The Queen in Shadows

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Chapter 17

I wander around the house, cleaning, somewhat, trying in vain to take my mind off of him. I’ve been wiping the same window for nearly twenty minutes.

I decided not to go to Phoenix.

It’s better this way, it’s better this way, it’s better this way.

I can’t stop thinking about the conversation I had with Alex. He thinks I should go talk to him. I wish I knew more, who does he know? Why does he think I should go see him? Why wasn't he freaked out when I told him that I love Phoenix. It doesn't make sense.

I start to wonder if I should just do it, just trust him. He is my Alpha, after all.

Blue eyes invade my mind, as they have countless times over the past days. This is reckless and foolish. Trusting Phoenix goes against everything I’ve ever been taught. I’m trying to force myself to be afraid of him but my heart and my wolf won’t allow it. Deep in my soul, somehow, I just...know, I can trust him.

I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t even try. The only happiness I have ever felt has been with him. I have my Alphas permission, I’m going. I run down the stairs and out of the house, I hear my uncle yell after me but I don’t stop. I run as fast as I can through the winding streets.

When I get to the pedestrian entrance the guards recognize me.

“Madam Celine?” One of them asks.

“Yes!” I say stepping forward and lifting my arms for him to pat me down. He’s much more gentle than he’s been in the past.

“You’re good,” he says, stiffly.

I take off sprinting again yelling “thank you” over my shoulder. Running through the garden I start to realize that I haven’t really planned anything. What if he isn’t in his room or Celine’s work studio? I’m not actually supposed to be here. I’m just a crazy person sprinting around the grounds. I have to stop and walk for a minute on the steepest part of the street.

Man, I wish there had been a trolley at the gate. I start to run again, I am determined to get there, to fix this if I can. I know there is a huge gala tonight, in his honor. I know that every gorgeous, eligible vampire will be there, hoping he picks her. I know that he is searching for his most beloved but I have to try. Even if he only wants me around as a friend, I will try to accept that. I told him that I trust him, now comes the difficult part, actually doing it.

The need I feel for him is so deep, so embedded within me that I can’t ignore it. There has to be a reason why I love him, why I instantly trusted him. Whatever this is, it feels rare, it feels like something worth fighting for, worth protecting.

As I round the final corner I see the last guard station before his courtyard. Sloane is leaning against a trolley, talking to the guards posted there. She turns and sees me. She starts jumping up and down. I can hear her squealing but I can’t make out the words she is saying. She jumps into the trolley and drives down to me.

“Are you here to see him? Please, please, tell me you’re here to see him!”

I try to calm my heaving chest so I can answer her, I nod instead.

“What took you so long? He has been miserable for days!”

My heart aches and flutters simultaneously. The thought of him miserable racks me with guilt but it’s nice to think that he missed me as much as I missed him.

We pull up to the courtyard just as I feel like I can breathe normally again.

“He is in his wing. He hasn’t left it since Sunday except to visit his mother.”

My heart aches again. I hope he doesn’t hate me now.

“Thank you, Sloane!”

I jump out of the trolley and run down the path to his door. When I get there I stop for a second to collect myself, running my fingers through my windblown hair and adjusting my uniform.

I knock and wait.

Knock again, wait.

Knock even louder, wait some more.

Well, shit.

I nervously reach for the doorknob and push it down. The door clicks open. I let out the breath I was holding. When I step inside the house is silent. I hope Sloane wasn’t wrong, it doesn’t seem like he’s here.

I climb the stairs to his bedroom, my hands start to shake. I touch the doorknob and pause, please, don’t hate me.

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