The rise of Nix

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In this prequel, we learn the story behind the myth, the woman who would be a Goddess and her fateful downfall. This is the rise of Nix. Nix Blackwood is an ordinary woman in her small village, loved by all. Her big heart a contribution to humankind. And as such she is chosen by the Gods to become the first witch. Deimos is a low ranking God sent to train the new witch in the art of magic. The polar opposite to Nix, they constantly fight but in the end, their love blooms. As with the previous books, we know how these two ended up, but read further to see what truly happens and the evil that lurks just behind them, eager to destroy their new life.

Fantasy / Romance
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In the beginning, before humans and planet earth, the unending void of the universe remained silent. The vast cosmos send a flare of power as a historic event occurred. The Big Bang. Sharts of energy shot from the great explosion with multiple powers heading out on their own. Hundreds of years as we know it passed before these energies transformed. Each began to shape and mold, growing stronger by the passing time. Before long, and thanks to their perfect environment, creatures began appearing. Aliens, extraterrestrials, call them what you may but earlier civilizations called them Gods. As they reached their full potential in the complete blackness, their energies sought out their counterparts and the Gods migrated to each other. A short blissful time was spent together as they mixed with one another, all communicating about what could be. But before long, they became frustrated, with each other and their endless void. That is until one of them had an idea, Zeus. As the most powerful of the group, he suggested they create their own beings, in the image that they would love to be. The others agreed, and with a few thousand years of work, the earth was molded. The planet would be their home and the inhabitants, humans, their citizens. Time passed in the glorious union as the Gods lived among their humans, praised upon daily. But being immortal, some of the Gods grew bored with these simple creatures. Hades, part of the top Gods, decided to have some fun. With the darkness in him, he chose on human, Vladimer, and corrupted his soul with the power and darkness. From this, vampires came into existence. Creatures forced to consume the blood of the humans and damned to the darkness for all eternity. Zeus, angered by the change of the creatures he created, asked Poseidon for help. The God agreed with Zeus and suggested they mold their own creature from the humans. And thus, werewolves were created. Powerful to match the vampires, but able to follow the light. Hades had heard of this plan and as an act of revenge, he snuck in a weakness. For werewolves could walk in the sun, they would be bound by the full moon, forced to shift, revealing a weakness their enemies could use. And so creatures began walking side by side with humans, all equal. But with change came fear. Humans outnumbered the creatures but still, they retaliated. The great war took many lives, on both sides, forcing the creatures into hiding. The Gods, of course, did nothing to help their creations, instead, they watched from a distance. As time went on, some of the less powerful Gods created their own species, not as powerful but still magical. Soon, in the shadows, different creatures mingled and bred, creating even more abnormalities. Humans, by this point, became unaware of the changes, blissfully ignorant of the world around them.

But peace was short-lived, for creatures craved to be in the open, to not hide their identities. Humans began developing mentally as great structures sprung up and curiosity gripped the species. Travel between continents became easier and less dangerous, but also enabled the supernatural to explore the different species. Hate began to spread, which led to death among them. It became clear that the supernaturals would never be accepting of each other and at the rate they were going, the species would be extinct soon.

The three Gods watched from their towers, unbothered by the mess they created. The less powerful Gods felt remorse for what they did and decided to help. One of those Gods, Deimos, came forth and pleaded to the Gods to do something. They were either just bored, or actually wanted to help, we would never know, but they agreed.

A creature had to be molded, one with the power of a God, but not too powerful, and contain the attributes of all creatures. They searched far and wide, knowing the chosen one had to be kind, but firm, care for all but could also stand up for the right thing. A human was chosen and she would be gifted powers.

For she would become the first witch.

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