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The Undisclosed Guardians

By Midnightmax9204 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Devastated by the unexpected deaths of their parents, twenty three year old twins Max and Kiki Midnight must take over the secret family business handling maladies and discrepancies regarding the magical and paranormal, all the while trying to tackle their own love lives.

Chapter 1

Max looked down at his parents coffins which were being lowered into the ground, only a week had passed since their unexpected demise and pain was still fresh in his heart. The Minister was saying a prayer and everyone had their heads facing down towards the ground in grief and despair. Friends and distant family alike were dressed all in black as people typically do at depressing traditional funerals.

The grave was extra wide so that it could fit two coffins into one plot and they were lowered gracefully and carefully into their designated spots. The sky was grey and cloudy as it had just rained the past few days, and a slight dew was on the wet grass and mud was plastered on the bottom of everyone’s shoes. The stale smell of smoke filled the air from multiple cigarettes as well as the smell of wet dirt, worms, and the unmistakable sounds of sobbing and sniffling were all to present.

It seemed like any other dreary depressing funeral taking place at an average sized small town cemetery, only it wasn’t. These were the deaths of Mark and Vanessa Midnight or “The Midnights” a married couple team among a secret society called the “Guardians.” The “Guardians” are a small group of people that are spread across the globe that worked not exactly for the government but an under-story or subset government to handle, control, and watch over maladies and discrepancies regarding the magical and paranormal. Each group or sometimes solo individuals rarely worked together, only if big cases needed more help. The general world population does not know about the actual real occurrences of the magical and paranormal, just mostly altered versions of what they see on TV or in film.

The Midnight's had held their range and patrol in upstate New York, sometimes venturing into the city but they mostly stayed local. They owned and ran a veterinary practice not only as a cover but they both had a passion for animals as well. The couple owned a condo next to the veterinary hospital which they lived in for just as many years as they ran the practice. Both were very skilled business-people and were always on top of their finances.

The Midnight's everyday lives revolved around treating and remedying patients pets but sometimes wild animals were brought in as well for treatment. It was a cute little innocent animal hospital right on the corner of a quiet street with a tiny yard next to it for patients and their pets to run around. Unbeknownst to the general public there is a secret base under the hospital which The Midnights called “The Lab” or “The Cave” where they kept their supplies, ran experiments and practiced their skills in private.

On the side of their condo in the yard they had a shed which is a secret passage down to the lab where they had their cargo and supplies delivered. The tunnel was only about 20 ft. long and led right into the labs pantry. The couple also owned a magical orb or a “crystal ball” which was elevated on a stone altar with flowing water around it. The orb was given to them by a witch named Linda who lived locally and would help them out on their missions and tasks. The ball would show images of nasty ghosts and spirits inhabiting local areas and could sense changes in the magical magnetic field.

In the area, It was a very useful tool to the Midnights and without the orb they would have been blind to much more phenomena. Linda, the witch who gave them the orb was a three hundred year old woman who owned a hippieshop on the other side of the bridge on the river they lived next to. She was a little kooky, a little forgetful, but most of all she was kind and very helpful to those around her. She is very skilled and knowledgeable in the ways of magic and taught The Midnights a great deal of what she knew, she is a valuable asset to their team. Linda is proficient in Gemstone Lore, and would give those she helped power through these gemstones that would heighten the individuals specific strengths and traits.

The Midnights also have two children, of which are the main characters from where this story takes place. They are now fully grown twins at twenty three years of age, one male Max and one female Kiki. Their parents heritage and secret life is no secret to them as they grew up in the veterinary hospital and would spend a lot of time down in the laboratory looking at books, odd ancient relics and artifacts. Their parents had taught them everything they knew as well and Linda was like aGreat Aunt and Grandmother to them, for they grew up with her their entire lives.

The twins both bore dark hair, Max’s was short and combed over and Kiki’s was long and wavy. They both had green eyes, long eyelashes and slender lean builds at a height of around 5′8. Both were trained in many forms of combat and also skilled in the ways of meditation, tai-chi, qui-gong and other mindful exercises. Max more on the shy side kept to himself and liked to walk in nature and spend time looking out at the river playing his ocarina and spending time with his boyfriend Jake. Kiki was similar in that she kept to herself hanging out mostly at home doing her own hobbies.

Both Max and Kiki were devastated and shocked at what had happened on that dark and disastrous night just seven days ago. They both knew their parents line of work could be dangerous but they never thought they would be murdered on the job. Their parents had been fighting off an unnamed dark witch who had come to the area summoning dark spirit’s and creatures alike to carry out her ill intentions. Her motive is still unclear as to why she had chosen this county as her spot for chaos. The witch had killed Mark and Vanessa by draining their life force and throwing them off of a cliff into the river. Vanessa’s body was found and Marks body was not retained but was presumed dead by local police and authorities. What the local town thought was that they were having marriage and business troubles and committed suicide on the cliff. Only Kiki, Max, Linda and their friends James, Angie and Charles knew of the real events that took place.

James and Angie Evans are a married couple who own a bar across the street from the veterinary hospital and have been great friends to the Midnight's for the past ten years. James was a partial psychic, with his abilities being passed down from his mother and grandmother before him. He is the first male in the family to show signs of visions and premonitions. Angie is human but has siren ancestry in her blood and had a voice that could make anyone cry or fall asleep. Charles on the other hand is a self proclaimed “retired wizard” who lives in a small cabin in the woods alone tending to his truck and his animals. Charles is gifted in the ways of communicating and breeding wild animals and finds peace and calmness in the woods.

Back at the funeral Linda, Kiki and Max were seated next to each other in the front row, all still in shock at what had just taken place. Linda had some tears streaming down her face which she collected in a clear vile for safe keeping.

“Really?” said Kiki angrily.

“Oh I’m sorry, bad habit, just for safe keeping, witch stuff you know, may come in use one day” said Linda with a sigh and sniff and put the vile in her already stuffed bag for safe keeping.

Most of the of the other people had left the funeral at this point but the three stayed behind as the grave diggers put the dirt over their caskets.

“I am truly so sorry for what happened you two I wish I would have known they were going out that night, I feel so guilty cried Linda

Linda then put her head into Max’s chest and sobbed hard.

“They were like my children and you two my grandchildren.” said Linda

“Its ok you are like my grandmother and you have done more for us than we ever could have asked for” said Max

“You are a great person and an even better witch” Max added.

There was a long silent pause and soon the rain came to a halt.

“I think we better get going, if I stay here any longer I may cry again and Scarlet is coming over tomorrow to give some comfort” said Kiki as she then walked over to the car alone with her head down.

Linda looked up at Max and started crying again.

“She will never forgive me” said Linda with a sob.

“Kiki always thought I was clumsy and forgetful and I could have potentially stopped this tragedy from happening and now look she hates me.” said Linda now blowing her nose into a tissue.

“She’ll come around, nobody acts like themselves in situations like these and you know how she is with talking about her feelings, its going to take a long time for her and me alike to process this and it’s only been one week.” said Max

“But please don’t beat yourself up, for me please? Said Max with a forced half smile.

“Even in the darkest of times I don’t how you still can remain calm,” said Linda

Max then hugged Linda again very tightly almost squishing her small frame.

“You should go home and cuddle long and hard with Nicademus, I am sure you and him alike can benefit from that greatly.” added Max.

“You are right my dear, I will do just that” replied Linda

Nicademus is Linda’s bald immortal Sphinx cat who enjoys being cuddled very much, he is just about as old she is and always enjoyed comfort.

They then proceeded and walked over to the car, mud squishing all over their black shoes as the rain started up again and it trickled down on top of their heads. As they made their way over to the car Kiki got in the drivers seat and thought about what she was going to say to her girlfriend Scarlett when she came for the weekend. Kiki and Scarlett have been together on and off for the past five years. Kiki still to this day has never told Scarlett her families true identity and told her the lie and cover up used by the media. Scarlett a failed actress from Wisconsin moved to California with hopes of becoming a star or model. She is a beautiful woman by most onlookers standards with long golden hair and a voluptuous curvaceous body, but still couldn’t manage to land a part in a movie as the competition is to high. Scarlett now resides in the next town over with an old friend from college working in a boutique.

As Max reached the car he went to the passengers seat and he to was thinking about his relationship with Jake. Jake had taken a trip to Canada with his brother the past two weeks and Max still hasn’t told Jake what had happened and he didn’t want to ruin his trip and couldn’t care to repeat the story aloud without getting chocked up. So he figured he would wait until he saw him once he returned instead of talking over the phone. It’s also no secret to anyone that Kiki and Max were gay and lesbian twins but that did not concern them in the slightest bit anymore. In the past coming out was an internal issue but thankfully their parents and friends fully accepted them for who they are. They have bigger matters to worry about now such as taking over a veterinary hospital, an undercover business dealing with magic and paranormal and now the unexpected death of their parents.


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