Above the Darkness

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Act of Kindness

The night ended up being a long one. On the positive side I didn't have to discuss my findings with anyone. And, by then, I was too tired to do so. I crawled under my sheets, plopped down into my pillow and fell right to sleep.

The blinding light was back. My eyes were less sensitive. I opened them. My helpers were standing before me.

“Why are all of you here?”

“We wanted to tell you how proud we are. You not only learned something last time, but you put it to work in your life, and even brightened the lives of others. Now you are so much closer to the truth!” Oochoo clapped after his excited speech.

“I am? I feel like I could have done more today.”

“Remember. Take your time. Enjoy every moment, but never give up. Each step is worth congratulating, and it may not seem like it now but it was a big step. You haven't even used the gifts we gave you!” Harmony reminded me.

“Oh my gosh. I guess I just got so caught up in the excitement I totally forgot! I haven't even opened the gift from Mazfanny or Ruth!” I couldn't believe it. I thought it would torment me for days. I thought I would have opened them in the morning.

“That is okay. It wasn't the right time. But you must open the piece of paper from Ruth. The other can wait.” Harmony insisted.

“But I don't have it with me.”

“Open your hand deary!” Mazfanny said in her overly excitable manner. So, I did. I opened the piece of paper. It was numbers and letters like the ones on the backs of the photos. Except they were numbered. 1. 113 Shephard- 12S

“So is this the order that I should look at them?” I asked as I raised my head. No one was there. I fell back to sleep.

When I woke up, I was completely speechless. I found myself in a place I never expected. Something bad. Something awful. Was I in hell? I thought I was supposed to be moving upwards, towards the light.

It was darker than Gassilo, much darker. I closed my eyes. I could not look. It was too scary, too much, but I could still hear everything. There were high-pitched screams for help, and cries of pain all around me. I tried to plug my ears. “What is this!? Goasila! Oochoo! Mazfanny! Harmony! Help! Get me out of here!” No one came. I didn't know what to do. Who was in charge? Who could I speak with? Was this it? Am I going to die?

The sound stopped, but I still could see.... the horror... I cried and cried. I wanted to save these people. I saw a naked little girl being beaten. I ran to try and save her. I picked up a bat that was lying there, and swung at the man. It went straight through him! He kept going. “STOP! STOP!” I screamed. “Can't you see what you are doing!? Can't you see her pain!? What kind of person are you!?” He continued. I stood in front her to take a blow. I sheltered her with my arms and closed my eyes tightly. I didn't feel anything. Did he stop? No. He swung at me again, but this time he turned to dust, and the air carried him away gracefully.

I turned around to see if the girl was there-she was not. She was gone too. I prayed that she wasn't being hurt by someone else. Everyone stopped, frozen in their disgusting acts. A tall, sophisticated male walked towards me. He was dressed in a light grey cape that enveloped him. It looked as if he was floating. He had long, brown hair that flapped in the wind and his eyes were a bright, but soft green. I didn't know whether to be scared of him or not. My gut said to stay. My gut said it was safe.

He spoke with poise and elegance. “Hello Ms. Elizabeth. You are finally here. Here in Herosavieltun. You are probably wondering where you are, and if you stepped into the wrong place, am I right?”

“Yes. Mr.-”

“You can call me Vincent. I am the guard of this dimension. I see everything that goes on, and I create it.”

“Why would you create something so awful?” I was disgusted by his pride for orchestrating such a place.

“Oh, it is not. If you take a closer look, nothing is as awful as it seems. Are you familiar with that saying?” He still stood tall with his hands comfortably placed in front of him, meshed together.

“Yes, I am. But I always thought that wasn't true and, really, things are usually worse than they seem.” I, too, stood with assurance, as if I knew better than him. He could tell I liked to challenge people.

He smiled gently, “Yes. On Earth, that may be sometimes the case, but that is because nobody knows any better. Worse and worse things are handed to you, if you don't learn from your mistakes. You see, you are the product of your actions, thoughts and emotions. People expect to be handed good things, but don't take the time to hand out the good things themselves.”

“They are selfish.” I agreed.

“Selfish, is one way of describing it, but ignorant is another.”

“How do you mean?” I asked not really knowing the difference.

“Well, not many people get the opportunity you are getting, Elizabeth, to see the universe's mysteries. How can they possibly know that things can't just be given? Really, that is all they know, through their parents or other caregivers. They, at least, get food, water, and shelter, right? Not all, but most. They grow up, expecting this and more, especially if they are spoiled.” I was somehow failing to see his point. I felt a sense of hostility coming out of him towards Earth’s creatures.

“That does make sense, but why do we have to suffer? Why is this place created? Why do we need to see and experience such horrible things?”

“You missed something, Elizabeth. You have created your suffering. Everyone has. By not helping one another, one can't fully appreciate someone else's help. Therefore, it is not given to you, until you have proven you can appreciate it.”

“It is something you earn.” I concluded.


“But, I still don't understand the purpose of this place. Why is it so horrible and scary? I know you said things aren't as they seem, but I am having a hard time believing it.”

“You just helped that little girl, didn't you? You stopped her suffering?”

“I think so. I can't be sure.” I said, thinking back to the event.

“But, that was your intention? You felt compassionate towards her?”

“Yes.” I agreed.

“Now, someone might do the same for you. Your heart is already in the right place. That is why I am helping you. That is why we all are helping you. Your heart has always wanted to help others. And, you are doing the biggest helping right now, helping Ruth. That is admirable.”

“But, wouldn't anyone do that? Don't we all feel compassion towards each other?”

“No. That takes time and requires many lessons from many lives. Spirits are put on Earth purposefully to be selfish. It is something that is in their innate nature; it makes it hard to be compassionate when one is wired to be selfish. But, that is the battle that we all have to take, and have taken to become better spirits, souls, and lights.”

“I can't imagine someone coming here, and not helping one of these people. Wouldn't they feel immense guilt? Or maybe they are the type to inflict the pain?” I was confused as to who these people were, and where they came from, and if they existed at all.

“You are right. No one comes here, not without the desire of helping another.”

“Aren't those real souls; hurting others?” I asked, still trying to get to the bottom of the murky matter.

“No. I have created the illusion, Elizabeth. This is another stage. No soul will come here who has not passed the other stages: so, they will - like you - instinctively put themselves in a position to help another.”

“But if they are already compassionate, why do they have to come here?”

“That is difficult to explain. It is more of a reminder. After coming from Awesome World, they are in a high state of pleasure and delight. This shocks them back into reality of where they came from and of who they are. Because, as you know, existing isn't just about fun and games - it is much easier to appreciate fun, than it is to appreciate pain. This is a harder lesson.”

“Yes, I agree, much harder. But, don't some people already learn that on Earth? Why do they have to experience it again?”

“Some have directly stopped a person from hurting someone. This is more present, more real. You can indirectly help someone and not have to sacrifice anything, but jumping in front of a bus for them is on a different level.”

“What about those who have?”

“Again, this is a reminder. Remember how you said you were caught up in the excitement and how you forgot things - things that may be more important than those exciting things?” I understood now.

“I guess even higher level spirits need a reminder.”

He smiled with satisfaction. “That is true.”

I sighed. “What's the matter?” he asked.

“I wish I knew why I was picked...to do this. To discover all of these things even before my spirit is supposed to come here.”

“Don't feel like you don't deserve it. You are doing us a favour. We know you may not have reached your full potential, but you will, soon enough. And, then, there is a job waiting for you, as this job waited for me.”

“But who was here before you?”

“No one, it did not exist. The universe and its higher powers continue to learn as well. As schools, governments, and other organizations always find something to improve, so do they. Some people when getting to their highest point, forget. Forget about the pain. Forget about helping others with their pain. And, forget about the purpose. That is why this dimension was created, and why I was sent here. But, I too, had to go through stages, as you are.”

I could not imagine staying in one place for so long. “You are happy?” I asked him.

“Of course. I help thousands of souls every day. Nothing could make me happier.” His seriousness left for a moment, as his smiled increased. It then disappeared, as he looked into my eyes. “You are sad? Why?”

“I guess... I don't want to complain Vincent, but I am having doubts.”


“My importance, or “job”. I feel like I am running in the dark.”

“Don't worry. You are strong. Once this is all over, you will be able to embrace your beauty, your purpose. Remember things could always be worse, and things are never as bad as they seem.” His green eyes soothed me like the forest, with their soft radiance.

“Here is another gift. I know you have not yet opened your last one but there will be a time for that.” He handed me a necklace with a stone the same colour of his eyes. “Hold this when you are feeling overwhelmed. It will calm your nerves and those racing thoughts of yours. You will feel refreshed but, you will also be reminded of your pain, of that girl's pain, and your purpose.” I liked the sound of the first part of that, but not the last, even though I knew it was necessary. It would give me strength, and help motivate me to move forward. I thought of Ruth, then of our siblings.


“Yes, sweetie?” He became warmer now, as he placed his hand on my head, and ran it down my hair.

“I know I was not to speak of what I am doing for Ruth with anyone, but I have found myself telling some things to my siblings, and then lying about other things to cover up. I don't know if I should include them, or keep them in the dark?”

“You should never keep anyone in the dark. You must know that. Do what feels best. If you can trust them, tell them. If you can't, don't.”

“What if I don't know if I can trust them?”

“Believe me, you will know, when you take your time to look closely inside them, at their souls. Is it ready? Hold on to your necklace for clarity if you need to, when you do this.”

“Okay. Thank you. I will try doing that.” I said, as I held tightly onto the necklace.

“I think it is time for you to go, Ms. Elizabeth. Tomorrow is an important day, but you will have all of the tools you need. Don't doubt yourself. Your instincts are correct.”

“Okay. Again, thank you for your help and guidance. This has been an interesting trip. I will remember, Vincent. I will remember.”

“I know.” He said as he, again, laid his hand on top of my head with his lanky, but graceful arms.

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