A Warriors Heart

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Hamburger Meat


I hear him before I see him, a deep, vibrating growl humming through the air. I turn with just enough time to see his balled up fist collide with Jordan's face.

Jordan stumbles back, caught off guard. Cole is on him, throwing punches that land loudly against his face.

Jordan finally seems to snap out of his shocked state and starts to fight back. I'm not sure if Cole is just the better fighter or if he has the element of surprise on his side but he is pulverizing Jordan. Blood is spraying from his face each time Cole's fist connects with his skin.

Both men roll over the matted floors, swinging at each other, snarling and growling loudly. I stand rooted to the ground. I have seen wolves scuffle before but this is absolutely brutal.

"Enough!" Alpha Elijah's voice booms loudly through the room and everyone freezes.

"You linked Elijah? Little bitch," Cole chuckles angrily at Jordan.

"What the fuck man? Why did you attack me?" Jordan's chest is heaving.

When he sits up I finally get a clear view of him. I gasp loudly, one side of his face looks like hamburger meat.

Alpha Elijah yanks Cole off the ground angrily, shoving him to the side.

"You, go to the medical center," he points to Jordan, "you, explain yourself..." he looks expectantly at Cole.

For the first time he makes eye contact with me. His lip is busted and he'll have a black eye but somehow he still looks so good. He's inhaling rapid, angry breaths while maintaining searing eye contact.

"What are you doing here with him?" He asks me ignoring the Alpha altogether. His powerful voice is raspy but soothing, it's better than what I made up in my mind and suits him perfectly.

My legs tremble. He's never spoken to me before.

"Training," I say calmly, I shouldn't feel guilty about this, we weren't doing anything wrong.

He scoffs angrily and takes a step toward me. His eyes soften so slightly that it's almost imperceptible.

"Stay away from him," he growls and I huff loudly.

"Don't tell me what to do."

His shoulders hunch angrily and his nostrils flare. Over his shoulder I can see Alpha Elijah roll his lips into his mouth like he's trying to hide a smile.

"You're..." he stops himself.

"I'm what?" I challenge him, squaring my shoulders. Say it... I dare you.

He lets out an angry snarl and walks past me, out the door. I slump, defeated, he can't even admit what we are.

"I'm sorry about all this trouble, Alpha."

"Don't apologize, you didn't do anything. For what it's worth, I think you should keep training, learn as much as you can."

"I doubt Jordan will want to work with me now."

He laughs, "perhaps not, but I'm sure I can find someone to do it."

I walk slowly toward the packhouse. I don't have long until I need to be at the education center for the first day of the Lunas class. I need to clear my head, I can't have this distracting me.

As I pass the medical facilities I see Cole with Jordan pinned against the side of the building.

"Next time, I'll kill you. Stay the fuck away from my mate," he growls.

"How was I supposed to know that she's your mate? She's unmarked and you're never with her!" Jordan growls out with equal menace.

He thrashes loose from his grip and both men stand defensively like they are about to attack again. Suddenly, all the sadness and heartbreak I've felt over the last few days disappears, it flows through my blood with renewed purpose. I no longer feel sad and weak but filled with boiling rage. How dare this man!

"Excuse me?" I grit through clenched teeth and they both turn to me. I take several angry steps forward until I'm standing right in front of them.

"How dare you come here, reeking of another woman, and have the audacity to act like you have any say-so in what I do and with whom I do it. I want to train while I'm here, I want to use my time wisely. Since we've met you haven't spoken a word to me until just a moment ago, don't think that you are going to dictate how I spend my time."

He stares at me with wide eyes and a slightly parted mouth.

"Jordan, if you feel uncomfortable training me, I understand, Alpha Elijah said he would find someone else. If you're still in, I will be at the gym tomorrow morning."

I turn on my heels and walk quickly to the packhouse, afraid that this burst of confidence will fade, I force myself not to turn around.

Stomping angrily up the stairs I rip my clothes off and shower. My mind is racing and I can't slow it down. He hasn't shown anything but distain for me since I arrived. Now he wants to say that he is my mate. Fucking machismo bullshit.

I quickly dress and grab my things. This mornings unplanned wrestling match has seriously cut into my time.

When I open the door he's leaning against the wall outside of my room. He's still shirtless with blood all over him, still smelling strongly of another women, like cheap vanilla lotion.

"I don't want you to train with him," his voice is low but not angry, there is a softness there.

"I thought I made it clear that I don't particularly care and I want to continue training while I'm here."

I step to the side and begin walking down the hall, he pushes off the wall and follows me, gently grabbing my arm. I can't hold back the gasp or the shiver that roll through me. His skin against mine feels like sun on my skin, warm and calming.

"I'm not saying not to train, I'm saying not with him," there is a pleading in his voice that sounds foreign even to me and I've barely heard him speak. Begging sounds wrong coming from him, like he's never done it before.

I whip back, pulling my arm from his grasp so I can think straight.

"What are you saying, then?"

"I'll train you."

A laugh rips past my lips. He'll train me?

"Why are you laughing? I'm serious."

"You can't train me, Cole."

His name slips past my lips unintentionally and he sucks in a harsh breath.

"I'm the best trainer here, Lucienne. Why shouldn't I be the one that trains you?"

I know he said my name purposely to rile me up, and its working.

"Maybe I don't want you to train me because it's your ass I plan on kicking..."

A smile cracks his lips and I want to burrow into the ground. Damn it, why is he so attractive? It makes it very hard to be strong.

"I can train you so that you will definitely win."

"By teaching me to sucker punch an unprovoked and unsuspecting opponent?"

I know its a low blow but I'm pissed and I need to remember that.

The smile falls from his face, "No... I... look, about that... I'm..."

He's choking on his words, whatever he wants to say he's struggling.

"I'm... I shouldn't have done that..."

"Wow, is that the best you can do?"

His lips turn up again on the ends, "Maybe..."

"Well, I need more than that. Figure out what it is that you want, not in the middle of a jealousy induced flood of emotions." I turn and continue to walk down the hall.

"And for fucks sake," I look at him over my shoulder, "wash the other females scent off of you..."

He pales and I can't help but smirk to myself as I rush down the stairs.

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