent. Shit... stop thinking about her.

Missy runs her hands over my chest again before roughly pushing her hand against my jeans. Her eyes shoot up to meet mine. Her cheeks tint pink.

“What’s wrong, Cole?”

“I... nothing...I’m just...”

How do I tell her that I can’t get hard because everything about her is repulsive to me. She is a cute girl, I definitely would have had fun with her but now...

Fucking Lucienne.

We haven’t even talked to each other.

I push her off of my lap onto her bed and rush from the room. I vaguely hear myself mumbling some form of an apology.

“This has never happened before...”

She huffs angrily behind me as I run from her apartment.

I ride back to the packlands dangerously fast, the sun rising over my head. I need to beat the shit out of something, even a speedbag will do for now.

I rush into the training center. I don’t even care that I’m wearing jeans and riding boots. I’m ripping my shirt over my head before I even make it into the boxing room. As soon as I step inside I smell her, through the blockers and the stale smell of sweat.

She throwing punch combos at a bag with Jordan. Why are they here together? I see red as every scenario plays out in my head. She's mine. I can't hold my wolf back for another second.

A deep angry growl rolls through me. Beating the shit out of Jordan would feel even better than a bag. I stalk toward him, he's so busy looking at my mate that he doesn't even see me coming.

I roll my neck and clench my fists together just as he places his hand on her back...

Wrong move, buddy.

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