Above the Darkness

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Breathing, and Breathing Some More

I was finally alone. I closed the door and sighed in relief. I locked it, then headed over to the window. I opened it to get some fresh air, stuck my head out the window and breathed in deeply. The fresh scent from the passing storm was the only thing that lifted my spirits tonight, so far. I stepped out on to the roof to get the full experience. It was still wet but I didn’t mind, the smell was so incredible that I barely noticed. I sat there, just taking in the sweet, crisp breeze, breathing it all in, and then letting everything out. Every time I breathed out, I cried, mourning. Every time I breathed in, I felt love flying into my heart from the forest, and all its miraculous pleasures. I did this for almost an hour until I finally was not crying when I breathed out.

I opened my eyes and there was a small bird, the length of my index finger that hopped on to my lap. It was the most beautiful bird I had ever seen. The light from my bedroom shone like the sun onto the bird’s bright yellow and orange blend in the middle of its body, making a picture of a sunset. The colours faded into all the colours of the rainbow onto its tail, head and even legs. It began to sing a sweet melody, so clear and fluid, it sounded just like a flute.

To encounter such magnificence, after such destruction and in the darkness of the night, made my heart grow larger than ever. I was so grateful for this bird, to the forest, the intoxicating smells, and the fresh wind that blew through my hair and against my face. It was so relaxing that I nearly fell asleep. I knew it was time to dream. I held out my finger so the bird would hop onto it, and it did. It sang a short song, I said thank you and then it danced away in the air. I watched it glide, soar, and flutter into the blackness.

I walked over to the bed and fell back, closed my eyes, and imagined the bird flying and singing me into a deep, meditative sleep.

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