The Queen in Shadows

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Chapter 19

His whole body stiffens as he looks down at me, studying my face.

He pulls me into his arms, lifting me up, holding me against his body. My heart is pounding like a drum. He walks us to his bed with his mouth pressed to mine.

This kiss is different from the sweet ones from before. It feels desperate and full of need. When we get to his bed he lays me down softly, his eyes are red and full of lust.

I haven’t seen him this way before. He looks wild, so different from his normal calm demeanor.

"Are you sure?" He climbs over my body, pressing his lips to my neck.

"Yes," I whisper against his mouth.

He works slowly but with confidence, undressing us both until we're completely naked.

I lay trembling on the bed filled with nerves and excitement. He’s on his knees between my legs, looking at me, studying me with rapture.

I would normally be embarrassed but he looks so mesmerized. Unlike his usual calm attitude, his eyes roam over me frantically. He is looking at me with such adoration it makes my heart flutter.

"You're so beautiful, Noelle, I need to know how you taste, will you let me?" He whipsers.

I nod, nervously.

He leans forward, licking a long, confident strip through my waiting core.

My body tenses, taken aback by how immediate the pleasure is. He wraps his arms around my legs, holding them wide open.

He is masterful with his mouth, falling into a pattern of licking and sucking that makes me delirious. An unfamiliar feeling of tension builds in my core, tightening excruciatingly.

He moans loudly against my sensitive nerves, pushing his tongue harder and faster.

I buck against him, my body moving involuntarily, like it knows what it needs to do. When my muscles start to shake, he focuses all of his attention and efforts on my center.

The impossible tightness breaks, my body spasming around him.

He climbs from between my legs with a wicked smile on his face, “it was better than I was expecting,” he groans as he climbs up my body, pulling me to the middle of his large bed.

“Everything about you is delicious,” he cages my body beneath his, his rock hard cock leaking wetness against my stomach.

I reach my hand down to run my fingers over the soft skin. He hisses and bucks his hips forward at the light touch.

We’re both looking down, between our bodies.
“Noelle,” he whispers softly, “do you want this because if you don’t we can stop right...”

I cut him off by wrapping my small hand around his shaft and slowly pumping it. The words die in his throat and he groans, pushing his face into my neck.

“Fuck,” he whispers against my skin as he holds himself as my entrance.
“Relax your body, I’ll go slow,” his voice shakes as he pushes into me slowly.

He’s staring into my eyes and it’s so intense I want to look away, to hide my face but I can’t.

“Breathe, Ellie,” he reminds me as he slowly pushes every thick inch into my waiting warmth.

I feel a sharp, stinging sensation, an agonizing rippling tearing as he slides into me to the hilt, his hips nestled tightly against mine.

He lets out a huff of air, still staring down at me. His eyes are wide, he looks amazed, like he wasn’t expecting this.

“Noelle... this is... you...” he fumbles over his words and I can’t help but smile through the burning stretch.

He kisses the tears from my cheeks, “you did so well. You feel amazing. This is... fuck, I can’t even think straight.”

I see it in his eyes as he tries to work it out, tries to understand the intensity of his feelings. I'm his beloved but this is... indescribable.

“Can I move, baby?” He chokes.

The sting is still there but I try to ignore it.

“Yes,” my voice shakes, I feel overwhelmed by the fullness I feel.

Physically we couldn’t possibly get closer but emotionally, I feel so bonded to him that it makes tears prick in my eyes.

He slides out, his eyes glued to the space between us. He rolls his hips forward, filling me again.

He meets me eyes, a mixture of bliss and shock etched in his face. He rocks slowly, leaning down so that our bodies are pressed tight together.

“Ellie,” he moans, “fuck. Do you feel that?”

I hold his face in my hands, trying to anchor him here. The intensity of our feelings is so strong it feels physically heavy. The connection between us feels deeper with each passing second.

“I feel it,” I whisper against his lips.

He leans his forehead on mine, staring into my eyes as he pumps his hips. The pain is subsiding slowly, pleasure building as he hits a place inside of me that makes my body shake.

Moans start to fall from my lips, I can’t hold them back. The deep rumbling sounds that vibrate from his chest make my stomach flutter.

He picks up his pace slightly, watching me closely to see how I handle it.
My heart swells under his light touch, I can visibly see him holding himself back, trying to be gentle with me.

“Phoenix,” I moan his name which seems to spark something in him. He thrusts are still restrained but he’s moving faster, the intensity is building painfully.

I feel the muscles in my stomach quiver as the tension becomes unbearable. I scratch my nails down his back, trying to cling to anything, searching for something to save me.

My peak hits me hard, wrecking me as I moan his name. He pulls my face into his hand and stares into my soul as he releases himself deep inside of me, sobbing my name as he gasps for air.

He slides himself out of me and pulls me into his arms, “are you alright? I tried to be really gentle.”

“I’m alright,” I nuzzle into his chest, “thank you for going slow.”

“That felt so... I wasn't expecting it to feel like that,” he struggles to find the right words.

“Was it bad?”

“Definitely good... amazing. Everything is just...more. You are more intoxicating, more thrilling, more pleasurable than anyone or anything else ever has been.”

“Why do you think we feel connected like this? Is this normal?”

“I don’t know but I like it,” he rubs his fingers down my spine.

“I think it’s scary,” I admit quietly, “It’s like my heart is... linked to you somehow.”

“That scares you?”

“You’re the vampire Prince, Phoenix. I'm... there are things...”

"My heart is bound to you, just the same. There is nothing that can change that.”

I really hope he means that.

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