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A girl who was born amongst the rouges. She has never been a pack, her mother was afraid that the Alpha or any high ranked wolf would say to kill her because of her being born a Rouge. What happens when something happens to her mother and she is her own? Will the humans help her for awhile? Will she run and stumble onto a pack territory? What about wolf, what will happen to her?

Fantasy / Romance
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I've started to edit the book, so little might change. Just wanted to give a heads up to

“Jasmine wake up! We have to move now!” My mother yelled at me as she shook me awake, “Mom I’m tired of running.” I whined as I rubbed my eyes and sit up on the ground. “You know why we run” She said as she packed our things that were around me. “Yea I do mom” I said too as I let out a sigh and I got up off the ground and rolled up my sleeping blanket before I put it in my backpack. Mom and I worked on taking down the tent that we got when we were in the human town. ‘I just want to stop running,’ I thought to myself. “Where to now, mom?” I ask her, “A human town, of course.” She said as we got packing up the tent, and she stripped off her cloths she was wearing. I just let out a sigh as she shifted into her six-foot tall wolf that was a raven black color with auburn tipped ears, paws, and tail. Mom’s wolf Kay looked around as she laid on the ground, so I get on her back with all of our things. I got on her back and laid against her, so I could hold on as she took off running.

Let me get you all caught up on my life while I’m my mom’s wolf’s back. First off, my name is Jasmine, I’m sixteen years old. I’m a werewolf but unlike other werewolves I was not born in a pack, I was born in a human hospital. I’ve been on the run with my mom since I was born, so I was born a rouge. Furthermore, I have no idea who my father is, but I don’t really care at all. Well let me rephrase that last bit, I do care who my father is because whoever he is, I’m not happy with him at all. Mom doesn’t sleep, she didn’t eat, and I’ve seen pain in her eyes sometimes.

After a good hour of running, Kay my mom’s wolf slows down to a trout and walks to the edge of the forest and lays down, I get off of her back. Mom shifts back, and I hand her some cloths, “Mom how do you know where pack lands are and where human land is?” I ask her as she picks up some of our things that are on the ground. “By smell dear” She says as she starts to walk, and I follow her, “You should be growing up like a normal teen not like this.” She says as we walk, and I look up at her as we walk into the human town that we have entered. I know we will stay her for about a two months maybe three at best, I wish we could stay one place. “We need to find a hotel and then something to eat” She said, and I just nodded as we walked down what looked to be the main area of the town.

Aw, we are walking we find a hotel that is pretty cheap, so we get a room with two beds, and we head to, so we can put our stuff in the room. When we there the room looks alright, the beds are both queen size, there is a small TV, a mini fridge next to the TV which is against the wall, a sink, and bathroom. So not much at all, but it is alright since we will not be staying long. “I’ll go get cleaned up, and then you can too, before we go find some food.” Mom says as she walks to the bathroom and I fall back onto one of the beds.

After half an hour later, mom and I have left the hotel room, and we walked down the main road. I pointed out a fast food place to my mom and that is where we went for some food. Sure, fast food is not good for anyone, but it’s food, so oh well. We ordered at least one of every thing the place had, then we went and found a place to sit and wait on our food. It didn’t take long with for our food to come out and started to eat. Mom and I normally didn’t talk with when we were eating, and we were not talking again, so when we got done with our food, we throw away the trash and walked out the doors. “I’ll start looking for a job tomorrow” Mom said, and I nodded, “You will do the same”. She added, “I know mom” I said as I let out a sigh, and we just walked around the town for a bit longer before we headed back to the hotel.

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