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Liz accepts her fate, trains to wield all four elements and the divine element— Light. She goes to Magnus Enchantus, a school for elementalists, and meets her guardians. They trained together and fight together. With the guidance and wisdom of their dragons and Drogon, the light mage, they achieved great heights. But little did they know, they were one step behind of their ultimate enemy, Deorc—the dark mage.

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In the world of Natus, the elements- water, fire, air, and earth, are made to balance the world. Individuals possess these elements; born of exquisite elemental powers.

Elementalists persisted on practicing their skills. Discovering its wonders, wrote them down on papyrus scrolls. Experience their best teacher, after all no one was really a master yet. Trials and mistakes became their lessons.

After some time, many have gained knowledge. Yet the need to wonder more for power was exceedingly tempting. Meanwhile, greedy acquisitive men wanted more power among other Natusians. Fighting styles were determined in all elements, ranging from offense and defense to special and ultimate skills— those that inflict severe injuries and invoke imminent death.

Upon certain fear, they divided themselves to regions for safety. The benders went North and built its kingdom— Aquelia, firelighters of Draqion to the East whilst the earth summoners of Erthoquin to the West and lastly the ventors of Skylight to the South.

All regions have deserted common trade. No outsiders allowed until such time, economy dove in slope. Every region knew their resources dwells not just in their lands so they must open their doors for traders.

Merchants and trade investors were then granted pass by the high royals of each region for every town and province they wish to cover. All four has prospered in economy and politics.

However, Draqion wanted more and more power. Firelighters have always been the aggressive ones, colluding with renegades; recreant rebels who scheme their ways of tricks by benevolence.

And with that, the Light Goddess, a deity of futurity and sanctification, visioned a bloody mussed gore in the lands of Natus. And so she designed a new element- one that is likely similar of her power.

She paid visits to all kind-hearted and worthy through dreams and asked them to gather on the center of all elemental grounds—the Valley of Silence, where she would take them to Lucere, a paradise which hovers above Natus.

The Goddess lived among her Levis— duo-powered Natusians of inborn elemental power, and divine-gifted element of light. Sooner, the Levis built a kingdom in honor for the goddess and for loyalty. The Goddess personally chose the king and queen herself. The rulers were King Thranvon from North and Queen Elysia of South, leaders of pure kindness and love.

In Lucere lies the source of peace and love, holding all faith of every Natusians so it spreads out to all corners of Natus to maintain serenity of all lands. Without faith, Lucere will fail to function even with the Goddess' power. Leaving all those of life to languish in a weakly nonfeasance. However, with Levis' service it will forever be productive and hopeful for the people of Natus to live in faith.

The Levis Royals manage all four elemental grounds. The power of light had grown to be the difference from them to the four. These men are the people of neutral hearts and equal judgments. The Levis control peace and order to prevent an uprising. With light, all are at peace.

The power of light cleanses and purifies the soul of a Natusian. The greater sin committed, the painful the cleansing. If failure to follow the commandments, he will be cleansed with light by the Levis Royals. Either he receive life or death, only the light decides ones fate.

For a few months of peace, it became sour. Sudden caprices were uprising. The allegiance of the kingdoms to Lucere was broken by envy and greed, resulting to chaos—a war of blood was born. Draqion being the first on the lines in waging war against Lucere. The foretold prophecy began. Women cried and children died with terror while men fought to death, battling for vengeance.

The fiery fire-lighters, ice cold water-benders, the violent earth summoners and the wild air-ventors turned in each other's backs, fighting for dominion.

It was a blast of light that ended all wars: the purge for the beginning of new life, the finale for cleansing the evilness, purifying the doubted minds and sanctifying the bitter souls. Therefore, ending the existence of Lucere.

And there came the Institute, where the strongest of all regions and the royals gathered for a treaty to all. The General Commander of the Institute leads the missions, manning executive operations in the Citadel, the Institute headquarters. The headquarters are said to be hidden and specially designed with advanced technology whilst they innovate technology for security of the every regions.

Peace was born once again, and hope flourished in the lands of Natus. The Council, professors of elements, created a school - Magnus Enchantus, where the young ones learn to become better elementalists. With wisdom, Natus will be of peace.

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