The Queen in Shadows

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Chapter 49

Phoenix pulls out a chair for me to sit at the large table where Alex, the Alphas and a few humans and vampires are already seated.

Sloane is smiling at me from across the table. She seems so peaceful and happy, her mark proudly on display. I can't help but look to Phoenix, his mark displayed for all to see. My chest swells with pride at the sight.

Alex clears his throat "this is the first official meeting of the new world order" he smiles as he speaks, "today we are going to begin the discussion of how we move forward."

He looks to Phoenix, "any ideas?"

He takes a deep breath and shakes his head. For a moment he is silent, when he speaks his tone is serious.
"I have been considering a few things. Part of the problem in the past, the reason vampires were so easily able to do what was done, was our separation. Vampires, wolves and humans were separate groups, each ruled by their own governments. Yes, we had accords and treaties between us but that's not enough, we need to be able to check each other, to hold each other accountable."

Everyone considers his words carefully, most nodding in agreement.

He continues, "I believe we need to have one government, with representatives from each species. That way, one group can never plot to overthrow the others again."

"How would that work?" One of the Alphas asks.

"I'm open to ideas," Phoenix smiles, "I was leaning toward a King, with a few officers that work just below him, balancing the power. Then each group would have representatives, that fall in underneath the King and the officers."

"And who do you think should be King?" One of the Alphas says angrily, "you?"

"Actually, I was thinking Alex," he chuckles.

Several people gasp. Sloane looks shocked as our eyes meet. I wink at her and try to hide my smile.

"You would just give up the crown without a fight?" A human woman asks.

"My family has proven to be easily corrupted by power," he hangs his head sadly, "I don't want the option of allowing greed and hatred to pervert my heart. I don't need a crown, I need my wife. I won't permit even the slightest chance of becoming like my father before me, so twisted by power that he would kill the person most beloved to him. My family has done enough damage to this kingdom."

Everyone looks to Alex and Sloane.
He looks at a loss for words for a moment.

"I... I'm honored that you would consider me. I would like to add that I don't think it's possible for you to end up like your father. You're a good man, Phoenix. Good to your core. If it was decided that I be King over all, I would want you with me, continuing to be in a position of power within the new kingdom. Your loyalty and selflessness are the kind of qualities I would want to surround myself with."

"L-like a beta?" I snort.

Sloane clears her throat trying not to laugh. Her chin quivers and she cracks, laughing into her hands.

"A vampire beta?" one of the Alphas shakes his head "this really is a new world."

We vote, in the end it comes to Alex as King over the Kingdom, Phoenix and Mercer as his seconds, neither one having more power than the other. Each Alpha rules over his pack under the rule of the Alpha King. Humans will elect fourteen section leaders to lead them and protect their interests under the Alpha King. Dannon and Miles were offered positions of power as leaders equivalent to Alphas for vampires. They both turned it down, wanting to continue working security for the castle compound.

Everyone agreed that it would be difficult for wolves and vampires to turn on one another when the Luna Queen is a vampire and one of the head vampires beloved is a wolf.


We walk hand in hand through the forest. I never thought my life could be this way. I'm a free wolf, walking through the forest with my mate.

"Do you want to shift and run for awhile?" Phonix asks, "I'll carry you're clothes."

"Do you think you can keep up with me?" I tease.

"Let's find out," he winks at me playfully.

Stripping off my clothes, I toss them at him while I shift. I sprint through the trees. Phoenix is right on my tail, using his incredible speed to chase me, but I know he's holding back, he's much faster than me.

My wolf is giddy, running and playing with her mate. When we arrive at the lake I shift back, and change.

"This is my packlands" I raise my hands in the air.

"It's beautiful here. Do you know if your pack is planning to move back out here?" He asks while throwing pebbles in the lake.

"I haven't talk to any of them about it. I know a few of the Alphas have talked about moving back out to their old lands. A few packs south of here have actually already started the process of rebuilding packhouses."

He stops me and pulls me to look at him.

"Ellie?" He asks me seriously, "do you want to move out here? This land is a part of your history. You're always happiest in the forest. I would come with you, if you wanted to live here."

I look at him, shocked.

"I want to be able to shift and run but I'm happy at the castle. You've lived there your whole life, our wing is my home now. Sloane and Alex are moving into the King's quarters once they've renovated them... I... I'm happy there."

He steps forward and pulls me into his arms. I wrap my legs around him and he moans into my mouth. I feel him between my legs, hard and ready. Our mouths are lapping at each other, desperate to be closer.

"Ellie," he groans, "I want to tell you about a dream I've had.. "
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