Stuck In Different Realms

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Griffins, Werewolves, Lycans, Vampires, Fae, Demons, etc. they all are imaginary concepts. But what happen if you stuck actually in their world? And you can't go until unless you figure out that what is your motive to be here in these different realms? Stacy Andrewson Brown is an adventurous girl. She likes adventure. Crap, she loves it! She likes to meet new people basically she is a very social girl. She is in senior high school at Belmorthal School. She is average in studies but famous in school. She is also known for her helping nature.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

“STACY ANDREWSON BROWN!!” a voice came, I recognize this voice but I am still busy in my beauty sleep

God! can't a girl get some sleep?

“Get your ass off from the bed or I will just kick you out from it”

I rub my eyes still trying to get up….short after a while I opened them. The first thing I saw is my mother’s angry face. Oopsie….I am gone….

“Good morning, Mother. You are looking more beautiful and young today” I said with a huge grin on my face

“Stacy Andrewson Brown. Don’t you think that you should hurry or you will be late for your school?” my mom said with a low but soft tone. That means my trick works. Yay!

I looked at my phone to see the time. Although I have my own wall clock but it’s easy to see time on phone.


“Watch your language, S” my mom said

Yes, you heard it right. Out of all the nicknames she uses ‘S’ as shortcut to call me. She is a businesswoman so there is no need to argue about this. She is really bad at choosing nicknames. My father is also a businessman but he is just opposite of my mother. He is the dream father of every girl.

“Sorry mom, I am getting late so I think you should go down and short after a while I will come and join you and dad”

“Okay but you should hurry, S” ugh! Again! She says and close my room door

I jumped up from my bed and run towards my armoire (wardrobe) and in a record time I pick my clothes and also get ready for school. Belmorthal School is known for its beautiful dress. And I love my dress too.

Our dress is basically a white shirt with black skirt (below knee), a white long sock and black blazer with a logo of our school. With compliment it has black shoes and black tie. Perfect! Just like model’s outfit.

Today I didn’t braid my hair since I am late, I let my hair fall. I have natural red hair and blue eyes. This makes me world’s rarest combo and yes, I totally agree with this. I am rarest!

I run downstairs to meet my father. I love him! I have got my blue eyes from my father and red hair from my mother

“Good morning, Father!” I said cheerfully

“Good morning, Princess. Be careful otherwise you may hurt yourself” see I told you my father is the best and totally opposite to my mom

“Don’t worry, dad. Did I tell you that you look very handsome and young today” I said genuinely. My dad has thick brown and is still fit. So, I think that he is young

Dad chuckles and said,

“Daughter you know exactly when to happy your parents. Now, go fast or you will definitely be late and don’t forget to eat something before you go”

I pick an apple from the table and eat as fast as I can then I said “Bye” to my parents and leave home. I ran towards my car and hop in and drove as fast as I can

Although my parents were too busy on their world but they always pick one day to spend some time with me. And today is the day. Wednesday. They did not want me to think that they were abandoning me.

‘Dream…’ my inner voice told me. ‘Oh, shit not again’ I fought to myself

‘Come on be positive sometimes’ I told myself

‘Ok so today is Chinese language, Mathematics and History’ I remind myself

When I reach school, two guys were approaching me

“Hi guys! How are you doing?” I told my two best friends

Yes, I have two guy best friends, one named Arian d’caprio and other named Manrick Addison Derrick (MAD). We were friends when we were five. I have other friends as well but no one is like them. Most of the time I hang out with them and it feel so relaxed.

“Hi Stace” they said in unison we shake our hands and move to the hallway where my locker is

“Stace, any plans for today?” Arian says

I stare at them with narrowed eyes and said, “You forget, right” of course I know they forget this important day

They looked at each other with confused look and I roll my eyes at them

With heavy sign I told them, “Today is the day when we first meet. Twelve years ago” as soon as I told them they hugged me, one from front and another from back. Looks like I’m sandwiched between them.

I giggled at this scene, and all the eyes around hallway stop and came to see us. We separated and they said to me in unison, “Happy friendship day, Stace!” I laughed at them and from my bag I took out two gifts packed in small box with yellow colour paper and with a white ribbon. I hand them their gifts and wish them back

Hope so they liked my gifts…

They opened the box and stretched out a big smile giving me bone crushing hug. I give them ticket of the upcoming football match. I know they like football so it is worth it

They said ‘thank you’ to me and with that we all leave the hallway to our first class which is history

Class was empty, so we took our seats and settled down. Short after a while MAD says something, which I don’t want to hear

“I saw her in my dream again”


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