Above the Darkness

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Moving On

The answer to my question was not fulfilling, in the least. I was hoping for some cosmic explanation of the future but all I got was, “We will just have to proceed with the investigation, and take precautions. This will help, thank you.”

I knew they needed more evidence to bring my father in but, that would just be a matter of time. It was difficult to go home now, knowing that sometime soon, it won’t be my home or, at least it won’t be home in the way it has been. I decided to concentrate on making a connection with my mother, and siblings that evening. I never wanted to do that before but my mother coming to me earlier made me realize how important she really is in my life. Even though, I felt angry about the things she has done, I thought I was ready to forgive her.

My father on the other hand, was a completely different story. I don’t think I will ever be able to understand what he has done or be able to forgive him for it. A part of me, wanted badly for there to be a good person inside of him but, I was blinded by my hate, and I couldn’t see the possibility of a good person existing within that monster. The only explanation that I could come up with, was that he was here in one of his first lives on Earth and, he had a lot more learning and lives to go through. I also thought, maybe he is a teacher; a teacher of compassion, in the way that Vincent explained Herosavieltun to me? Maybe he didn’t exist; spiritually? Maybe he is only a physical illusion for people like me to learn to more, so that they can continue to grow and love? Maybe that is, what bad people are; not good people that make mistakes but truly undeniably bad? And, that is what I thought of my father. I wished it could be something more, but it simply just did not feel that way.


“Dinner is ready!” My mom called out down the hallways and up the stairs of what seemed an empty house. My father had not gotten back from taking my grandparents to the airport. I was thankful for that. I wasn’t sure why he just didn’t take them, when he took his brother. Perhaps it was because their flight left much later, or perhaps, the real reason was that he was able to escape the house for the whole day.

“So, Liz and Jamie, were you able to accomplish all of what you wanted today?”

“Yes we did.” Jamie replied promptly, obviously not wanting to discuss it.

“Where did you guys go anyways?” asked Christine displeased by the short answer.

“Actually, I think everyone would like to know what you guys have been up to lately...Like, what’s up with all the secrecy?” Sam interjected.

I know we hadn’t been fair with them, since I had shown them the letter, but it was too risky to tell everyone. Did they have a right to know, before everything crumbled down? I looked down and noticed two necklaces I happened to put on this morning, without even thinking-they were glowing. I took this as a sign to press on. I turned my attention for a brief moment to Jamie, “They will find out eventually, but, I think it is best if it comes from us.”

“If what, comes from you? What are you talking about Liz?” Jordan asked also frustrated.

“I am sorry I didn’t come to guys earlier but it would have been unsafe.” I paused with anxiety infecting my core.

“Liz? Everything okay?” Sam now asked concerned.

“No. I hate to say but it isn’t. I can assure you though, it will be.”

“Maybe I should explain.” Jamie suggested, standing up from his chair. “You shouldn’t have to do this.” He said assertively while looking down at me with a vibrant care in his eyes.

“No. I should. I started this, and I should be the one to tell it.” He sat back down.

“So, what is it dear? Please don’t tell me it was what we were talking about earlier.” My mom asked with her frowning eyes watering.

“Somewhat. But it is much more than that. Maybe even more than you know Mom.” The water began to pour over her cheeks, drop by drop.

“Maybe you should reveal what you know first mom. Not just to me but to everyone.” I insisted. I wanted to know her side of the story because it might make my story make more sense, and it might help the investigation.

“I told you I can’t.” She whimpered with her forehead now resting on the table.

“You can. I promise things will be okay. You don’t have to be scared any more. We will all be in this together, right guys?”

Everyone stared at me with anger, sadness, frustration, and confusion. I knew they wanted answers, and they wanted them now. “Okay. I will explain.” And I did. I told them the truth about searching for Ruth that night, and the next morning at the beach. I explained the locker, the letter and Jamie’s findings about our father. Before I continued on, with mine and Jamie’s combined findings, I paused to take a look around at everyone’s reactions.

Sam was now crying, and holding mom’s hand. Christine stared blankly at the wall, as if she didn’t want to continue listening. Jordan’s eyes lit up on fire. Everything real was coming rushing in, and his emotions were running wild. Matt just kept shaking his head, with his brows furrowed in confusion. He looked at me, then Jamie, then me, then Jamie, waiting for one of us to begin again.

“There is more. And it gets worse, then better.” I warned them. I told them next about the hotel and our findings there. This was just too much. Almost everyone now had tears in their eyes. Finally, I told them we went to the police.

“Why didn’t you go to them earlier? I can understand why you didn’t come to us earlier. You were right about it being dangerous. But why didn’t you just tell the police about your suspicions? Now you guys are in trouble with the police, right? They probably don’t even believe you do they? … Do they!?” Matt challenged. His anger scared me. It reminded me of our father. His face even made the same shape. It was like he put on a mask of our father. I looked past it, to see Matt’s innocent, hurt interior. I don’t know what allowed me to see it, but I did, and was I thankful for it. I didn’t back down and continued my story.

“They do. They really do. And they are going to help us. They are going to find out the truth. They even said they would have someone look over me for protection. And now that you guys know, they can protect you too. And guess what else? Jamie tell them.” I said, as I nudged his shoulder.

“They are going to hire me! I get to help continue the investigation. Isn’t that great? Of course they said I would be undercover at first but still...”

My mother now looked at me with hope in her eyes. She was relieved the truth had come out, and we had support. She looked at Jamie with pride. I noticed as she stood up she didn’t have a drink with her. She didn’t even have a smoke! That was very rare to see, especially in a stressful situation like this one. She came over to give him a hug, then paused to give me one. She hugged me tightly, grabbed my face and kissed my forehead multiple times. “Thank you, thank you.” She whispered.

The others neither looked angry, nor impressed. “So? What are your guys’ thoughts? What do you think we should do next?”

Before anyone answered, Jamie replied, “Well, I think we should call Jimmy right away and tell him the family knows. Dad might be back at any moment now, and, we need to know how to approach this. They might even tell us to leave the house.”

“Good point.” Matt agreed. “I think we should go about this as cautiously as possible.”

As Jamie went to go call Jimmy, the rest of us sat at the dining table in silence. This was not at all what I expected. I figured they would have been asking me all sorts of questions, or worse; reprimanding me.

As Jamie walked back into the room, we heard the front door slam shut. Then the front table crashed to the floor. I could hear heavy boots clunking and shifting on the hardwood floors. They were getting louder. I quickly held my mom’s hand, frightened of what might happen next. I grabbed Christine’s hand as well and in seconds all of us were standing in a circle around the table holding hands as one. I could feel the energy running through us. Even through the fear, I could sense more love.

“Oh! So you started dinner without me eh?! Typical!” His hair looked like it had been through a wind storm; messy and wet. His eyes were hazy and blood shot and his face streaked with dirt. There was a trail of mud from the doorway, to the dining room. It smelled like he had bathed himself in booze, then rolled in manure. It was unbearable. I could see a dark cloudy substance all around him, with bursts of red shooting out from random directions. We held tighter.

“What the hell are you imbeciles doing? Praying!? That won’t help today, not if I have anything to do with it!” He roared.

We held tighter. “Close your eyes everyone.” They did what I said, without question. I felt a soft, comforting feeling growing in my heart. I opened my eyes, and saw a stream of white crystal running through us…connecting us. I closed my eyes again. I could hear him yelling, but now it was faint, as though it were miles away.

We held tighter. Our hands were now pulsating with divine purpose, as the beating of our hearts gave us life. I heard a loud banging noise again and again, over and over. I still felt their hands; we were still connected. But then……..our hearts were no longer beating, and our hands no longer touching.

Again, a loud bang rang through the room. I felt the earth shake beneath me as a loud thump landed to the ground. The fear was gone.

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