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When Bryn Davis imagined seeing her brother's football coach naked, she certainly wasn't picturing his chest to be covered in a thick layer of fur . . . ☾ Darkness treads in the groves of Blackwood. A little town renown for its stellar school and upper class socialites is an unsurprising place for secrets to dwell. Though, that is, until Bryn Davis enters a scandalous relationship with her brother's football coach, and makes a harrowing discovery. Blood. Murder. Scandal. The claws are out, and so are the wolves. It won't be long before dark secrets rise and mayhem ensues. With a war waging on three sides, betrayal sweeping the streets, and Bryn's short temper one step away from causing pandemonium, the stakes are higher than ever. One neurotic girl's influences may be the key to surviving the storm to come ... ... Or the end of life as Blackwood knows it, once and for all.

Fantasy / Thriller
Nicole L.D.
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• Note •

This book will contain mature themes, an abundance of strong language, bigotry, realism, self harm, depression, multi-love interests, age disparity within relationships, and some pretty graphic depictions of violence and gory subjects.

Mature Audiences

Please Note,

This is not a teacher/student novel. Yes, there will be intimacy between two characters that are ultimately seen as inappropriate together, but as you will come to realize, there is a much bigger plot to this story. And in that light, the romance throughout this novel is not what you expect it to be, and will not be rushed.

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