The Queen in Shadows

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Chapter 32

Phoenix scoops me into a princess carry as we reach the bottom of the steps.

“Eager to get upstairs?” I laugh as he rushes, taking the steps two at a time.

“You have no idea, Ellie. As gorgeous as you look in this dress, and believe me baby, you look incredible, I can’t wait to peel it off of you.”

We reach the top of the steps in seconds flat.

Bursting into the door a small slip of paper floats across the floor. We both pause for a moment. He places me gently on the ground before picking it up. A huge smile takes over his face. He hands me the small slip of paper, a mischievous look in his eyes.

I can’t help but let out a loud squeal as I read it.


That one word written on the paper sends my wolf into a frenzy. I grab Phoenix by his shirt and pull his mouth to mine.

I run my hands through his hair and kiss him all over his face. For every kiss I give him, he places one on my neck. I bite back a smile.


“Yes, Ellie,” he says between kisses.

“… there is something that I recently learned about’s a mate thing...I...”

I look down at the ground, red heating my cheeks.

He pulls back to look at my face, “what?”

“Umm… wolves have something that they do… with their mates…” I fumble nervously.

“You want to mark me, Noelle?” He chuckles with a huge grin on his face.

I gape at him, “You know about marks?”

“Yeah, we do it too. It’s slightly different but…”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, it involves...feeding. I wasn’t sure if you would want to do that.”

“If it’s something you should do with your beloved, then yes, I want to do it. Do you not want me to mark you?”

“I really want you to…but we can't yet,” his voice is quiet, nervous.

A small smile pulls at my lips before I press my mouth to his. I let my hands rub his shoulders and back, touching him, letting the bond between us wash over us. The kiss becomes rougher and more desperate. I wasn't expecting him to be open to being marked at all, waited shouldn't be too hard... I hope.

“Fuck,” he moans into my neck, “I want you so bad.”

“Have me,” I pull back to make eye contact with him.

He moves us to the bed with unusual slowness, walking, with me in his arms, to our room.

When we get there he sets me down and spins me around, standing with his chest against my back. He places hot, wet kisses to my neck as he slowly unbuttons my dress. With tender hands he slips the dress off of my shoulders, letting it pool at my feet.

“Fuck,” he whispers as he looks me over. I blush deeply at the feeling of his eyes on me like this. The cream colored panties and lacy bra are unlike anything I’ve ever worn before.

“Shit, Noelle…” he heaves, “you look…”

I hook my fingers into my panties and slip them down my legs.

He slowly leads me to the bed, as I sit down he unbuttons his shirt and pants, his eyes on me the whole time. When he is free of clothes he crawls over my body. He holds himself up, resting on his elbows, his body between my legs. His mouth is on mine in an instant, feverish and full of lust.

He brings his fingers to my center and moans loudly when he feels the wetness there. He rubs himself against me before pushing in, slowly but steadily.

His eyes are wide and his mouth falls slack as he fully sheaths himself inside me. I feel a deep, uncomfortable stretching but no pain.

“Noelle,” he chokes out as he begins to roll his hips, not thrusting, just slightly moving.

“You can move, Phoenix,” my voice is breathy and soft.

He watches my face as he pulls back, sliding against my walls and he brings himself almost completely out. He thrusts forward again and his head falls forward, deep rippling moans fall loudly from his mouth.

He’s moving much faster than last time, his hips piston in and out making my body jerk.

“P-Phoenix, oh my God...”

He makes a pained sobbing sound as he pushes himself, faster and harder. I cling to his shoulders nearly screaming as I feel the deep coiling pressure in my stomach.

He brings his hand down between my legs, rubbing fast circles against my aching bundle of nerves.

“Please, cum,” he begs desperately, “It feels so good baby I can’t hold on. Please cum, I need to feel it,” he barely chokes out between moans and panting breaths.

“Mark me,” I whisper against his mouth and he groans loudly.

I feel myself tense and my walls constrict around him. He bites into my neck and the pressure bursts. A mangled scream of his name wracks through my chest as I reach my peak. He pumps through it, extending my release, making me spasm over and over again. He sucks at my skin, lapping at my blood. My canines release and a deep feeling of euphoria washes over me. I can feel our souls bonding together, his heart actually thumps in his chest, just one beat but it makes us both shake.

His body jerks and I feel him twitching, deep inside me, his orgasm hitting him hard. Each time I feel him twitch inside me his body shakes.

A deep, rumbling, “fuck,” ripping at his throat.

He stills, holding me against his body.

I can feel him trembling still, his fangs in my neck. It’s almost like I’m dreaming, nothing feels real, it feels like floating or flying.

He removes his mouth from my skin and leans back to search my eyes. He looks wild.

“As soon as it’s safe baby, I promise,” his voice is tense, it makes my body tremble, he takes his finger and gently grazes over my elongated teeth, “I love you, fuck, I love you so much.”

A sob shakes my chest. I feel so overcome with love and emotion that I can’t control my tears. He pulls me into his chest, I feel him shaking lightly and I know he’s crying too.

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