Above the Darkness

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Forest Heaven

A two and a half minute sprint laid the thick and abundant forest. When I arrived I took a few more deep breaths of a similar and equally intoxicating scent, which seeped out of the forest. The forest called my name over and over, seducing me to step slowly into its magical darkness.

Little streams of light shot through the forest capturing the raindrops like crystal reflectors. There were tiny plants and enormous trees of any size imaginable. A rainbow of colours flourished in the shadow of the forest’s towers. The thick forest acted like millions of umbrellas covering me so adequately that only a few drops of purity fell through the canopy and into my mouth. It tasted divine, better than any water I have ever tasted. It was almost alive, as it trickled down my throat, quenched my thirst and nourished every organ in my body. It was so moist and sweet that I salivated for more. I stood there, 20 feet into the forest, with my tongue out, and savoured the juices of life.

I did not truly understand why the allure of the forest was so powerful that morning until I tasted those drops of ecstasy. It gave me the strength to keep breathing and moving. Every now and then, the Earth gives me this gift. I am thankful every time this gift is offered to me and I hope my appreciation will lead to better and bigger drops of life.

Once I had my big sip of the magical forest, I decided to explore a little further. It was hard to walk since the forest was thick with emerging seedlings, but I managed to make a friendly path with the help of the ground creatures. I followed them, and they taught me where to step so I did the least amount of damage. At the end of the path was what I was waiting for, the special place to call my own. It was a great big tree, with lots of larger branches that grew close to the ground, unlike the other trees whose branches started up much farther.

I climbed up high enough to see the Earth’s most powerful entities. It took my breath away, as it always did. Instead of the raw and rough power the mountains normally exuded, fog wrapped around the nearly invisible snow covered tops. It reminded me that even the most powerful sometimes needs a blanket of comfort around them and that they can become more beautiful with their quiet power and vulnerability. The mountains, like the forest and its creatures, never failed me, unlike my family.

Although I wished to stay there forever, I could not. I had to eat, and my snacks had run out. I also knew that it was close to dinner time and my family would notice I wasn’t there. It was a rule in my house to always be there for dinner. I wasn’t quite sure why, since we didn’t spend that time talking happily about our day or sharing anything more than harsh words and hostility. Regardless, I did not want to pay the consequence for not showing up, so I rushed home.

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