The Queen in Shadows

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Chapter 50

He grinds against me and frantically kisses my lips. My blood is on fire and my skin tingles under his touch. I can feel how badly he wants me and the feeling is mutual.

I don't know if I've ever felt him this desperate before. It makes my heart flutter and my core clench.

"I need to feel your skin against mine," he pants as he starts to push my shirt up. I help him by moving my arms up, wanting the same thing.

"In the letter, my mother mentioned a dream she used to tell me about, do you remember?" He presses warm kisses to my mark making my whole body shiver.

"Yes..." I whisper, finding it hard to think straight.

My brain scrambles to remember the letter. I have tried to erase that time from my memory.

"The first time we slept together, when we napped, I had a dream," he starts pulling my pants down.

I look up at him, he has my full attention now.

"A dream?"

He smiles, "mmhm."

He grinds himself against me before pushing his pants down his legs. He lays me down on a soft patch of grass and crawls between my legs, settling himself against me.

"P-Phoenix," I beg. I want to know about his dream but he's distracting me.

He grinds his length against me causing us both to moan into the warm air.

"I dreamed of beautiful blued eyed girls, two of them. They have your brown hair and your smile, they’re going to be perfect, Ellie.”

I stare up at him, shocked not only by what he’s telling me but by the realization of when the dream occurred. He's been thinking about this for awhile.

A smile takes over my face as he moves down to press soft kisses against my mark.

“Two daughters, huh?” My voice shakes as he continues his assault of pleasure.

“Mmhm,” he rolls his hips against mine, sliding himself into me slowly, filling me all at once.

We both groan and he starts to move, rocking his hips firmly, each stroke a deep declaration of his devotion.

"I love you," he pants between groans, "I love you, I love you..."

He's looking so deeply into my eyes that I feel frozen. He looks like he's trying to make his dream come true today.

“P-Phoenix,” I moan against his mark, I need more.

He groans and moves his hips faster, creating a frenzy beneath my skin. My eyes water and tears streak my face. I still finding myself being hit with waves of emotions, my mind and body trying to catch up with everything that’s happened recently.

Not only is he here, in my arms, but we’re on my pack lands, free to run and play and live out in the open.

I’m filled with such a deep, almost painful sense of awareness about how close I came to losing everything.

He kisses my tears, not needing an explanation, he knows what I’m feeling.

“I’m here, I won’t ever leave you again,” he whispers hoarsely as he slows his hips to a deep, gentle pace.

"Phoenix ..." I whimper, the need and lust straining my voice, I can’t take much more.
"I need... Phoenix , please I need more, " I'm so frustrated. The aching and throbbing between my legs becoming unbearable.

"Tell me how badly you want it..." His voice sounds equally desperate now, he can't hold back much longer.

"So bad, I want you so bad," I almost scream, every nerve in my body is on fire, waiting at the edge for him to take me all the way.

He lifts one of my legs up onto his shoulder and places my other foot against his other shoulder.

He rocks his hips forward, filling me so completely with powerful thrusts. I feel the muscles of his chest quiver under my foot, his shaky breaths fanning across my skin.

"Fuck," he groans hoarsely, "you're so fucking tight, baby," he sounds desperate, tortured.
I pinch my eyes closed and try to relax my body. I’m clenched tight around him. The feeling is unbearable. I'm somehow too full but I need him to keep moving, to ease the ache.

"Oh my God..."

He continues his torture, every hard inch rubbing against my needy walls. When he pushes forward it's not as fast as before but it's so deep it makes me whimper.

He rocks his hips, in and out, and I can finally breath, the burning stretch no match for the indescribable pleasure.

"More?" He grits through his teeth.

"God, yes!" I moan loudly, yanking at the grass below me.

He grunts each time our hips make contact, violently pounding against each other, our bones colliding with force.

Everything feels tight, every muscle in my body is rigid and waiting. He reaches up and places his big hand against my throat, squeezing with just enough pressure to destroy me. I sob his name into the air, completely wrecked. I jerk and spasm around him as wave after debilitating wave of insanity inducing pleasure assaults my body.

The sounds coming from his mouth are inhuman, deep, animalistic growls as he pushes himself faster and harder.

I feel him in my lungs. I feel my body begin to tighten, an orgasm building. I push my head back into the soft grass. I'm not ready, as much as I want it I know its going to be too much, too powerful, too pleasurable.

I grip his shoulders as a sound I can’t control rips through my chest, my whole body shaking against his.

“Noelle,” he sobs as his body shakes and twitches, his release catching him off guard.

He lays down between my legs, not removing himself from inside me.

“Wow…” I pant, trying to catch my breath, “that was…”

He looks up from my chest with a mischievous smile.
"Prepare yourself for a lot more of that," he chuckles.

We lay wrapped around each other in the grass, staring at the sky. The sun beats down on us, heating our skin.

"Want to swim?" He suddenly asks me.

My mind flashes back to the day we spent by the lake. Everything was so uncertain then, so distant from where we find ourselves now.

"Yes," I smile before shifting and sprinting toward the water, my mate right on my heels.

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